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Corporate Governance

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The poor ethical behaviour and weak corporate governance of financial institutions all over the world helped precipitate the global economic downturn. Good corporate governance is therefore of the utmost importance these days – as accountability to shareholders, government and the public is demanded like never before.

The top quality publications listed under Research and Markets’ Corporate Governance category investigate topics such as corporate social responsibility, the role of investors and best practice case studies. They explore the latest methods (appointment policies, ethical policies, etc.) and conditions (laws, regulations, etc.) globally or in specific countries and sectors. Show Less Read more

Insolvency and Restructuring International

'Insolvency and Restructuring International' aims to cover issues of relevance to the international legal business community, particularly those involved in all aspects of insolvency, bankruptcy, creditors'...

May 2015
FreePint Report: Product Review of StrategyEye Digital Media FreePint Report: Product Review of StrategyEye Digital Media - Product Thumbnail Image

FreePint Report: Product Review of StrategyEye Digital Media

StrategyEye Digital Media is a business intelligence product offering data on technology companies across the world. Corporate clients and investors can get insights into areas such as mergers and acquisitions...

November 2014

Feedback That Works for Nonprofit Organizations

Giving effective feedback is essential in leadership, as it promotes open communication, provides tangible information employees can act upon, and empowers employees to get things done Providing effective...

December 2013

Adapting to Organizational Change

Change is a constant in today's workplace, and leaders must learn strategies to deal with change successfully, or otherwise face derailment To succeed, you must first understand how changes within your...

December 2013

Corporate Security Organizational Structure, Cost of Services and Staffing Benchmark

This research report presents the findings of a broad survey of corporate security programs conducted by the Security Executive Council's Security Leadership Research Institute (SLRI). The researchers'...

June 2013

International Security Programs Benchmark Report

The International Security Programs Benchmark Report presents and analyzes the findings of a broad survey conducted by the Security Executive Council of corporate international security programs. The...

April 2013
Corporate Governance And Anti-Bribery: Critical Board And Company Secretary Issues Corporate Governance And Anti-Bribery: Critical Board And Company Secretary Issues - Product Thumbnail Image

Corporate Governance And Anti-Bribery: Critical Board And Company Secretary Issues

The latest research findings on the company secretary in a UK quoted company are found in a paper by Rosamund Thomas Ph d , m a (Cantab ), published in january 2013 This research has been grant-aided...

January 2013

Regulating Multinationals in Developing Countries: A Conceptual and Legal Framework for Corporate Social Responsibility

In Regulating Multinationals in the Developing World, Edwin Mujih explores the difficulties associated with regulating multinational companies operating in developing countries, with a particular focus...

August 2012

Law, Corporate Governance and Partnerships at Work: A Study of Australian Regulatory Style and Business Practice

This book examines how businesses manage their labour systems, and particularly how they manage the complex interaction of factors which give rise to instances of 'partnership' style relations between...

December 2011
Creating a Business Ethics Policy for Your Company as an HR Executive Creating a Business Ethics Policy for Your Company as an HR Executive - Product Thumbnail Image

Creating a Business Ethics Policy for Your Company as an HR Executive

In this webinar, ExecSense examines everything you need to know in 60 minutes to create a business ethics policy for your company, and why so many HR executives are establishing such policies. This...

October 2011

Valuing Corporate Responsibility: How Do Investors Really Use Corporate Responsibility Information?

Over 500 large investment institutions (asset managers and pension funds) have signed the UN-backed Principles for Responsible Investment, and similar numbers support the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)...

March 2011
Corporate Governance Law 101 for Board Members (ExecSense Webinars) Corporate Governance Law 101 for Board Members (ExecSense Webinars) - Product Thumbnail Image

Corporate Governance Law 101 for Board Members (ExecSense Webinars)

In Corporate Governance Law 101 for Board Members, ExecSense covers everything that board members should know about the fundamental principles of corporate governance law and how to apply that knowledge...

July 2010

Corporate Governance: Structure, Process, Practice

To those of us affected by the global recession that started in late 2007, it is sobering to realise that much of what has been wrought upon us is the result of decisions made behind closed doors by...

April 2010

A Handbook of Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility

The current economic situation has highlighted deficiencies in corporate governance while also showing the importance of stakeholder relations It has also raised the profile of the debates regarding...

March 2010

Securities Markets and Corporate Governance

This book explores the rationalities and functions of securities markets and takeover activities Focusing on the Chinese experience of utilizing the securities market as an effective mechanism of corporate...

November 2009

Global Perspectives on Corporate Governance and CSR

Good governance is good PR, it is important in every sphere of society, whether it be the corporate environment, the political, or wider society When resources are too limited to meet the minimum expectations...

November 2009

Corporate Governance in India

This book gives an insight into corporate governance practices in India. It expounds semantics of governance and tenets of corporate governance. It demonstrates corporate governance objectives, strategies,...

July 2009

Getting it Right: Making Corporate-Community Relations Work

A company begins exploration of future operations in a remote and rural area of a poor, but resource-rich country The communities in this area welcome the company's interest, seeing the prospects for...

May 2009

Buried Treasure: Discovering and Implementing the Value of Corporate Social Responsibility

With business under unprecedented pressure from a range of stakeholders to engage in corporate social responsibility (CSR), those working in dirty industries, developing countries and the extractive...

September 2008
Corporate Governance Corporate Governance - Product Thumbnail Image

Corporate Governance

This briefing is a clear, accessible and jargon-free analysis of the practical application of Corporate Governance. With short case studies to illustrate legal requirements, the author guides the reader...

October 2006
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