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Engineering is at the cutting edge of human development in every sphere, from transport to communication, energy to avionics. Professionals need to keep up to date with the latest techniques and technologies in order to improve performance and capture new markets. We have the information resources that you need to grow professionally and don’t be left behind by your competitors.

Research and Markets’ Engineering category include a vast selection of the latest engineering journals, academic texts, scientific handbooks, market reports and other useful publications for professional engineers. From chemical engineering to the latest laser technology – we have it covered.

Civil engineers can find more publications of their interest in the Construction. IT and telecom engineering is covered in our Telecommunications and Computing category. For manuals and books about Industry Standards please visit the relevant category. Show Less
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Adhesives Technology for Electronic Applications. Edition No. 2. Materials and Processes for Electronic Applications

Adhesives are widely used in the manufacture and assembly of electronic circuits and products. Generally, electronics design engineers and manufacturing engineers are not well versed in adhesives, while...

June 2011

Lead-Acid Batteries: Science and Technology

The book presents a comprehensive overview of the theory of the technological processes of lead-acid battery manufacture and their influence on battery performance parameters. It summarizes the current...

June 2011

Complex Macromolecular Architectures. Synthesis, Characterization, and Self-Assembly

The field of CMA (complex macromolecular architecture) stands at the cutting edge of materials science, and has been a locus of intense research activity in recent years. This book gives an extensive...

June 2011

RF and Microwave Transmitter Design. Wiley Series in Microwave and Optical Engineering

RF and Microwave Transmitter Design is unique in its coverage of both historical transmitter design and cutting edge technologies. This text explores the results of well-known and new theoretical analyses,...

June 2011

Engineering Information Security. The Application of Systems Engineering Concepts to Achieve Information Assurance. IEEE Press Series on Information and Communication Networks Security

Information security is the act of protecting information from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, or destruction. This book discusses why information security is needed...

June 2011

Human Toxicology of Chemical Mixtures. Edition No. 2

In this important reference work, Zeliger catalogs the known effects of chemical mixtures on the human body and also proposes a framework for understanding and predicting their actions in terms of lipophile...

June 2011

Handbook of Engineering and Speciality Thermoplastics. Volume 3: Polyethers and Polyesters. Wiley-Scrivener

The book summarizes many of the recent technical research accomplishments in the area of engineering polymers, such as oxygen containing main chain polymers (Polyether and Polyesters). The book emphasizes...

June 2011

Risk Management for Design and Construction. RSMeans

The essential risk assessment guide for civil engineering, design, and construction Risk management allows construction professionals to identify the risks inherent in all projects, and to provide...

June 2011
Concurrent Engineering 1988-2018: The First Thirty Years [Written Paper - An Essay] Concurrent Engineering 1988-2018: The First Thirty Years [Written Paper - An Essay] - Product Thumbnail Image

Concurrent Engineering 1988-2018: The First Thirty Years [Written Paper - An Essay]

The 2011 International Forum on Design for Manufacture and Assembly, Boothroyd-Dewhurst, Inc, Warwick, Rhode Island, USA [PART 1: Written 9-Page Paper] This paper was originally written for an expert...

June 2011

Corrosion Protection against Carbon Dioxide. Kreysa Continuation Series

This handy reference compiles the latest data on the corrosion behavior of materials coming into contact with CO2 -- with 95% of the contents previously unpublished. It is clearly structured according...

June 2011

Properties of Interacting Low-Dimensional Systems

Filling the gap for comprehensive coverage of the realistic fundamentals and approaches needed to perform cutting-edge research on mesoscopic systems, this textbook allows advanced students to acquire...

June 2011

Computer Aided Biomanufacturing. Wiley Reference Collection in Solid State and Material Science

Due to the rapid advances over the past few years in the field of rapid prototyping, the crucial information for researchers in the field is scattered throughout numerous journals and thus not readily...

June 2011

Silicon Technologies. Ion Implantation and Thermal Treatment. ISTE

The main purpose of this book is to remind new engineers in silicon foundry, the fundamental physical and chemical rules in major Front end treatments: oxidation, epitaxy, ion implantation and impurities...

June 2011

Digital Spectral Analysis. Parametric, Non-Parametric and Advanced Methods. ISTE

Digital Spectral Analysis provides a single source that offers complete coverage of the spectral analysis domain. This self-contained work includes details on advanced topics that are usually presented...

June 2011

Models and Analysis for Distributed Systems. ISTE

Nowadays, distributed systems are increasingly present, for public software applications as well as critical systems. software applications as well as critical systems. This title and Distributed Systems:...

June 2011

Distibuted Systems. Design and Algorithms. ISTE

In today’s digital environment, distributed systems are increasingly present in a wide variety of environments, ranging from public software applications to critical systems. Distributed Systems introduces...

June 2011

Wood Machining. ISTE

Wood as an engineering material can be technically defined “as a hygroscopic, orthotropic, biological, and permeable material having extreme chemical diversity and physical complexity with structures,...

June 2011

Communicating Systems with UML 2. Modeling and Analysis of Network Protocols. ISTE

This book gives a practical approach to modeling and analyzing communication protocols using UML 2. Network protocols are always presented with a point of view focusing on partial mechanisms and starting...

June 2011

A Guide to Small Wind Energy Conversion Systems

This enterprising book was intended as a practical guide to wind-energy generators up to 100 kW rated capacity. Very small machines such as battery chargers are included, though the main emphasis is...

June 2011

Fundamentals of Hot Wire Anemometry

This 1985 book provides a summary of the theory and practice of the hot wire anemometer, an instrument used to measure the speed of fluid flow. Many techniques and uses of this instrument are discussed...

June 2011
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