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The pharmaceutical industry has been for decades one of the most profitable worldwide. Serious challenges, such as the expiry of long-term lucrative patents (Lipitor, to mention just one) and the cuts in healthcare and R&D in many countries worldwide, can pose a challenge to the growth of the industry. Which drug can save the life of the pharmaceutical industry? Highly differentiated strategies: this is what companies should focus on now if they want to stay competitive. Do you want to know more?

You can get a detailed picture of the market and refine your marketing, brand, and sales strategies with the reliable, up-to-date business information provided by the extensive range of reports, books and subscriptions listed under Research and Markets’ Pharmaceuticals category. They cover markets, companies (big Pharma, mid-sized specialty pharmaceutical companies, generic manufacturers, and small firms), technologies, e-healthcare, pharmaeconomics, drug discovery, and drug delivery.

The product coverage is huge. It includes OTC drugs as well disorder and goal-specific products related to respiration, oncology, vitamins, cardio, analgesics, central nervous system, generics, immune disorders, and women’s health. Show Less
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The Pharmaceutical Market: Italy

The Italy Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Report features The Research's forecasts for drugs and healthcare expenditure and imports and exports, focusing on the growth outlook for the prescription, OTC,...

April 2015

The Pharmaceutical Market: Serbia

Overview Of The Pharmaceutical Market In Serbia: While the market is small in terms of absolute numbers, relative per capita spending on medicines is expected to improve over the long term. As the...

April 2015

Bangladesh Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Report Q2 2015

BMI View: The gap in the provision of medical services in Bangladesh provides a strong business opportunity for private healthcare providers to make a foray into the market and establish a first mover...

April 2015

Lithuania Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Report Q2 2015

BMI View: The deteriorating macro outlook for Russia will impact Lithuania's economy, with negative effects on fiscal planning and therefore the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. However, the centre-left...

April 2015

Analgesics in Sweden

The Medical Products Agency proposed that all sales of acetaminophen are to be banned effective as of March 2015, citing a greater than usual influx of distressed callers to emergency hotlines who had...

April 2015

The Pharmaceutical Market: Ghana

Ghana Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Report: We remain of the view that Ghana will be a regional outperformer in terms of the development of its pharmaceutical and healthcare markets over the medium...

April 2015

Cough, Cold and Allergy (Hay Fever) Remedies in Sweden

Sinupret, a product intended to treat the symptoms and causes of rhinitis and inflammation of paranasal sinuses, was launched by Bringwell during 2014 in order to hopefully mimic the sales of former...

April 2015

Digestive Remedies in Sweden

According to market player Calmino, 15-20% of Swedes have one or more of the symptoms related to the diagnosis Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). IBS and gut-related disorders are often talked about topics...

April 2015

Vitamins and Dietary Supplements in Sweden

Products containing the mineral magnesium grew strongly during 2014, together with continuous strong growth for vitamin D. This was in large part caused by an increase in the Swedish public’s perception...

April 2015

NRT Smoking Cessation Aids in Sweden

E-cigarettes, a product category which saw explosive growth lately, are in many ways a threat to NRT smoking cessation aids as they represent a potential substitute product. Both consumers as well as...

April 2015

The Pharmaceutical Market: Iraq

Overview Of The Pharmaceutical Market In Iraq: Years of underinvestment have taken their toll on the Iraqi healthcare market, as have international sanctions and deterioration of healthcare infrastructure...

April 2015

Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Q115 Round-Up

Governments in both developed and emerging markets will increasingly adopt medicine cost containment mechanisms. In the wake of the global financial crisis, these approaches have proved successful...

April 2015

Moldova Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Report Q2 2015

While short-term prospects for the Moldovan pharmaceutical market present limited opportunities for investors, long term opportunities in the region show great potential. With Moldovan relationships...

April 2015

Russia Mining Report Q2 2015

Russia's mineral production growth will remain solid over the coming years. Coal and gold production will outperform PGM's and iron ore output growth. However, the sector's growth will be hindered by...

April 2015

Romania Information Technology Report Q2 2015

We identify the Romanian IT market as being in a strong position to outperform its regional peers in terms growth rates 2015-2019. We estimate total IT market spending increased to RON5.3bn in 2014,...

April 2015

Taiwan Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Report Q2 2015

Taiwan is one of the most attractive and stable prospects in the region for pharmaceutical and healthcare investment, but is not without flaws. Weaknesses in the country's regulatory regime and drug...

April 2015

Sustainability Footprints in SMEs. Strategy and Case Studies for Entrepreneurs and Small Business

Reviews the evolution and theory of Sustainability Footprints e.g. carbon footprint and examines the critical success factors and contributions to small to medium sized enterprises (SME) growth Sustainable...

April 2015

Saudi Arabia Autos Report Q2 2015

Saudi Arabia saw continued strong growth in new vehicle sales over 2014, with new vehicle sales up by some 10%. For 2015, the Kingdom is looking to increase awareness of energy efficiency across the...

April 2015

Poland Telecommunications Report Q2 2015

Poland is one of the largest telecoms markets in Central and Eastern Europe, with vibrant competition across all market segments. High mobile penetration leads BMI to believe that the market will not...

April 2015

Serbia Retail Report Q2 2015

We expect that the Serbian retail sector will not begin to recover considerably in 2015 as the country continues to face numerous economic problems. Total household spending is anticipated to grow at...

April 2015
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