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Software: a generic word for what is, in concrete, a world of instructions that make things happen. And it is a lucrative world: the global business software market is estimated to have a value of US $384.8 Billion in 2015. The key growth drivers will be the further expansion of Internet, Intranet and Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), and proliferation of Internet connected devices (PCs, laptops, palmtops, smartphones, and tablets).

IT engineers, software developers, systems administrators, web and graphic designers will find in Research and Markets’ Software category a wide range of manuals, guides and books that provide them with the necessary knowledge to grow professionally. Marketers and executives in the Software Industry will find in reports and subscriptions the resources they need to make informed business decisions.

This category’s product coverage is extensive: both system software and applications software are covered in this category, with applications used in different sectors such as training, logistics, healthcare, mobile applications, animation, virtual reality, content management, and much more.

Hundreds of players that are shaping today’s market are featured in our publications, including the world’s giants Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, and many more. Show Less
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Chile Information Technology Report Q4 2014

BMI View: We have a bullish outlook for the continued development of Chile's IT market, and we expect it to be a regional outperformer in Latin America despite its small population. High levels of spending...

August 2014

Turkey Information Technology Report Q4 2014

BMI View: Turkey has seen foreign investment in ICT rise over the last three years and it is increasingly viewed as a regional hub, with a strategic geographical location. Our medium-term outlook is...

August 2014

Czech Republic Information Technology Report Q4 2014

BMI View: We already had a positive outlook for IT market growth in the Czech Republic in 2014, but this view has been bolstered by a recovery in the desktop and notebook market, as well as a stronger...

August 2014

Peru Information Technology Report Q4 2014

BMI View: At the end of 2013, the IT industry accounted for around 0.9% of GDP, but with rising incomes and supportive government policy we expect this to rise gradually to 1.1% by 2018. The government...

August 2014

Philippines Information Technology Report Q4 2014

BMI View: We have a bullish outlook for the development of the Philippines' IT market, which we believe will be a regional outperformer over the medium term. Low penetration of products and services...

August 2014

Global RFID Smart Cabinet Market 2014-2018

About RFID Smart Cabinet RFID technologies began to draw attention across several sectors, particularly in the Healthcare sector as hospitals being adopting innovative technologies to cater to critical...

August 2014

Law Enforcement Biometrics Market in North America 2014-2018

About Biometrics Biometrics is a technology that helps to assess individuals on the basis of their physical or behavioral patterns. It involves the verification and identification of both physiological...

August 2014

Global Event Management Software Market 2014-2018

About Event Management Software Event management software refers to a wide range of software products used in the management of professional and academic conferences, trade exhibitions and events such...

August 2014

Global Data Analytics Outsourcing Market 2014-2018

About Data Analytics Outsourcing Data analytics is the process that helps an organization to gain insights from large sets of data. It helps in comprehending the information hidden within the data...

August 2014

Saudi Arabia Information Technology Report Q3 2014

BMI View: the Saudi Arabian IT market is set to remain the biggest in the Gulf region over the medium term with continued support from government policy and the dynamic of enterprise modernisation....

August 2014

South Korea Information Technology Report Q3 2014

BMI View: The South Korean IT market is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 7.5% 2014-2018 to reach a value of KRW37.9trn in 2018. Growth rates will be lower than emerging markets in APAC, but considering...

August 2014
Windows Performance Analysis Field Guide Windows Performance Analysis Field Guide - Product Thumbnail Image

Windows Performance Analysis Field Guide

Microsoft Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2 are designed to be the best performing operating systems to date, but even the best systems can be overwhelmed with load and/or plagued with poorly performing...

August 2014

Software Services Research Digest H1 2014

The Software Services Research Digest is a digest of all the most important research in the software industry each quarter. It covers areas such as IT Outsourcing, IT Services, Telecom, BPO, CRM, HRM,...

August 2014

Middle East Middleware Market - Advancements, Forecasts & Analysis (2014 - 2019)

The middleware market in this report is defined as the software that provides services and interoperability to various IT systems, high end computing components, and A2A integration on same or distributed...

August 2014

Global Retail Industry IT Spending Market 2014-2018

About the Global Retail IT Spending Market The Retail IT Spending market is a significant part of the Global IT Spending market. Retail industry IT spending basically involves the provision of IT hardware,...

August 2014

Argentina Information Technology Report Q3 2014

BMI View: The depreciation of the peso and import restrictions affecting PC sales in recent years have taken their toll as the domestic economy contracts for the first time since September 2012. Both...

August 2014

Germany Information Technology Report Q3 2014

BMI View: Like the majority of developed markets, desktop and notebook volumes declined sharply in 2012 and 2013 as tablet sales cannibalised those of traditional form factors. However tablet penetration...

August 2014

Slovenia Information Technology Report Q3 2014

BMI View: The development of the Slovenian IT market was stymied in 2012 and 2013 by the challenging economic environment. We expect it will continue to exhibit slow growth in 2014, with a fragile recovery...

August 2014

Retail Colocation Market in the US 2014-2018

About Retail Colocation Retail colocation is a setup where enterprises and end-users lease part of a data center facility to meet their computing requirements. The data center facility is hosted by...

August 2014

Global CPDM Market 2014-2018

About Collaborative Product Definition Management The use of cPDM software solutions is a strategic business approach that applies a consistent set of business solutions to collaboratively provide...

August 2014
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