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Aerospace and Defense

One of the most technologically-driven and fast-changing sectors in the world economy, keeping up to date with the latest developments in the field of aerospace and defense (A&D) is essential for any organisation involved with the industry. The business opportunities are spectacular despite the global economic downturn: the global Aerospace and Defense industry is expected to reach a value of US$465 Billion by 2017.

The reports, books and subscription listed under Research and Markets’ Aerospace and Defense category will provide you with reliable historical data and forecasts, giving insights into the expected changes in defense expenditure over the next years, the key factors affecting military budgets and critical impacts on global defense suppliers and the revenue change expectations.

All the key players in this industry are featured in our publications. Some examples? Arianespace SA, B/E Aerospace, BAE Systems, Ball Aerospace & Technologies, Bell Helicopter Textron, Bombardier, Cessna Aircraft Company, CFM International,
European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company, Airbus, Eurocopter Group, Honeywell International, Ilyushin Aviation Complex JSC, Lockheed Martin Corporation, Rolls-Royce, Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation, The Boeing Company… Show Less
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Night Vision Device Market by Device Type, Technology, by Application and by Geography - Global Forecast to 2020

"Night Vision Device Market by Device Type (Camera, Scope, Goggle), Technology, by Application (Military, Surveillance, Security, Hunting, Navigation, Hidden Object Detection, Paranormal Research, and...

Published:  January 2016
Price:  From

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) Market, By Value and Volume Analysis and Forecast, 2015-2020

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) market has witnessed a meteoric growth over the past decade. The overall market growth is attributed majorly to the increasing territorial disputes and threats between...

Published:  February 2016
Price:  From

Military Laser Systems Market by Technology (Fiber Laser, Solid-State, Chemical Laser, CO2 Laser, Semiconductor Laser), Application (Defense, Homeland Security), Product Type - Forecast and Analysis to 2020

A number of factors such as need for highly precise weapons and increasing use of high-speed laser in communication networks are the key driving factors influencing the growth of the market. On the...

Published:  January 2016
Price:  From

Armor Materials Market by Type (Metals & Alloy, Ceramic & Composite, Para-Aramid Fibers, UHMWPE, Fiberglas), by Application (Vehicle, Aerospace, Body, Civil, Marine) and by Region - Global Trends & Forecast to 2020

The global armor materials market has been projected to register a CAGR of 6.8% for the forecast period to reach USD 10.54 Billion by 2020. In this study, 2013 has been considered as the historical...

Published:  January 2016
Price:  From

Global Small Caliber Ammunition Market - Forecast & Analysis, 2016 -2022

Small caliber ammunitions are principally cartridge-based ammunitions. Other types of ammunitions are non-cartridge based which are used in various light weapons. Small caliber ammunitions are also...

Published:  April 2016
Price:  From

Dynamic Positioning Systems (DPS) Market by Equipment Type, Sub-system, Application, and Region - Forecasts to 2020

This report on dynamic positioning systems provides a detailed analysis of the various applications and sub-segments that exists in the market over the next five years. It contains a thorough analysis...

Published:  June 2015
Price:  From

Non-Lethal Weapons Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2015 - 2021

Non-lethal weapons also known as “less than lethal” weapons are witnessing a growth in demand by law enforcement agencies and military organizations worldwide. The market for non-lethal weapons market...

Published:  August 2015
Price:  From

Body Armor Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2015 - 2021

The major purpose of body armor is to provide a protective clothing in order to absorb, deflect, bludgeon and penetrate attacks. Body armors have applications in various fields such as defense, law...

Published:  October 2015
Price:  From

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Market - By Product Type (Fixed Wing, Rotary Wing); By End User (Commercial, Consumer); By End User Applications (Agriculture, Law enforcement, Survey, Others)- Forecast 2020

Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) also known as Drones are air vehicles which do not carry a human operator, instead they are operated remotely or fly autonomously. Unmanned aerial vehicles has been around...

