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In 2013, the global computer hardware market is forecast to have a value of $239.1 billion, an increase of 22% since 2008. The expansion of digital information and content has been the biggest growth driver of the global hardware manufacturing industry in recent years, and the need for information technology in the emerging countries will continue to push the demand for computers and computer peripherals.

Don’t miss business opportunities: get a detailed picture of this industry in the publications listed under Research and Markets’ Hardware category. They are invaluable resources to identify and capitalize on the critical issues and drivers which are shaping the market, both globally and locally.

The product coverage includes desktop pc, laptop, tablet pc, netbook, notebook, peripherals (ink-printers, scanners, monitors, and more), server motherboards, games hardware, touchscreen displays, smart cards, OTP tokens, and more.

Leading players featured in our publications include HP, LG Electronics, Dell, Apple, Cisco, and many others. Show Less
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Canada Information Technology Report Q3 2015

The maturity of the Canadian IT market prohibits the high growth rates observed in emerging markets during the period of rapid 'catch-up' growth, but it nonetheless remains a highly lucrative market...

July 2015

United Kingdom Information Technology Report Q3 2015

UK information technology sector growth will be driven by areas such as the app economy and cloud computing and there are promising signs for growth of emerging technologies such as data centres and...

July 2015

United Arab Emirates Information Technology Report Q3 2015

High incomes and a consumption culture combine to make the UAE one of the most lucrative global IT markets in per capita terms, with retail spending a particular strength, Traditionally IT adoption...

July 2015

Sweden Information Technology Report Q3 2015

The Swedish IT market benefits from its strong local development of ICT companies, worldleading telecoms infrastructure and highly advanced economy. This evidenced by the performance of companies such...

July 2015

Poland Information Technology Report Q3 2015

We see Poland as one of the most attractive IT markets in the region over the medium term, based on relatively low IT device and solution penetration, our robust economic outlook and improvements to...

July 2015

Hong Kong Information Technology Report Q3 2015

Hong Kong's position as a regional data centre and cloud services hub will sustain growth rates above those observed in the majority of developed markets globally 2015-2019. Drivers of cloud investment...

July 2015

Brazil Information Technology Report Q3 2015

A worsening economic outlook for Brazil resulted in a downgrade to our forecast for the IT market in 2015, with a sharp contraction in US dollar terms now forecast. The revision is based on our Country...

July 2015

South Korea Information Technology Report Q3 2015

We made a minor downgrade to the hardware market growth forecast for 2015 due to a weaker consumption outlook and reports from local retailers of lower than expected sales of desktops and notebooks....

July 2015

Singapore Information Technology Report Q3 2015

We made a minor downgrade to our forecast Singapore's IT market in 2015 in the Q2 2015 update, with the revision a reflection of the weaker economic outlook in terms of economic growth and currency...

July 2015

Qatar Information Technology Report Q3 2015

We maintain a bullish outlook for IT sector growth 2015-2019, and maintain our view that Qatar's high private consumption levels and bright economic growth outlook will combine to make the market a...

July 2015

France Information Technology Report Q3 2015

France is a mature IT market with strong demand for advanced products and solutions, as well as a leading ecosystem of local firms, particularly in the software and services segments. However the maturity...

July 2015

Romania Information Technology Report Q3 2015

Expansionary government fiscal policy will contribute to strong economic growth over the course of 2015, with benefits for the development of the IT industry. Tax cuts in particular will boost household...

June 2015

Kuwait Information Technology Report Q3 2015

We have a subdued growth outlook for Kuwait's IT market, reflecting the negative impact of the depressed oil price on wider economic growth and enterprise software and services opportunities. We forecast...

June 2015

India Information Technology Report Q3 2015

With the exception of its role as an outsourcing hub, India's IT market development trails far behind fellow Asian giant China on virtually all metrics. However, India's position as a regional laggard, but...

June 2015

China Information Technology Report Q3 2015

China continues to outperform in terms of IT spending growth and IT sector development due to a mix of economic strength and a forward-looking policy environment. Even after rapid growth in the past...

June 2015

Japan Information Technology Report Q3 2015

The Japanese IT market is well developed, with high penetration of devices and solutions, as well as a large base of domestic IT vendors that operate at the national, regional and global level. It is...

June 2015

South Africa Information Technology Report Q3 2015

We downgraded the forecast for South Africa's IT market in the Q315 update based on a weaker economic outlook, including rand depreciation against the US dollar and the negative impact on household...

June 2015

Australia Information Technology Report Q3 2015

Due to high labour costs, BMI believes Australian enterprises could be among the early adopters for AI applications such as IBM's Ask Watson service, which has already been trialled by ANZ Bank. Emerging...

June 2015

Thailand Information Technology Report Q3 2015

We expect IT market spending growth to accelerate in 2015 after a growth slowdown in 2013 and 2014 as economic and political uncertainty weighed on consumer and enterprise confidence,. We forecast an...

June 2015

Colombia Information Technology Report Q3 2015

We have downgraded the growth outlook for Colombia's IT market in 2015 due to a weaker outlook for the peso exchange rate with the US dollar, resulting in a marked slow-down in the overall IT market...

June 2015
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