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Transport and Shipping

In the global Transport and Shipping industry a growing sector is represented by intelligent, smart grid connecting transport systems that reduce energy consumption by aircraft, by rail, mass transit and automobiles. In this industry emerging countries are growing fast, with global acceptance of China as the top future market, but mature markets such as Germany and the US remain healthy.

Assess future market values with our research publications. We can provide essential marketing information for decision-makers, including global overviews and trends, local market analyses with historic data and forecasts, and company profiles.

In order to help you find quickly the research that best suits your need, the extensive coverage of Transport and Shipping sub-category has been divided into five groups: Automotive, Aviation, Aerospace, Maritime, and Rail.

Automotive includes Cars, Motorcycles, Trucks, Buses, Vans, and Hybrid Vehicles. Not only final products are featured, but also automotive parts (brakes, tyres, batteries, filters, exhausts, auto interiors), and electronic components, manufacturing, repair, dealers, auto finance, leasing, rental, insurance, aftermarket, in-car entertainment, and car fleets. Show Less
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Global Rail Logistics Market 2014-2018 Global Rail Logistics Market 2014-2018 - Product Thumbnail Image

Global Rail Logistics Market 2014-2018

About Rail Logistics Rail logistics refer to the movement of various commodities, inbound raw materials, and other supplies from one place to another. It plays a pivotal role in cargo handling. It...

September 2014

Global Airfreight Forwarding Market 2014-2018

About Airfreight Forwarding Airfreight forwarders are intermediary agents that arrange shipments for industries from the manufacturer to the final point of distribution. They are usually associated...

September 2014

Automotive Transmission Market in China 2014-2018

About Automotive Transmission System An automotive transmission system is the most critical and complicated component of a vehicle that transfers the engine's power to the wheels. The automotive transmission...

September 2014

India Autos Report Q4 2014

Over H114, passenger car sales fell by 0.5%, to 1,280,699 units, according to information on the Focus2Move website. This marks something of a recovery for a new vehicle market which declined by 9.8%...

September 2014

Argentina Autos Report Q4 2014

Vehicle sales in Argentina declined 33.8% y-o-y in the first six months of 2014, to 306,431 units. BMI has become increasingly bearish on the outlook for the Argentine autos sector in 2014 on the back...

September 2014

Pakistan Autos Report Q4 2014

BMI View: The recent FY2014/15 (July-June) budget has seen the Pakistan government abolishing the 10% Federal Excise Duty (FED) on locally assembled vehicles above 1,800cc while still retaining the...

September 2014

Germany Autos Report Q4 2014

In 2013, vehicle sales in Germany declined 4% on the back of a 4.2% drop in the passenger car segment and a 2.2% fall in the commercial vehicle (CV) segment. In 2014, we expect to see a return to growth...

September 2014

Mexico Autos Report Q4 2014

BMI forecasts 5.8% growth in vehicle sales in Mexico in 2014 on the back of an expected 5.4% increase in passenger car sales and 6.5% growth in the commercial vehicle (CV) segment. Over the first...

September 2014

Central America Autos Report Q4 2014

BMI View: The outlook for the autos industry in the Central Americas region in 2014 is modest, with tepid sales growth expected in some markets, but contractions likely in others. This is broadly in...

September 2014

Vietnam Shipping Report Q4 2014

Latest GDP figures show that the Vietnamese economy grew by 5.0% year-on-year (y-o-y) in Q1 2014, and we believe that our 2014 real GDP growth forecast of 5.9% remains in sight. Indeed, we believe that...

September 2014

Philippines Shipping Report Q4 2014

Manila International Container Terminal (MICT), the country's top container facility in terms of container throughput, is set to continue holding this position in Philippines' maritime sector in 2014,...

September 2014

Poland Shipping Report Q4 2014

BMI remains fundamentally positive about the Polish economy, although a little below consensus in our growth forecasts. Underpinning this is our view that domestic consumption will remain strong, stimulated...

September 2014

Nigeria Shipping Report Q4 2014

Nigerian seaports registered a marginal rise of 0.04% year-on-year (y-o-y) in cargo import and export volumes to 76,886,997mn metric tonnes (mmt) in 2013, compared with 76,855,754mmt in 2012, reports...

September 2014

Tanzania Autos Report Q4 2014

BMI View: BMI continues to predict steady growth (in the order of 3% a year) in new vehicle sales in Tanzania over the forecast period to 2018. However, even with this growth, we forecast that only...

September 2014

New Zealand Autos Report Q4 2014

New Zealand new vehicle sales have performed strongly across H114. A total of 44,326 new passenger cars were sold over the Jan-Jun period, plus a further 17,887 commercial vehicles (CVs), to produce...

September 2014

Fleet Management System Market in the Americas 2014-2018

About Fleet Management Systems Fleet management systems are used as an interface for the enhanced management of commercial vehicles. These systems track vehicles in real-time and monitor them, provide...

September 2014

Global Automotive Upholstery Market 2014-2018

About Automotive Upholstery Automotive upholstery is a soft furnishing covering that is fixed to an automobile seat. To keep it soft, automotive upholstery is padded with foam with thickness ranging...

September 2014

Global Automotive Wiring Harness Market 2014-2018

About Automotive Wiring Harness An automotive wiring harness is an assemblage of cables or wires used in automobiles for transferring signals or electric power. It is also known as a wiring loom for...

September 2014
Airfinance Journal Airfinance Journal - Product Thumbnail Image

Airfinance Journal

Airfinance Journal is an annual subscription package that includes 10 issues Respected for its independent editorial and informed analysis, each issue tracks; aircraft, airline and aerospace finance...

September 2014

Australian Automotive Intelligence Report

The AAI REPORT was developed to meet the Australian automotive industry's need for an in-depth resource that could be utilised in the formulating of strategy and in business planning Over its 6 issues...

September 2014
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