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2011 witnessed the largest decline in global oil production since 1982. Economist Jeff Rubin predicted that the price of crude would hit $100 again by the fourth quarter of 2012. Is he right? How can companies be profitable in a scenario dominated by stripping supply, economic downturn, and environmental issues? Strategic planning is essential, and it can’t be done without in-depth knowledge and reliable data.

The publications listed under Research and Markets’ Oil category can provide you with unparalleled industry market research in breadth and depth, covering both oil exploration and production and oil field equipment manufacturing.

From global industry guides with historical data and forecasts to quarterly updated reports on a single country, from market overviews to analysis focused on specific topics such as state regulation or the progress in developing the oil reserve system in a particular country, our publications cover all the aspects that you need to consider to make informed business decisions.

You will find a wealth of information on the key players worldwide, such as ExxonMobil, PetroChina, Royal Dutch Shell, Chevron, Petrobras-Petróleo Brasil, British Petroleum, Gazprom, ENI, and Sinopec-China Petroleum. Learn from these giants’ performance and plan your own winning strategy. Show Less
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Mexico Oil and Gas Report Q3 2013

BMI View: Never before has Mexican energy sector reform been both more critical and more attainable. The election of President Peña Nieto has generated renewed momentum behind reform. Indeed, the...

May 2013

Congo Oil and Gas Report Q3 2013

BMI View: With production in steady decline and few major projects expected to come onstream over the next few years, the Republic of Congo (RoC)'s upstream oil outlook does not inspire much confidence. However,...

May 2013

Slovenia Oil and Gas Report Q3 2013

BMI View: There are glimmers of hope in the upstream oil and gas segment, with the Ascent-operated Petišovci tight gas scheme capable of improving near-term energy self-sufficiency and slowing the rate...

May 2013

Southwestern Energy Company, Company Intelligence Report

Southwestern Energy Company, Company Intelligence Report Summary Southwestern Energy Company (Southwestern) is an independent energy company involved in upstream and midstream operations in North...

May 2013

CNPC Rumored to Acquire Barra Energia for US$2 Billion for Oil and Gas Assets in Brazil

CNPC Rumored to Acquire Barra Energia for US$2 Billion for Oil and Gas Assets in Brazil - Deal Analysis from GlobalData Summary China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) is rumored to acquire Barra...

May 2013

Bolivia Oil and Gas Report Q3 2013

BMI View: While we continue to expect gas production to rise over much of our forecast period, from 2018 we remain uncertain as to whether new production will be sufficient to offset declining volumes...

May 2013

Russia Oil and Gas Report Q3 2013

BMI View: Russia may be pumping post-Soviet record levels of oil and is likely to continue to see a shortterm increase in both oil and gas production; however, we warn that a high level of investment...

May 2013

Ecuador Oil and Gas Report Q3 2013

BMI View: President Rafael Correa's recent re-election will weigh on the energy sector over the next four years, as he uses oil revenue to finance his social spending-heavy political agenda. Our forecasts...

May 2013

Colombia Oil and Gas Report Q3 2013

BMI View: There is growing optimism with regard to the future of Colombia's energy sector; particularly as improving security dynamics and a more liberal business environment have led to increased investment...

May 2013

Malaysia Oil and Gas Report Q3 2013

BMI View: In the five-year period between 2013 and 2017, production growth is set to outpace consumption growth in the Malaysian oil sector as the removal of fuel subsidies and a move towards coalfired...

May 2013

Israel Petrochemicals Report Q3 2013

BMI View: The Israeli petrochemicals industry is set for export-oriented growth in 2013, which should overcome the negative effects of government austerity measures on domestic consumption. However,...

May 2013

Romania Petrochemicals Report Q3 2013

BMI View: There is currently a great deal of uncertainty surrounding the future of Romanian petrochemicals producer Oltchim following the decision to file for insolvency in January 2013 after an attempt...

May 2013

Bakken Premium Package: Bakken/Exshaw Crude Oil Map & Playbook/Rocky Mountain Petroleum Directory

The premium package includes the Bakken/Exshaw Crude Oil laminated wall map, the Bakken/Exshaw playbook and the Rocky Mountain Petroleum Directory The Williston Basin’s prolific Bakken shale has delivered...

May 2013

Japan Oil and Gas Report Q3 2013

BMI View: Japan's consumption of imported oil and natural gas has increased as a result of nuclear power generation losses in the wake of the 2011 earthquake and tsunami. Over the longer term, a reassessment...

May 2013

Algeria Petrochemicals Report Q3 2013

BMI View: While some petrochemicals projects have experienced significant delays, we believe the industry is on course for strong growth as new plants are opened and domestic demand for plastic accelerates....

May 2013

Hungary Petrochemicals Report Q3 2013

Hungarian petrochemicals output will struggle with poor market conditions, but following a 23% drop in olefins and polyolefins in 2012, it should see a modest improvement, according to BMI forecasts....

May 2013

Czech Republic Petrochemicals Report Q3 2013

The Czech petrochemicals market should benefit from the country's recovery from recession in 2013 despite weak growth of just 0.5%, according to BMI's forecasts. With the industry's key eurozone export...

May 2013

Egypt Petrochemicals Report Q3 2013

BMI View: The Egyptian petrochemicals industry is struggling with disruptions to natural gas feedstock while importers are suffering from a shortage of foreign exchange. Nevertheless, BMI still believes...

May 2013

Qatar Petrochemicals Report Q3 2013

The Qatari petrochemicals industry is set to continue its capacity surge, but BMI warns that high ethane prices and a lack of downstream diversification and added value could erode margins and upset...

May 2013

Taiwan Oil and Gas Report Q3 2013

BMI View: Plans are presently under way to begin deepwater exploration off Taiwan's south-western coast in the South China Sea. Meanwhile, a growing appetite for imported gas has created a need for...

May 2013
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