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Engineering is at the cutting edge of human development in every sphere, from transport to communication, energy to avionics. Professionals need to keep up to date with the latest techniques and technologies in order to improve performance and capture new markets. We have the information resources that you need to grow professionally and don’t be left behind by your competitors.

Research and Markets’ Engineering category include a vast selection of the latest engineering journals, academic texts, scientific handbooks, market reports and other useful publications for professional engineers. From chemical engineering to the latest laser technology – we have it covered.

Civil engineers can find more publications of their interest in the Construction. IT and telecom engineering is covered in our Telecommunications and Computing category. For manuals and books about Industry Standards please visit the relevant category. Show Less
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Computational Intelligence and Pattern Analysis in Biology Informatics. Wiley Series in Bioinformatics

An invaluable tool in Bioinformatics, this unique volume provides both theoretical and experimental results, and describes basic principles of computational intelligence and pattern analysis while deepening...

November 2010

The Handbook of MPEG Applications. Standards in Practice

This book provides a comprehensive examination of the use of MPEG-2, MPEG-4, MPEG-7, MPEG-21, and MPEG-A standards, providing a detailed reference to their application. In this book, the authors...

November 2010

60GHz Technology for Gbps WLAN and WPAN. From Theory to Practice

This book addresses 60 GHz technology for Gbps WLAN and WPAN from theory to practice, covering key aspects for successful deployment. In this book, the authors focus specifically on 60 GHz wireless...

November 2010

Convergence of Mobile and Stationary Next-Generation Networks

The Only Resource to Cover Wireless, Wireline, and Optical Networks in One Volume Mobile and stationary next-generation networks that access the photonic core are destined to become as ubiquitous...

November 2010

Service Science

A comprehensive treatment on the use of quantitative modeling for decision making and best practices in the service industries Making up a significant part of the world economy, the service sector...

November 2010

Systems Approach to Management of Disasters. Methods and Applications

The main goal of this text is to introduce the systems approach to disasters management community as an alternative approach that can provide support for interdisciplinary activities involved in the...

November 2010

Safety Critical Systems Handbook

Electrical, electronic and programmable electronic systems increasingly carry out safety functions to guard workers and the public against injury or death and the environment against pollution. The...

November 2010

Biocatalysis in Polymer Chemistry

Searching for green and environmentally friendly polymerization methods by using enzymes? This first handbook on this hot and essential topic contains the whole chain of knowledge of biocatalysis in...

November 2010

Conjugated Polymer Synthesis. Methods and Reactions

Edited and authored by top international experts, this first book on conjugated polymers with a focus on synthesis provides a detailed overview of all modern synthetic methods for these highly interesting...

November 2010

Quantum Physics. Volume 1 - From Basics to Symmetries and Perturbations

This two-volume set can be naturally divided into two semester courses, and contains a full modern graduate course in quantum physics. The idea is to teach graduate students how to practically use quantum...

November 2010

Quantum Physics, 2 Volume Set

This two-volume set can be naturally divided into two semester courses, and contains a full modern graduate course in quantum physics. The idea is to teach graduate students how to practically use quantum...

November 2010

Quantum Physics. Volume 2 - From Time-Dependent Dynamics to Many-Body Physics and Quantum Chaos

This two-volume set can be naturally divided into two semester courses, and contains a full modern graduate course in quantum physics. The idea is to teach graduate students how to practically use quantum...

November 2010

Signals and Systems using MATLAB

This new textbook in signals and systems provides a pedagogically rich approach to what can commonly be a mathematically dry subject. With features like historical notes, highlighted common mistakes,...

November 2010

Poly(lactic acid). Synthesis, Structures, Properties, Processing, and Applications. Wiley Series on Polymer Engineering and Technology

This book describes the synthesis, properties, and processing methods of poly(lactic acid) (PLA), an important family of degradable plastics. As the need for environmentally-friendly packaging materials...

November 2010

Handbook of Sample Preparation

Discover new keys to solving analytical problems using the Latest sample preparation methods Commonly viewed of as a routine task rather than as an integral component in the analytical process, sample...

November 2010

Professional Windows® Phone 7 Application Development. Building Applications and Games Using Visual Studio, Silverlight®, and XNA®

A one-of-a-kind book on Windows Phone 7 development While numerous books cover both Silverlight and XNA, there lacks a resource that covers the specifics of Windows Phone 7 development. This book...

November 2010

Next Generation Mobile Communications Ecosystem. Technology Management for Mobile Communications

Taking an in-depth look at the mobile communications ecosystem, this book covers the two key components, i.e., Network and End-User Devices, in detail. Within the network, the sub components of radio...

November 2010

Large-Scale Inverse Problems and Quantification of Uncertainty. Wiley Series in Computational Statistics

This book focuses on computational methods for large-scale statistical inverse problems and provides an introduction to statistical Bayesian and frequentist methodologies. Recent research advances for...

November 2010

Numerical and Statistical Methods for Bioengineering. Applications in MATLAB. Cambridge Texts in Biomedical Engineering

The first MATLAB-based numerical methods textbook for bioengineers that uniquely integrates modelling concepts with statistical analysis, while maintaining a focus on enabling the user to report the...

November 2010

Applied Mechanics And Mechanical Engineering - 3-Volume set

Series: Applied Mechanics and Materials Vols 29-32 Selected, peer reviewed papers from the 2010 International Conference On Applied Mechanics And Mechanical Engineering (ICAMME 2010), September 8 ~...

November 2010
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