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2011 witnessed the largest decline in global oil production since 1982. Economist Jeff Rubin predicted that the price of crude would hit $100 again by the fourth quarter of 2012. Is he right? How can companies be profitable in a scenario dominated by stripping supply, economic downturn, and environmental issues? Strategic planning is essential, and it can’t be done without in-depth knowledge and reliable data.

The publications listed under Research and Markets’ Oil category can provide you with unparalleled industry market research in breadth and depth, covering both oil exploration and production and oil field equipment manufacturing.

From global industry guides with historical data and forecasts to quarterly updated reports on a single country, from market overviews to analysis focused on specific topics such as state regulation or the progress in developing the oil reserve system in a particular country, our publications cover all the aspects that you need to consider to make informed business decisions.

You will find a wealth of information on the key players worldwide, such as ExxonMobil, PetroChina, Royal Dutch Shell, Chevron, Petrobras-Petróleo Brasil, British Petroleum, Gazprom, ENI, and Sinopec-China Petroleum. Learn from these giants’ performance and plan your own winning strategy. Show Less
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Japan Oil and Gas Report Q2 2014

BMI View: Japan's consumption of imported oil and natural gas has increased as a result of nuclear power generation losses in the wake of the 2011 earthquake and tsunami. However, liquefied natural...

January 2014

Venezuela Oil and Gas Report Q2 2014

BMI View: We retain a cautious stance on the Venezuelan oil and gas sector. While a flurry of new loans and deals may improve the financial position of PdVSA over the short term, the threat that badly...

January 2014

Turkey Oil and Gas Report Q2 2014

BMI View: Turkey will remain heavily dependent upon oil and gas imports for the foreseeable future. However, its role as a critical energy transit hub between Europe, the Eastern Mediterranean, the...

January 2014

Taiwan Oil and Gas Report Q2 2014

BMI View: Taiwan is almost entirely dependent on imports to meet energy demand and is likely to stay in this state for the foreseeable future. A growing appetite for imported gas has created a need...

January 2014

Philippines Oil and Gas Report Q2 2014

BMI View: The Philippines' oil and gas market is small but growing, marked by an expected short-term increase in both liquids and gas production, although it will still be insufficient to meet growing...

January 2014

Azerbaijan Oil and Gas Report Q2 2014

BMI View: Despite planned investment in order to stabilise output from Azerbaijan's ACG complex, the long term outlook for liquids is bearish notwithstanding near term gains from the US$6nn Chirag Oil...

January 2014

Bolivia Oil and Gas Report Q2 2014

BMI View: We currently expect hydrocarbons production to continue its upward trajectory in Bolivia over the medium term; however, we are pricing in a slowdown in growth toward the end of the decade....

January 2014
Refined Petroleum Products in Brazil: ISIC 232 Refined Petroleum Products in Brazil: ISIC 232 - Product Thumbnail Image

Refined Petroleum Products in Brazil: ISIC 232

The Industrial reports provide a 360 degree view of an industry. The Industrial market report offers a comprehensive guide to the size and shape of the Refined Petroleum Products market at a national...

January 2014

Strategic Analysis of the Global Lubricant Market and the Impact of Bio-based Feedstock

This research service identifies the major industry drivers, restraints, regional trends, and technology segment trends in the global lubricants market The research covers four regions: North America,...

January 2014

Research and Forecast of China Oil Refining Catalyst Market, 2014-2018

For recent two years, under the affection of the promotion of new fuel standard, the oil refiner use large of the heavy and inferior raw materials, the expansion of oil refining capacity and other factors,...

January 2014

Automation Modernization Opportunities in the US Refinery Market

An incremental rise in domestic crude oil production in the United States along with the potential inflow of Canadian heavier crude is poised to disrupt the dynamics of the oil and gas downstream market...

January 2014

Slovakia Petrochemicals Report 2014

The Slovakian petrochemicals industry experienced strong growth as a result of export-led growth and improved operating margins, despite the country's lacklustre overall economic performance, according...

January 2014

Venezuela Petrochemicals Report 2014

Progress on expansion of the Venezuelan petrochemicals industry has been slow and undermined by the government's policy in upstream sectors that provide feedstock and its general indifference to improving...

January 2014

Spain Petrochemicals Report Q1 2014

In 2012, the industrial production index for chemicals declined 0.7% on average, while for rubber and plastic products it plummeted an average of 9.0%, compared with growth of 0.2% and -1.5% respectively...

January 2014

United States Petrochemicals Report Q1 2014

BMI View: Over the medium term, the United States will see capacity growth led by new ethane-fed crackers that exploit growing shale gas output, much of it coming on stream in 2017, according to BMI's...

January 2014

South Korea Petrochemicals Report 2014

BMI View: The South Korean petrochemicals market will suffer from weak growth in automotive, construction and retail segments, according to BMI's latest South Korea Petrochemicals Report. Korean petrochemicals...

January 2014

Oman Oil and Gas Report Q1 2014

BMI View: We expect Oman's recent impressive gains in oil production to begin to moderate, with output peaking in 2016 before gradually trending lower as the recent impressive gains from enhanced recovery...

January 2014

Cameroon Oil and Gas Report Q1 2014

BMI View: While Cameroon's near-term oil production outlook is somewhat uncertain, there are projects capable of delivering modest volume growth over the medium-to-long term. More efficient usage of...

January 2014

Indonesia Petrochemicals Report Q1 2014

Indonesia's growth and its market size, with a population of 240mn, continues to attract investment. While a significant increase in petrochemicals capacities is expected over coming years, there remain...

January 2014

Taiwan Petrochemicals Report 2014

BMI's latest Taiwan Petrochemicals Report foresees a worrying trend for Taiwanese petrochemicals producers to move investment in basic chemicals to mainland China and South East Asia. Unless Taiwan...

January 2014
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