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The global Oil & Gas market grew by 16.3% in 2010 and is expected to reach a value of $3,699,385.8 million in the next years. Do you want to be a protagonist of this exceptional 40% increase? We have the resources you need to keep your business one step ahead of your competitors.

The publications listed under Research and Markets’ Gas category provide you with unparalleled market information, covering topics such as oil & gas services, oil & gas exploration, state management, capacity, trade, price, contracts, expenditure, competition, demand, supply trends and forecasts, and export strategies.

Publications focusing on LPG (Liquefied petroleum gas) or LNG (Liquefied natural gas) are listed under two different sub-categories. Show Less
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Oil & Gas Projects Market in India - 2014

Oil and gas account for 37.3 per cent of total energy consumption of the country. Owing to strong expected demand, India’s dependence on petroleum import is likely to increase further. India holds just...

May 2014

Kicking off the Mexican Oil Party

It's off to the races. After a constitutional overhaul of the energy industry in late 2013, Mexico keeps moving towards an open oil sector. With detailed legislation in congress, the picture is becoming...

May 2014

Eastern Projects of Gazprom: Investment Plans, Management System

This report continues the series of analytical studies featuring Gazprom focusing on onshore projects in Eastern Siberia and the Far East Offshore projects performed within the framework of the Eastern...

May 2014

El Inicio de la fiesta mexicana del petróleo

Está avanzando rápidamente. Tras una revisión constitucional de la industria energética a fines del 2013, México camina hacia un sector petrolero abierto. Los detalles de la nueva norma se están debatiendo...

May 2014

Global Oil and Gas Infrastructure Security Market Assessment

Investment in oil and gas infrastructure has increased, and the industry is facing rapidly evolving threats to the security of its critical infrastructure These threats are only becoming more frequent...

April 2014

FSU Oil and Gas Statistic Yearbook 2014

The Oil and Gas Statistical Yearbook is a comprehensive collection of detailed information about the main indicators of the oil and gas industry of Russia and the CIS countries between 2003 and 2013...

April 2014

Hydraulic Fracturing: The UK moratorium is lifted, but opposition grows

Introduction Hydraulic fracturing is a technique that has been used to blast holes in rock layers containing gas reserves allowing the gas to be extracted. Recent discoveries of huge gas pockets such...

April 2014

India Rare Gases Market Forecast and Opportunities, 2019

According to "India Rare Gases Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2019", the Indian rare gases market revenues are projected to grow at a CAGR of around 4% during 2014-19 The demand for rare gases is...

April 2014

Russia Oil and Gas Report Q2 2014

BMI View: Russia is pumping post-Soviet record levels of oil and is likely to continue to see a short-term increase in both oil and gas production, but a high level of investment will be required to...

April 2014

Oman Oil and Gas Report Q2 2014

BMI View: Oman's significant gains in oil production in the last few years will peak in 2016, moderately and gradually declining. This is primarily due to the decreasing returns from the enhanced recovery...

April 2014

Egypt Oil and Gas Report Q2 2014

BMI View: Political risk in Egypt has peaked, and we expect a slight moderation over the coming months. The interim government has brought a semblance of stability to Egypt's political scene and...

April 2014

Gabon Oil and Gas Report Q2 2014

BMI View: Interest in West Africa's deepwater potential remains strong, underscored by Total's recent subsalt discovery and the recent award of a number of offshore blocks to an impressive roster of...

April 2014

Cameroon Oil and Gas Report Q2 2014

BMI View: Cameroon is on the cusp of a significant, but possibly temporary, upswing in production led primarily by a big increase in gas. Yet it is still a country that is overlooked because the top...

April 2014

China Oil and Gas Report Q2 2014

BMI View: While China is increasingly dependent on energy imports - particularly gas - owing to rapid growth in its energy demand, there are considerable investment opportunities in its upstream segment. Concerted...

April 2014

Subsea Pipeline Design, Analysis, and Installation

As deepwater wells are drilled to greater depths, pipeline engineers and designers are confronted with new problems such as water depth, weather conditions, ocean currents, equipment reliability, and...

April 2014

Opportunities for the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Market in Shale Oil and Gas

This market insight provides a qualitative analysis of how the shale energy revolution is affecting the PPE market and how various PPE sub-markets are impacted, including a discussion of the shale gas...

April 2014

Qatar Oil and Gas Report Q2 2014

BMI View: Fuelled by the world's third largest proven conventional gas reserves, Qatar has positioned itself as the leading global exporter of liquefied natural gas (LNG). Rising competition, led by...

April 2014

Kuwait Oil and Gas Report Q2 2014

BMI View: Although Kuwait has formidable underground reserves, its singular-based economy, heavily reliant upon hydrocarbon exports, creates the incentives for the government to fully dominate the wider...

April 2014

Angola Oil and Gas Report Q2 2014

BMI View: The outlook for Angola's oil and gas sector is positive. Although technical challenges led to production issues in 2013, we expect the start of major upstream projects such as Total's CLOV...

April 2014

Norway Oil and Gas Report Q2 2014

BMI View: Efforts to slow the decline rate of Norway's oil output are beginning to pay off, with the country registering a drop of 5.2% in 2013 over 2012. Despite this being less than previous years,...

April 2014
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