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The pharmaceutical industry has been for decades one of the most profitable worldwide. Serious challenges, such as the expiry of long-term lucrative patents and the cuts in healthcare and R&D in many countries worldwide, can pose a challenge to the growth of the industry. You can get a detailed picture of the market and refine your marketing, brand, and sales strategies with the reliable, up-to-date business information provided by the extensive range of reports, books and subscriptions listed under Research and Markets’ Pharmaceuticals category. Show Less Read more

Anesthesia Monitoring Devices Market by Product (Basic Anesthesia Monitors, Advanced Anesthesia Monitors, Integrated Anesthesia Workstations), End User (Hospital, Ambulatory Surgery Centers), and Geography - Global Forecast to 2020

The requirement of anesthesia monitoring devices basically depends on the types of cases performed in the operating room. The parameters to be considered for anesthesia monitoring devices include continuous...

Published:  October 2015
Price:  From

Transdermal Drug Delivery - Technologies, Markets, and Companies

This report deals with transdermal drug delivery - an approach used to deliver drugs through the skin for therapeutic use as an alternative to oral,intravascular, subcutaneous and transmucosal routes....

Published:  April 2016
Price:  From

Japan Biosimilar - Active Players In Quest of a Specialty & Niche BS Space

The encouraging uptake of Filgrastim BS and Lantus BS in 2015 in Japan is indicative of Japan being one of the key markets, after the EU, for the growth of Biosimilar players in the next five years....

Published:  January 2016
Price:  From

Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Cardiovascular Disease

There has been a dramatic increase in the incidence of diabetes worldwide, which has been exacerbated by the growing obesity problem across the globe. Once thought of as primarily a childhood disease...

Published:  January 2016
Price:  From

World Smart Pills Technology Market - Opportunities and Forecasts, 2014 - 2020

Smart pill technology is a revolutionary technological innovation that has reduced the gap between healthcare and digital technology. Smart pills are basically medical devices and small embedded electronic...

Published:  August 2015
Price:  From

Malignant Melanoma Pricing and Reimbursement

With several new high cost melanoma drugs available, payer decisions on whether patients can access those drugs and under what conditions are becoming more important than ever. This report covers both...

Published:  September 2015
Price:  From

Global Market Study on Compounding Pharmacies: Regulatory Harmonization and Innovative Therapeutic Areas to Boost Demand for Compounded Drugs

Compounding Pharmacies are pharmacies that produce drugs tailored to needs of individual patients, by altering, combining, or mixing active pharmaceutical ingredients of drugs. Compounded drugs are...

Published:  October 2015
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Injectable Drug Delivery Market by Type (Device, Formulation), Therapeutic (Hormonal, Oncology), Usage Pattern (Curative Care, Immunization), Administration (Skin, Musculoskeletal), End User (Hospital, Home Care Setting) - Global Forecast to 2020

The injectable drug delivery market is expected to reach $547.8 billion by 2020 from $326.1 billion in 2015, growing at a CAGR of 12.0% from 2015 to 2020. The market is categorized on the basis of type,...

Published:  August 2015
Price:  From

Clinical Trials Imaging Market by Modality (CT, MRI, PET, Ultrasound, Echocardiography, X-rays), End User (Pharmaceutical Companies, CROs Medical device Manufacturers), Product (Services, software), and Region - Global Forecast to 2020

Clinical imaging is the technique and process used to create images of the human body for clinical purposes to reveal, diagnose or examine diseases including study of normal anatomy and physiology....

Published:  September 2015
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Antibacterial Drugs Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2015 - 2023

"Antibacterial Drugs Market (By Class - Aminoglycosides, B-Lactams, Tetracyclines, Sulfonamides, Quinolones/ Fluoroquinolones, Macrolides, Phenicols and Miscellaneous Antibacterials, and Pipeline Drugs)...

Published:  July 2015
Price:  From

Global Markets for Drug Delivery: Transdermal and Inhalation Drug Delivery Technologies in 2015

This report explores the dynamic market for transdermal drug patches, iontophoresis devices, dry powder inhalers, metered dose inhalers, and nebulizers. The market, which was valued at $8.2 billion...

Published:  August 2015
Price:  From

General Anaesthesia Drugs Market: Global Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment, 2015 - 2025

This industry offers a 10-year forecast of the global general anaesthesia drugs market between 2015 and 2025. In terms of value, the market is expected to register a CAGR of 3.8% during the projected...

Published:  September 2015
Price:  From

Self Administration of High Viscosity Drugs

Growth in biological drugs has been driven by advances in biotechnology and host-vector engineering – advances that have led to a steady stream of biologics for a number of ailments and conditions....

Published:  November 2015
Price:  From

Global Precision Medicine Market - Estimates and Forecasts Through (2015–2022)

Global Precision Medicine Market: Focus on Ecosystem, Sub-Markets, Therapeutics, Application, & Regions - Estimates and Forecasts Through (2015–2022) The advancement and innovation of new healthcare...

Published:  November 2015
Price:  From

Sustained Release Injectables

The ability to formulate injectable drugs to increase the duration of efficacy for a given dose and simultaneously reduce the dosing frequency addresses several important health care issues. Less frequent...

Published:  January 2016
Price:  From

Oncology Pathways in the US - Friend or Foe for Pharma?

The costs of treating cancer in the US are spiralling upward, and payers have taken notice. This report takes a detailed look at the growing focus on value and quality that is driving greater use of...

Published:  July 2015
Price:  From

Accountable Care Organizations: What Impact on Pharma?

ACOs are new healthcare system entities in the US and there is a lot of uncertainty and lack of understanding of how they work, how they differ from the traditional provider-payer relationships and...

Published:  July 2015
Price:  From

Penicillin and Streptomycin Market - Forecast 2015-2020

Penicillin and Streptomycin are two prominent drugs used in the treatment of diseases caused due to bacteria. Penicillin refers to a group of antibiotics such as Pencilillium V, Penicillium G. Penicillin...

Published:  December 2015
Price:  From

Buccal Drug Delivery Systems: Opportunities And Challenges In Buccal, Sublingual Films, Tablets & Sprays - Detailed Analysis On Technologies And Pipeline Development

Within the oral mucosal cavity, the buccal region offers an attractive route of administration for systemic drug delivery. The mucosa has a rich blood supply and it is relatively permeable. The buccal...

Published:  October 2015
Price:  From

The Corporate Reputation of Pharma - The Patient Perspective in 2015 - Global Edition

This report is based on the findings of a survey that was done between November 2015 - January 2016 exploring the views of 1,075 patient groups from 72 countries, and focusing on differing medical specialties....

Published:  March 2016
Price:  From
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