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Healthcare and Medical Devices

Healthcare consumes over 10% of GDP in most developed countries, and it has huge potential to grow in emerging economies such as India and China. But is the industry really in good health?

You can check the state of health of this multibillion dollar industry in the publications listed under Research and Markets’ Healthcare and Medical Devices category: our reports, books, and subscriptions will allow you to tap into the latest quantitative and qualitative data on every aspect of this dynamic and lucrative sector. They cover all the key sectors of healthcare including diagnostics (in vitro, imaging, screening, etc.); testing (glucose, cholesterol, infectious disease, etc.); hospitals (dialysis, equipment, information systems, etc.); medical devices (cardiovascular, orthopaedic, stents); and associated areas like the dental and veterinary industries.

Also covered comprehensively are regional, national and international profiles of healthcare systems - including public, private and partnerships – across the world, and associated issues such as obesity, population health, health insurance, etc.

Hundreds of players that are shaping today’s market are featured in our publications, including world's giants such as Johnson & Johnson, GE Healthcare, Covidien (formerly Tyco), Siemens Healthcare, Medtronic, and many more.

If you are looking for reports on Health Insurance please browse the relevant sub-category under Banking and Financial Services. Show Less
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Pet Products in South Africa Pet Products in South Africa - Product Thumbnail Image

Pet Products in South Africa

South African consumers, in efforts of sticking to a budget due to continued economic instability in the country, including high unemployment, household debt, rising inflation and skyrocketing food...

August 2014
Wound Care in Saudi Arabia Wound Care in Saudi Arabia - Product Thumbnail Image

Wound Care in Saudi Arabia

The overall performance of wound care in Saudi Arabia in 2013 was driven by rising concerns such as germs, bacteria, hygiene and preventing infections. In addition, rising disposable incomes in 2013...

August 2014

Oncology Research Digest H1 2014

The Oncology Research Digest is a digest of all the most important research in the oncology market each quarter It covers areas such as biosimilars, novel immunotherapies, non-small cell lung cancer,...

August 2014

China Wound Care Market

The Chinese wound care market is in the growth stage Growing ageing population and rise in the incidence of lifestyle diseases, coupled with the increase in risk of chronic wounds and in affordability...

August 2014

Medication Management Market by Systems, Services, Mode of Delivery - Global Forecast to 2019

Medication Management Market by Systems (CPOE, CDSS, Automated Dispensing, Assurance Systems), Services (Medication Analytics, POC Verification, ADE Surveillance), Mode of Delivery (On-Premises, Web-Based,...

August 2014

South Korea Medical Tourism & Forecast

South Korea is set to become the most important medical tourism destination in Asia, as it has the necessary healthcare infrastructure The global reputation of Korea in plastic surgery attracts foreigners,...

August 2014

Insulin Pen Market, Users (Reusable & Prefilled) & Forecast - Worldwide Analysis

In 2013, more than 50 Thousand insulin users opt for an insulin pen. Out of this major percentage of population uses Reusable (Cartridge) insulin pen compared to Prefilled (Disposable) insulin pen....

August 2014

Global Medical Technologies Market 2014-2018

About Medical Technologies Medical technology is a collective term for software solutions, medical devices, imaging and diagnostic equipment used to ensure good health. The Global Medical Technologies...

August 2014

Global Cardiac POC Market 2014-2018

About Cardiac POC Cardiac POC is a medical test performed near to the site of the patient. The Cardiac POCs are simple medical blood tests that include cholesterol and coagulation testing. Cardiac...

August 2014

Global Hodgkins Lymphoma Therapeutics Market 2014-2018

About Hodgkin's Lymphoma Hodgkin's Lymphoma (HL) is defined as the cancer of the lymph tissue, which is part of our immune system. The exact etiology of HL is unknown. However, the risk of developing...

August 2014

Global Heart Defect Closure Devices Market 2014-2018

About Heart Defect Closure Devices Heart defect closure devices are used for the treatment of several CHDs. The heart closure devices help when closing the ostium/ hole/ deficiency in the structure...

August 2014
Consumer Health in Spain Consumer Health in Spain - Product Thumbnail Image

Consumer Health in Spain

2013 was another extremely difficult year for the Spanish economy, with unemployment peaking during the month of February, reaching 27%, although during the summer season, due to the increased arrival...

August 2014
Wound Care in Spain Wound Care in Spain - Product Thumbnail Image

Wound Care in Spain

Wound care in Spain increased by 2% in current value terms in 2013, to reach €22 million. Whereas during the review period people purchased first aid kits for homes, consumers are now increasingly buying...

August 2014

Kazakhstan Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Report Q3 2014

BMI View: Kazakhstan's expanding pharmaceutical industry will continue to be primarily driven by the demand for generic drugs, which currently make up over a third of total sales of the market, as the...

August 2014

Mauritius Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Report Q3 2014

BMI View: We do not expect Mauritius' reliance on imported drugs to decrease, even though the government has been encouraging the production of drugs locally. Additionally, export growth will be slow...

August 2014
Mechanotransduction, Vol 126 Mechanotransduction, Vol 126 - Product Thumbnail Image

Mechanotransduction, Vol 126

Progress in Molecular Biology and Translational Science provides a forum for discussion of new discoveries, approaches, and ideas in molecular biology. It contains contributions from leaders in their...

August 2014

Vital Signs - Healthcare News - The Analyst's Perspective - July 2014

Earlier this month, five senators wrote to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) counseling more oversight regarding Lab-Developed Tests (LDTs). They urged the FDA to take prompt action in releasing...

August 2014

Western Blotting Market by Product, Consumables, by Application - End-User Analysis & Global Forecast to 2018

Western Blotting Market by Product (Instruments (Manual/Semi-automated/Automated), Consumables (Kits/Reagents/Membrane), by Application (Disease Diagnosis/Agriculture/Biomedical Research) - End-User...

August 2014

Ventilators Market to 2020 - Technical Advances and Hospital Expansion Serve as Distinct Regional Growth Drivers

Ventilators Market to 2020 - Technical Advances and Hospital Expansion Serve as Distinct Regional Growth Drivers Summary This report discusses the market, competitive landscape, and trends for...

August 2014
Global Database of the Top 1000 Medical Equipment and Supply Wholesalers - Company Names, Financial Performance, Key Executives, and Contact Details Global Database of the Top 1000 Medical Equipment and Supply Wholesalers - Company Names, Financial Performance, Key Executives, and Contact Details - Product Thumbnail Image

Global Database of the Top 1000 Medical Equipment and Supply Wholesalers - Company Names, Financial Performance, Key Executives, and Contact Details

This company database offers valuable information on top 1000 medical equipment and supply wholesalers in the world which makes the database an invaluable resource for industry executives, marketing,...

August 2014
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