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Transport and Shipping

In the global Transport and Shipping industry a growing sector is represented by intelligent, smart grid connecting transport systems that reduce energy consumption by aircraft, by rail, mass transit and automobiles. In this industry emerging countries are growing fast, with global acceptance of China as the top future market, but mature markets such as Germany and the US remain healthy.

Assess future market values with our research publications. We can provide essential marketing information for decision-makers, including global overviews and trends, local market analyses with historic data and forecasts, and company profiles.

In order to help you find quickly the research that best suits your need, the extensive coverage of Transport and Shipping sub-category has been divided into five groups: Automotive, Aviation, Aerospace, Maritime, and Rail.

Automotive includes Cars, Motorcycles, Trucks, Buses, Vans, and Hybrid Vehicles. Not only final products are featured, but also automotive parts (brakes, tyres, batteries, filters, exhausts, auto interiors), and electronic components, manufacturing, repair, dealers, auto finance, leasing, rental, insurance, aftermarket, in-car entertainment, and car fleets. Show Less
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Croatia Shipping Report Q2 2013

Growth Returns In 2013 - But Recovery Will Be Weak Although we still expect the Croatian economy to recover in 2013, after four consecutive years of recession, we have become more pessimistic about...

March 2013

Hong Kong Shipping Report Q2 2013

The port of Hong Kong holds the top position in Hong Kong's maritime sector in terms of both total tonnage and container throughput. We believe it will return to growth in 2013, following its strong...

March 2013

Hungary Freight Transport Report Q2 2013

Following a year for which BMI estimates decreasing volumes, 2013 will signal further decline, albeit slower, in all freight modes. Total trade is projected to pick up in real terms, with our Country...

March 2013

Iran Freight Transport Report Q2 2013

Our outlook for the Iranian freight transport sector is gloomy for 2013, on the back of the continued issues presented by Western sanctions, imposed in a bit to halt the Islamic Republic's controversial...

March 2013

Israel Shipping Report Q2 2013

Israel's two major ports, Ashdod and Haifa, held up better than expected in 2012, supported by strong domestic consumption. While we forecast this to slow in 2013, we maintain that the facilities will...

March 2013

Panama Freight Transport Report Q2 2013

Air freight tonnes are set to grow by 6.2% in 2013, to 129,000 tonnes. BMI forecasts average annual growth of 5.7% over the medium term. - Total tonnage throughput at Balboa is expected to grow by...

March 2013

Romania Shipping Report Q2 2013

The Romanian Port of Constantza is set to post another year-on-year increases both in total tonnage throughput and the container throughput in 2013, helped by the country's economic growth. An increase...

March 2013

Argentina Autos Report Q2 2013

In 2012, vehicle sales declined 6%, to 830,058 units, a slightly less bearish fall than the 7% drop we had originally forecast. Our outlook was predicated on the persistently high inflation and unemployment...

March 2013

Czech Republic Autos Report Q2 2013

In 2013, BMI forecasts passenger car sales to decrease 0.9%. We believe that private consumption will remain subdued over the year as the government perseveres with austerity measures. This is a continuation...

March 2013

Qatar Autos Report Q2 2013

Despite our overall cautious macroeconomic outlook for 2013, we remain optimistic about growth prospects in the Qatari autos market. Our optimism stems from the continued strength of private consumption,...

March 2013

Russia Autos Report Q2 2013

BMI’s core scenario for autos sector in Russia envisages a more than three times increase in production, to 2.95mn units by 2017, compared with the level seen in 2009. Continued investments by foreign...

March 2013

Slovakia Autos Report Q2 2013

Helped by the fact it is Europe's largest carmaker per capita, Slovakia continues to outpace its larger, but beleaguered counterparts in the EU in terms of economic expansion. However, Slovakia still...

March 2013

Tanzania Autos Report Q2 2013

BMI believes that challenging macroeconomic dynamics could prove to be a major deterrent for strong vehicle sales growth in Tanzania and accordingly forecasts a slowdown in new sales growth down from...

March 2013

Algeria Autos Report Q2 2013

A key development for the Algerian autos industry was the signing of a deal between Renault and the Algerian authorities to set up a new production plant in the country. On December 19 2012, Renault,...

March 2013

China Autos Report Q2 2013

We forecast vehicle sales to grow 8.4% in 2013, to hit 20.93mn units. Our 2013 bullish outlook comes from a few factors. Our core view is that Japanese automakers will see their sales go back to pre-crisis...

March 2013

France Autos Report Q2 2013

Passenger car sales in France declined 15% year-on-year (y-o-y) in January 2013, to 124,952 units. In 2013, we forecast sales in this segment to decline by 5.7%, predicated on our expectation for ongoing...

March 2013

Germany Autos Report Q2 2013

We maintain a moderately bearish forecast for passenger car and commercial vehicle sales, predicated on our outlook for consumer sentiment in the country. Indeed, BMI expects ongoing deterioration in...

March 2013

Uganda Autos Report Q2 2013

Uganda's new vehicle market is a tiny fraction of the total autos sector, with second-hand vehicles still the only affordable option for many consumers. Even then, sales of passenger cars are around...

March 2013
Global Database of Top Automotive Part and Accessory Stores Global Database of Top Automotive Part and Accessory Stores - Product Thumbnail Image

Global Database of Top Automotive Part and Accessory Stores

This company database includes the details of the nearly 1000 leading automotive part and accessory stores in the world. The database contains the following information about the companies: Company...

March 2013
Database of Automotive Part and Accessory Stores in Argentina Database of Automotive Part and Accessory Stores in Argentina - Product Thumbnail Image

Database of Automotive Part and Accessory Stores in Argentina

This company database includes the details of more than 200 automotive part and accessory stores in Argentina. The database contains the following information about the companies: Company name Contact...

March 2013
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