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Government and Public Sector

Government and public sector spans a huge range of human activity: education, taxation, legislation, economics, politics, defence, transport, communications, housing, energy and much, much more. Public spending in all countries has been rising steadily for over a hundred years, but due to large fiscal deficits and rising public debt in many countries we are witnessing financial management reforms aimed at a return to a sustainable level of public spending. Austerity seems to be an imperative, as even Canada, one of the world’s most resource-rich country, has recently been subjected to radical budget cuts.

What will be the next fiscal policies and how will they affect the economy? Get behind the sound bites and headlines for detailed analysis of the actions and inaction of states and public bodies around the world. We provide thousands of reports, books, journals and assorted publication formats covering the latest and biggest issues in this crucial sector. Your organisation’s dealings with the public sector will benefit tremendously from having a keen grasp of the latest trends, facts and statistics. Show Less
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Journal of College Student Retention: Research, Theory & Practice

AIMS & SCOPE The aim and scope of the Journal are to provide the educational community, federal and state government officials, and the public with the latest findings regarding the retention of students...

March 2015

Journal of Drug Education

Editor: James Robinson For over three decades, the Journal of Drug Education has provided a medium for the discussion of all aspects of drug education AIMS & SCOPE Authoritative, peer-refereed publication...

March 2015

Journal of Educational Computing Research

AIMS & SCOPE Every issue of this truly interdisciplinary, rigorously refereed Journal contains a wealth of information: articles of value and interest to you, the educator, researcher, scientist Designed...

March 2015

Journal of Educational Technology Systems

The Journal of Educational Technology Systems deals with systems in which technology and education interface and is designed to inform educators who are interested in making optimum use of technology...

March 2015

Journal of Recreational Mathematics

Edited By: Charles Ashbacher and Lamarr Widmer A journal devoted to the lighter side of mathematics Featuring thought-provoking, stimulating, and wit-sharpening games, puzzles, and articles that challenge...

March 2015

North American Archaeologist

Editor: Roger W Moeller AIMS & SCOPE Published quarterly, this is the only general journal dedicated solely to North America—with total coverage of archaeological activity in the United States, Canada,...

March 2015

The International Journal of Aging and Human Development

Editor: Bert Hayslip Jr ,Associate Editor: Gregory C Smith AIMS & SCOPE Under what conditions does "development" end? Under what conditions does "aging" begin? Can these conditions themselves be modified...

March 2015

The Teaching Professor

The Teaching Professor is the lively, informative newsletter with a singular purpose: to provide ideas and insight to educators who are passionate about teaching The Teaching Professor is a monthly...

March 2015

Distance Education Report

Dedicated to online learning programs, from the “big picture” to the nuts and bolts Valuable insights and practical advice to move your program forward Distance Education Report helps you: - Increase...

March 2015

Online Classroom

Ideas and advice for the new trailblazers in higher education Stay current with the latest trends in online learning! Online Classroom helps you: - Create and design quality online courses - Stay current...

March 2015

International Journal of Multiple Research Approaches

International Journal of Multiple Research Approaches is an international peer-reviewed journal for timely publication of global research, scholarship, educational, researcher and practitioner perspectives...

March 2015
Public Affairs Ireland Subscription Service Public Affairs Ireland Subscription Service - Product Thumbnail Image

Public Affairs Ireland Subscription Service

Public Affairs Ireland is now an indispensable part of the public affairs landscape in Ireland Public sector bodies and private sector organisations dealing with the State have come to rely on the commitment...

March 2015

Global Maps of Political Risk

These monthly maps provide quick visual indications of changes in political risk, based on each month's issue of International Country Risk Guide (ICRG) All countries have been color-coded according...

March 2015
West Africa Newsletter West Africa Newsletter - Product Thumbnail Image

West Africa Newsletter

West Africa Newsletter (English edition of La Lettre du Continent) is the bench-mark publication for ruling circles and business leaders in West Africa and the Gulf of Guinea countries West Africa Newsletter’s...

March 2015
Intelligence Online Intelligence Online - Product Thumbnail Image

Intelligence Online

First published in 1980 and available online since 1995, Intelligence Online (formerly Intelligence Newsletter) has reported on and analysed the activities of intelligence agencies around the world...

March 2015
Bulletin of Education and Research Bulletin of Education and Research - Product Thumbnail Image

Bulletin of Education and Research

The Institute of Education & Research has been publishing the Bulletin of Education and Research (BER) since 1961 It was initiated by the American Faculty from the Indiana University and its first editor...

March 2015
Journal of Political Science Journal of Political Science - Product Thumbnail Image

Journal of Political Science

Established in 1933, the Department of Political Science is one of the oldest teaching faculties of the University of the Punjab, Lahore The Journal of Political Science published by the Department...

March 2015
International Development Planning Review International Development Planning Review - Product Thumbnail Image

International Development Planning Review

Synopsis International Development Planning Review's editorial policy is to reflect international development planning policy and practice This includes a focus on the physical, economic and social...

March 2015
Town Planning Review Town Planning Review - Product Thumbnail Image

Town Planning Review

Synopsis Town Planning Review has been one of the world's leading journals of urban and regional planning since its foundation in 1910 With an extensive international readership, TPR is a well established...

March 2015
Miscellaneous Scientific & Technical Consulting Service Lines World Report Miscellaneous Scientific & Technical Consulting Service Lines World Report - Product Thumbnail Image

Miscellaneous Scientific & Technical Consulting Service Lines World Report

MISCELLANEOUS SCIENTIFIC & TECHNICAL CONSULTING SERVICE LINES WORLD REPORT The Miscellaneous Scientific & Technical Consulting Service Lines World Report gives Market Consumption / Products / Services...

March 2015
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