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The global Oil & Gas market grew by 16.3% in 2010 and is expected to reach a value of $3,699,385.8 million in the next years. Do you want to be a protagonist of this exceptional 40% increase? We have the resources you need to keep your business one step ahead of your competitors.

The publications listed under Research and Markets’ Gas category provide you with unparalleled market information, covering topics such as oil & gas services, oil & gas exploration, state management, capacity, trade, price, contracts, expenditure, competition, demand, supply trends and forecasts, and export strategies.

Publications focusing on LPG (Liquefied petroleum gas) or LNG (Liquefied natural gas) are listed under two different sub-categories. Show Less
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Paraguay's quest for oil Paraguay's quest for oil - Product Thumbnail Image

Paraguay's quest for oil

Today, dozens of small, international oil companies are exploring Paraguay, and each is enthusiastic about their chances of success. Activity is picking up, seismic companies have moved in, and a few...

June 2013
Paraguay en busca de petróleo Paraguay en busca de petróleo - Product Thumbnail Image

Paraguay en busca de petróleo

Hoy, hay gran cantidad de pequeñas empresas internacionales explorando Paraguay, todas con mucho entusiasmo. Está aumentando la actividad, las empresas de estudios sísmicos se han establecido en el...

June 2013

Iraq Oil and Gas Projects Market Report 2013

A Comprehensive Overview Of Iraq’s Oil And Gas Sector, Covering Upstream Production, Pipeline And Export Infrastructure, Refineries And Petrochemical Plants With its enormous reserves, and equally big...

June 2013

China Gas, Liquid Separating & Purifying Equipment Mfg. Industry Profile - CIC3463

Through a comparative analysis on the development of gas, liquid separating & purifying equipment mfg. industry in 31 provincial regions and 20 major cities in visualized form of data map, the report...

May 2013

China Natural Gas Production & Distribution Industry Profile - CIC4500

Through a comparative analysis on the development of natural gas production & distribution industry in 31 provincial regions and 20 major cities in visualized form of data map, the report provides key...

May 2013

Nigeria Natural Gas Industry Report - 2013

The Nigerian gas sector portends a massive investment opportunity With increasing focus on the Nigerian gas local market, and attempts to cut gas flaring in addition to the government's policy to privatize...

May 2013

Congo Oil and Gas Report Q3 2013

BMI View: With production in steady decline and few major projects expected to come onstream over the next few years, the Republic of Congo (RoC)'s upstream oil outlook does not inspire much confidence. However,...

May 2013

Bolivia Oil and Gas Report Q3 2013

BMI View: While we continue to expect gas production to rise over much of our forecast period, from 2018 we remain uncertain as to whether new production will be sufficient to offset declining volumes...

May 2013

Russia Oil and Gas Report Q3 2013

BMI View: Russia may be pumping post-Soviet record levels of oil and is likely to continue to see a shortterm increase in both oil and gas production; however, we warn that a high level of investment...

May 2013

Ecuador Oil and Gas Report Q3 2013

BMI View: President Rafael Correa's recent re-election will weigh on the energy sector over the next four years, as he uses oil revenue to finance his social spending-heavy political agenda. Our forecasts...

May 2013

Colombia Oil and Gas Report Q3 2013

BMI View: There is growing optimism with regard to the future of Colombia's energy sector; particularly as improving security dynamics and a more liberal business environment have led to increased investment...

May 2013

Malaysia Oil and Gas Report Q3 2013

BMI View: In the five-year period between 2013 and 2017, production growth is set to outpace consumption growth in the Malaysian oil sector as the removal of fuel subsidies and a move towards coalfired...

May 2013

Bakken Premium Package: Bakken/Exshaw Crude Oil Map & Playbook/Rocky Mountain Petroleum Directory

The premium package includes the Bakken/Exshaw Crude Oil laminated wall map, the Bakken/Exshaw playbook and the Rocky Mountain Petroleum Directory The Williston Basin’s prolific Bakken shale has delivered...

May 2013

Japan Oil and Gas Report Q3 2013

BMI View: Japan's consumption of imported oil and natural gas has increased as a result of nuclear power generation losses in the wake of the 2011 earthquake and tsunami. Over the longer term, a reassessment...

May 2013

Taiwan Oil and Gas Report Q3 2013

BMI View: Plans are presently under way to begin deepwater exploration off Taiwan's south-western coast in the South China Sea. Meanwhile, a growing appetite for imported gas has created a need for...

May 2013

Bakken/Exshaw Crude Oil Map 2013

Laminated 24" x 36" Bakken/Exshaw Crude Oil Wall Map The Bakken/Exshaw wall map outlines the main geologic features of the region and the major crude-oil infrastructure Insets detail the rig counts...

May 2013

Bakken Playbook & Map Package 2013

The Williston Basin's prolific Bakken shale has delivered steadily improving well recoveries as operators hone drilling and completion techniques Drilling has expanded into secondary reservoirs, notably...

May 2013

Turkmenistan Oil and Gas Report Q3 2013

BMI View: Upstream interest in Turkmenistan's growing gas reserves remains strong, with foreign players, particularly China, eager to gain access to the country's lucrative gas fields. The energy relationship...

May 2013

Venezuela Oil and Gas Report Q3 2013

BMI View: The death of Hugo Chávez underscores an uncertain and potentially precarious outlook for Venezuela's oil sector. Despite sizable hydrocarbon potential, underscored by the world's third largest...

May 2013

Philippines Oil and Gas Report Q3 2013

BMI View: The Philippines' oil and gas outlook is a relatively positive one, marked by an expected shortterm increase in both liquids and gas production. Longer-term growth will be dependent on current...

May 2013
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