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Transport and Shipping

In the global Transport and Shipping industry a growing sector is represented by intelligent, smart grid connecting transport systems that reduce energy consumption by aircraft, by rail, mass transit and automobiles. In this industry emerging countries are growing fast, with global acceptance of China as the top future market, but mature markets such as Germany and the US remain healthy.

Assess future market values with our research publications. We can provide essential marketing information for decision-makers, including global overviews and trends, local market analyses with historic data and forecasts, and company profiles.

In order to help you find quickly the research that best suits your need, the extensive coverage of Transport and Shipping sub-category has been divided into five groups: Automotive, Aviation, Aerospace, Maritime, and Rail.

Automotive includes Cars, Motorcycles, Trucks, Buses, Vans, and Hybrid Vehicles. Not only final products are featured, but also automotive parts (brakes, tyres, batteries, filters, exhausts, auto interiors), and electronic components, manufacturing, repair, dealers, auto finance, leasing, rental, insurance, aftermarket, in-car entertainment, and car fleets. Show Less
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India Shipping Report Q1 2013

The primary issue in Indian shipping continues to be the state of the nation's ports. Investment in the 12 'major' state-run facilities has not kept up with the demand engendered by the rapid economic...

January 2013

Peru Shipping Report Q1 2013

Peru's strong domestic demand story will continue in 2013. Following strong economic data in 2012, as well as indications that private consumption and fixed investment will bolster economic activity...

January 2013

Algeria Autos Report Q1 2013

The Algerian new car sales market continues to go from strength to strength. Although no official figures for 2012 have yet been released by the local Association des Concessionaires Automobiles d'Algerie (ACAA),...

January 2013

Estonia Shipping Report Q1 2013

BMI View: Port Of Tallinn Back On Moderate Growth Path We have trimmed back our GDP growth projections for Estonia in 2012 and 2013, to reflect the ongoing troubles of the eurozone. BMI now expects...

January 2013

Indonesia Freight Transport Report Q1 2013

BMI View: Indonesia Remains An Outperformer We have modified our outlook for the Indonesian economy in 2012 and 2013. We have raised our growth estimate for 2012 on the strength of better-than-expected...

January 2013

Mexico Freight Transport Report Q1 2013

While we remain optimistic toward Mexico's growth story over the medium-term, we foresee a slowdown in coming quarters as external demand moderates, feeding through to weaker consumer confidence and...

January 2013

United States Shipping Report Q1 2013

Our overall outlook for the US economy is cautious and we maintain our outlook for subdued growth at the US's main container ports in 2013, on the back of continuing concerns about the health of the...

January 2013

Israel Freight Transport Report Q1 2013

We forecast fairly modest growth in Israel's freight transport sector in 2013. Political risk from the civil war in Syria, escalating sectarian tensions in Lebanon and the bombardment of the Gaza Strip...

January 2013

Israel Shipping Report Q1 2013

Israel's two major ports, Ashdod and Haifa, held up better than expected in 2012, supported by strong domestic consumption. While we forecast this to slow in 2013, we maintain that the facilities will...

January 2013

Italy Autos Report Q1 2013

In the first 10 months of 2012, passenger car sales in Italy declined 19.6% year-on-year (y-o-y), to 1,203,022 units. Over the course of the year, BMI forecasts a decline of 20% in this segment. We...

January 2013

Panama Freight Transport Report Q1 2013

BMI maintains its positive outlook toward Panama's growth outlook, forecasting real GDP growth of 8 %in 2013, largely as a result of continued robust private consumption. That said, we caution that...

January 2013

Global Automotive Interiors Market 2012-2016

The analysts forecast the Global Automotive Interiors market to reach US$325 12 billion by 2016 One of the key factors contributing to this market growth is the increase in automotive production and...

January 2013

Strategic Analysis of the North American Class 1 to 8 Starters and Alternators Aftermarket

New Replacement Parts Take Share from Remanufactured Components This service analyzes starters and alternators in the U S and Canadian automotive aftermarket It includes unit shipment and revenue forecasts,...

January 2013
Vehicle Sales in South Africa: Dynamics and Demographics Vehicle Sales in South Africa: Dynamics and Demographics - Product Thumbnail Image

Vehicle Sales in South Africa: Dynamics and Demographics

Vehicle sales in South Africa are expected to record the third best annual performance ever in 2012 and as increasing numbers of aspirational South Africans can afford to own a car, the outlook for...

January 2013

China International Freight Forwarding Industry Report, 2012-2015

China International Freight Forwarding Industry Report, 2012-2015 forecasts that in 2015, China's international freight forwarding business will account for approximately 31% of the total import-export...

January 2013

Infrastructure Tracker: Angola's Infrastructure Sectors - Rapid Economic Growth Drives Angola's Infrastructure Development

This research service tracks infrastructure development in Angola The research service forms part of the infrastructure tracker studies across the African continent Angola's infrastructure has endured...

January 2013

Israel Autos Report 2013

Last year proved a decidedly weaker year for new car sales in Israel, as a worsening security and economic situation weighed on demand. As of the end of October 2012 (the most recent data available) new...

January 2013

Strategic Analysis of the North American Class 4-8 Commercial Vehicle Brake Pads and Shoes Aftermarket: Investing in Innovation for Dynamic Future Growth

This research service provides a comprehensive analysis of the North American Class 4-8 commercial vehicle brake pads and shoes aftermarket This deliverable measures revenues for the United States and...

January 2013
Affinity and Partnership Marketing in UK Motor and Breakdown Recovery Insurance Affinity and Partnership Marketing in UK Motor and Breakdown Recovery Insurance - Product Thumbnail Image

Affinity and Partnership Marketing in UK Motor and Breakdown Recovery Insurance

Finaccord's report titled Affinity and Partnership Marketing in UK Motor and Breakdown Recovery Insurance represents the most detailed research ever undertaken on this sector and is one of seven studies...

January 2013

Indian Tyre Market: Trends & Opportunities (2012-2017)

Government policies and norms play a major role in shaping the dynamics and future of tyre market Recently, the government of India went for the outright sale of its wholly owned, West Bengal-based...

January 2013
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