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2011 witnessed the largest decline in global oil production since 1982. Economist Jeff Rubin predicted that the price of crude would hit $100 again by the fourth quarter of 2012. Is he right? How can companies be profitable in a scenario dominated by stripping supply, economic downturn, and environmental issues? Strategic planning is essential, and it can’t be done without in-depth knowledge and reliable data.

The publications listed under Research and Markets’ Oil category can provide you with unparalleled industry market research in breadth and depth, covering both oil exploration and production and oil field equipment manufacturing.

From global industry guides with historical data and forecasts to quarterly updated reports on a single country, from market overviews to analysis focused on specific topics such as state regulation or the progress in developing the oil reserve system in a particular country, our publications cover all the aspects that you need to consider to make informed business decisions.

You will find a wealth of information on the key players worldwide, such as ExxonMobil, PetroChina, Royal Dutch Shell, Chevron, Petrobras-Petróleo Brasil, British Petroleum, Gazprom, ENI, and Sinopec-China Petroleum. Learn from these giants’ performance and plan your own winning strategy. Show Less
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Third Quarter 2014 Regulatory Outlook

Third Quarter 2014 Regulatory Outlook Summary Report reflects key actions undertaken by Governmental Agencies impacting the current and future oil environment. These rulings / adjustments to existing...

July 2014

Cameroon Oil and Gas Report Q3 2014

BMI View: Cameroon is on the cusp of a significant, but possibly temporary, upswing in production led primarily by a big increase in gas. Yet it is still a country that is overlooked because the top...

July 2014

China Oil and Gas Report Q3 2014

BMI View: While China is increasingly dependent on energy imports - particularly gas - owing to rapid growth in its energy demand, there are considerable investment opportunities in its upstream segment. Concerted...

July 2014

Iran Oil and Gas Report Q3 2014

BMI View: While the November 2013 interim nuclear agreement was a positive development for Iran, it does not allow for additional oil sales. Based on the assumption that the current international sanctions...

July 2014

France Oil and Gas Report Q3 2014

BMI View: The French government unveiled an energy policy in June 2014, that provides some upside risk to gas consumption as a result of a cap on nuclear power and an increased reliance on intermittent...

July 2014

Norway Oil and Gas Report Q3 2014

BMI View: Efforts to slow the decline rate of Norway's oil output are beginning to pay off, with the country registering a drop of 5.1% in 2013 over 2012. Despite this being less than previous years,...

July 2014

Saudi Arabia Oil and Gas Report Q3 2014

BMI View: We expect Saudi crude production to remain elevated by historical standards in 2014 and 2015. This view is based on continued OPEC outages, a mediocre global supply picture (Libya, Nigeria, Kashagan,...

July 2014

Slovenia Oil and Gas Report Q3 2014

BMI View: There are glimmers of hope in the upstream oil and gas segment, with the Ascent-operated Petišovci tight gas scheme capable of improving near-term energy self-sufficiency and slowing the rate...

July 2014

South Africa Oil and Gas Report Q3 2014

BMI View: South Africa's oil and gas sector is set for growth, as an upsurge in exploration and the increasing prospectivity of the country's offshore acreage point towards considerable upside potential...

July 2014

Qatar Oil and Gas Report Q3 2014

BMI View: Fuelled by the world's third largest proven conventional gas reserves, Qatar has positioned itself as the leading global exporter of liquefied natural gas (LNG). Rising competition, led by...

July 2014

India Oil and Gas Report Q3 2014

BMI View: India continues to struggle with increasing its oil and gas output at a rate complementary to growing domestic demand. The outlook for gas is more positive than oil, though major production...

July 2014

Crude Oil Pipelines and Midstream Services Industry (U.S.): Analytics, Extensive Financial Benchmarks, Metrics and Revenue Forecasts to 2021, NAIC 486100

Vital industry-specific data including metrics, benchmarks, historic numbers, growth rates and forecasts that will save countless hours of research Key Findings: - Crude Oil Pipelines and Midstream...

July 2014

Slovakia Oil and Gas Report Q3 2014

BMI View: Slovakia has above-average energy import dependency with high overall energy intensity compared with the regional average. As a result, the EU has made development of better gas interconnections...

July 2014

Germany Oil and Gas Report Q3 2014

BMI View: We see only limited upside to the current bearish outlook for domestic oil and gas production in Germany. There are some areas of opportunity, including redevelopment of maturing sites, enhanced...

July 2014

Kuwait Oil and Gas Report Q3 2014

BMI View: The fundamental challenges within the Kuwaiti economy, namely the government's penchant to continue its overt, dominant role in the oil and gas sectors, still remain. Kuwait's overwhelming...

July 2014

Nigeria Oil and Gas Report Q3 2014

BMI View: Nigeria's hydrocarbon sector continues to struggle amid a worsening political and business environment. The weak output flows in 2012 and 2013 were the consequence of flooding, repeated oil...

July 2014

Bahrain Oil and Gas Report Q3 2014

BMI View: Bahrain is trying to double its oil production by the end of the decade. This increase would largely depend on the success of plans under way to raise production from the Bahrain field. However,...

July 2014

Egypt Oil and Gas Report Q3 2014

BMI View: The installation of the el-Sisi government has improved investor sentiment in Egypt, which has been troubled by political and social instability. We anticipate a more stable environment for...

July 2014

Ukraine Oil and Gas Report Q3 2014

BMI View: Sustained interest from major international companies in Ukraine's gas reserves provides some upside potential in alleviating a part of its import burden in the long run. However, escalating...

July 2014

United States Oil and Gas Report Q3 2014

BMI View: Robust unconventional and offshore production is set to buoy US crude oil growth substantially. The robust production story has also fed through to the US' downstream sector. Indeed, while...

July 2014
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