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Chemistry is the study of the substances of which matter is composed, the investigation of their properties and reactions, and the use of such reactions to form new substances. It is sometimes referred to as "the central science" because it connects physics with other natural sciences, and it has a wide range of applications in many industries, some of which play a key role in the global economy.

The distinguished authors of the books and textbooks listed under Research and Markets’ Chemistry category are the world's leading researchers. These top-quality publications are comprehensive and readily accessible, covering all the key areas in today’s research. When available, pre-publication titles are also included to give you the possibility to stay in touch with the latest developments in your research field.

The readership of this category includes both graduate and undergraduate students, as well as researchers. Show Less
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2015 ALD/CVD High K and Metal Precursors for the Semiconductor IC Market 2015 ALD/CVD High K and Metal Precursors for the Semiconductor IC Market - Product Thumbnail Image

2015 ALD/CVD High K and Metal Precursors for the Semiconductor IC Market

The High K / ALD Precursors report provides information on the applications and markets associated with front end and back end of line precursors used to produce high dielectric constant (K) dielectrics...

May 2015

Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (CCLM)

CCLM keeps you up-to-date with the latest developments in the clinical laboratory sciences It reports on progress in fundamental and applied research in cutting-edge and exhaustive articles Areas covered...

May 2015

Sustainable Energy Conversion for Electricity and Coproducts. Principles, Technologies, and Equipment

Provides an introduction to energy systems going on to describe various forms of energy sources - Provides a comprehensive and a fundamental approach to the study of sustainable fuel conversion...

April 2015

Surface Modification of Biopolymers

Addresses surface modification techniques, which are critical for tailoring and broadening the applications of naturally occurring biopolymers Biopolymers represent a sustainable solution to the...

April 2015

Organic Reaction Mechanisms. 2012. Organic Reaction Mechanisms Series

Organic Reaction Mechanisms 2012, the 48th  annual volume in this highly successful and unique series, surveys research on organic reaction mechanisms described in the available literature dated 2012. ...

April 2015

Peptide Chemistry and Drug Design

This book focuses on peptides as drugs, a growing area of pharmaceutical research and development. It helps readers solve problems of discovering, developing, producing, and delivering peptide-based...

April 2015

Biaxial Nematic Liquid Crystals. Theory, Simulation and Experiment

In the nematic liquid crystal phase, rod–shaped molecules move randomly but remain essentially parallel to one another. Biaxial nematics, which were first predicted in 1970 by Marvin Freiser, have their...

April 2015

The Biology and Troubleshooting of Facultative Lagoons. Wastewater Microbiology

Provides personnel a new understanding of how lagoon and fixed film sewage treatment systems work - Tested in short-course situations by the author over the last 20 years - Directs the material in...

April 2015

Mammalian Toxicology

Mammalian Toxicology surveys chemical agents and examines how such chemicals impact on human health, emphasizing the importance in minimizing environmental exposure to chemical and physical hazards...

April 2015

Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Drug Binding, Volume 65. Methods and Principles in Medicinal Chemistry

This practical reference for medicinal and pharmaceutical chemists combines the theoretical background with modern methods as well as applications from recent lead finding and optimization projects. Divided...

April 2015

Stereoselective Multiple Bond-Forming Transformations in Organic Synthesis

Combining the important research topic of multiple bond-forming transformations with green chemistry, this book helps chemists identify recent sustainable stereoselective synthetic sequences. -   ...

April 2015

Electronic Processes in Organic Semiconductors. An Introduction

Organic semiconductors have found applications in many areas such as OLEDs, mobile phone displays, lighting, photovoltaics and much more. The understanding of the underlying photophysics as well as...

April 2015

Antitargets and Drug Safety. Methods and Principles in Medicinal Chemistry

With its focus on emerging concerns of kinase and GPCR–mediated antitarget effects, this vital reference for drug developers addresses one of the hot topics in drug safety now and in future. Divided...

April 2015

CVD Polymers. Fabrication of Organic Surfaces and Devices

The method of CVD (chemical vapor deposition) is a versatile technique to fabricate high–quality thin films and structured surfaces in the nanometer regime from the vapor phase. Already widely used...

April 2015

Alkaloids. Edition No. 2

Alkaloids - Secrets of Life: Alkaloid Chemistry, Biological Significance, Applications and Ecological Role, Second Edition provides knowledge on structural typology, biosynthesis and metabolism in relation...

April 2015

Pharmaceutical Amorphous Solid Dispersions

Providing a roadmap from early to late stages of drug development, this book overviews amorphous solid dispersion technology – a leading platform to deliver poorly water soluble drugs, a major hurdle...

April 2015

Molecular Modeling of Corrosion Processes. Scientific Development and Engineering Applications. The ECS Series of Texts and Monographs

Presents opportunities for making significant improvements in preventing harmful effects that can be caused by corrosion - Describes concepts of molecular modeling in the context of materials corrosion ...

April 2015

Biodegradable Polyesters

Collating otherwise hard–to–get and recently acquired knowledge in one work, this is a comprehensive reference on the synthesis, properties, characterization, and applications of this ecofriendly class...

April 2015

Catalysis by Materials with Well-Defined Structures

Catalysis by Materials with Well-Defined Structures examines the latest developments in the use of model systems in fundamental catalytic science. A team of prominent experts provides authoritative,...

April 2015

Biomarker Validation. Technological, Clinical and Commercial Aspects

From the Contents: Biomarkers Past and Future Quantitative Proteomics Techniques in Biomarker Discovery Biomarker Qualification: A Company Point of View Biomarker Discovery...

April 2015
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