Published:  February 2016
Price:  From

Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV) Market by Type (Shallow, Medium, Large), Application (Commercial, Scientific Research, Defense) & Geography (North America, Europe, APAC, RoW) - Analysis & Forecast to 2020

The total autonomous underwater vehicles market is expected to reach USD 343.4 Million by 2020, at an estimated CAGR of 13.42% between 2015 and 2020. Autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) are the...

Published:  August 2015
Price:  From

VTOL UAV Market by Application (Military, Civil & Commercial, Homeland Security), Type (Multicopter, Helicopter, Hybrid), Size (Large, Medium, Small, Micro), Propulsion, Payloads, Geography - Global Forecast to 2020

The global VTOL UAV market is estimated to be valued at USD 2,235.40 Million in 2015 and is projected to reach USD 5,500 Million by 2020, at a CAGR of 19.73% from 2015 to 2020. The growth in the market...

Published:  September 2015
Price:  From

Military Communications Market by Communication, Component (Military Satcom, Radio System, Security System), Application (Command & Control, Situational Awareness) & by Region - Global Forecast to 2020

Military Communications Market by Communication (Airborne, Air-Ground, Underwater Communication), Component (Military Satcom, Radio System, Security System), Application (Command & Control, Situational...

Published:  September 2015
Price:  From

Directed Energy Weapons Market by Application, Technology, High Energy Laser Systems, Product, End User & Geography - Forecast & Analysis to 2015 - 2020

This report provides qualitative and quantitative information about the directed energy weapons market. It identifies the market application, emerging technologies, the need for new product launches,...

Published:  October 2015
Price:  From

Small Arms Market by End User (Military, Law Enforcement, Hunting, Sports, Self-defense), Type (Pistol, Revolver, Rifle, Machine Gun, Shotgun), Caliber (5.56MM, 7.62MM, 9MM), Technology, Cutting Type, Firing Systems,Region - Global Forecast to 2020

This report covers the forecast of the market and its dynamics over the next five years, while also recognizing the market application gaps, recent developments in the market, and high potential countries....

Published:  March 2016
Price:  From

Growth Opportunities in Global UAV Industry 2015-2020: Trends, Forecasts and Opportunity Analysis

According to a new market report, the future of the UAV industry looks positive with opportunities in civil and military applications. Global UAV industry is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 7.1% from...

Published:  October 2015
Price:  From

Military Vetronics - Global Strategic Business Report

This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Military Vetronics in US$ Million. The report provides separate comprehensive analytics for the US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America,...

Published:  October 2015
Price:  From

Additive Manufacturing in Space and Defense Aerospace Markets

The defense aerospace and space industries are increasingly presenting their own unique high-value market opportunities for additive manufacturing separate from those in the commercial and general aviation...

Published:  September 2015
Price:  From

Target Drone Market: By Specification (Size, Speed, Payload, Autonomy, Reach, Others), By Engine Type (Piston, Wankel, Turboprop, Turbojet, Others), By Application (Target and Decoy, Training, Reconnaissance, Others)- Forecast (2016-2021)

Target drones are autonomously or remotely guided unmanned aircrafts used for various defense operations. These are generally propelled by reciprocating, rotary or rocket engines. These drones are of...

Published:  November 2015
Price:  From

Automatic Identification System Market by Class, by Platform, by Application, and by Geography - Global Forecasts & Analysis 2014 - 2020

Automatic Identification System Market by Class (Class A, Class B, & Only Receiver), by Platform (Vessel-Based, Onshore-Based & Satellite Based), by Application (Traffic Management, Vessels Tracking,...

Published:  April 2015
Price:  From

Biological Safety Testing Market by Application, Product & Test - Global Forecast

Biological Safety Testing Market by Application (Stem Cell, Blood, Gene Therapy), Product (Instruments, Services, Kits, Reagents), & Test (Bioburden, Endotoxin, Cell Line Authentication, Residual Contamination,...

Published:  April 2015
Price:  From
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