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Aerospace and Defense

One of the most technologically-driven and fast-changing sectors in the world economy, keeping up to date with the latest developments in the field of aerospace and defense (A&D) is essential for any organisation involved with the industry. The business opportunities are spectacular despite the global economic downturn: the global Aerospace and Defense industry is expected to reach a value of US$465 Billion by 2017.

The reports, books and subscription listed under Research and Markets’ Aerospace and Defense category will provide you with reliable historical data and forecasts, giving insights into the expected changes in defense expenditure over the next years, the key factors affecting military budgets and critical impacts on global defense suppliers and the revenue change expectations.

All the key players in this industry are featured in our publications. Some examples? Arianespace SA, B/E Aerospace, BAE Systems, Ball Aerospace & Technologies, Bell Helicopter Textron, Bombardier, Cessna Aircraft Company, CFM International,
European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company, Airbus, Eurocopter Group, Honeywell International, Ilyushin Aviation Complex JSC, Lockheed Martin Corporation, Rolls-Royce, Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation, The Boeing Company… Show Less
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Global Unmanned Underwater Vehicles Market 2015-2019

About UUV A UUV is a small submarine and is used for different underwater tasks. This vehicle is classified into two categories: remotely operated and autonomous. Remotely operated UUV is controlled...

Published:  September 2015
Price:  From

Global Military Communication Market: Forecast and Research Analysis 2015-2019

About military communication Military communication includes electronic systems, products, and devices that are used for the transmission and reception of video, voice and data signals in military...

Published:  October 2015
Price:  From

Global Military Electro-optical and Infrared Systems Market 2015-2019

About Military Electro-Optical and Infrared Systems Market EO/IR systems are essential for military industries. These are used by military platforms like airborne, land-based and naval. Some of the...

Published:  August 2015
Price:  From

Global Military Airlift Market 2015-2019

About Military Airlift Military airlifts use rotary-wing or fixed-wing aircraft in transporting military personnel, military supplies or carrying out humanitarian relief operations during natural disasters...

Published:  January 2015
Price:  From

Shoulder-fired Weapons Market in North America 2015-2019

About Shoulder-fired Weapons Market in North America Shoulder-fired weapons, classified as anti-tank or anti-aircraft, use a launcher to fire a warhead at a target. The projectile fired includes guided...

Published:  January 2015
Price:  From

DLIS Market in the US 2015-2019

Defence Logistics Information Systems (DLIS) DLIS are sophisticated enterprise applications used to provide integrated, interoperable, and quality logistics data and solutions for defence services....

Published:  December 2014
Price:  From

Global Digital Glass Military Aircraft Cockpit Systems Market 2015-2019

About digital glass cockpit systems Digital glass cockpit systems have become an effective means of enhancing the capabilities of military aircraft. Digital glass cockpit systems reduce the weight of...

Published:  October 2015
Price:  From

Global Military Aircraft Modernisation and Upgrade and Retrofit Market 2015-2019

About military aircraft upgrade and retrofit Military aircraft either consist of the rotary-wing or fixed wing aircraft that are used for combat missions, or transportation of military personnel and...

Published:  October 2015
Price:  From

Global UAV Payload and Subsystems Market 2015-2019

About UAV payloads and subsystems UAVs are aircraft controlled remotely by a pilot on the ground or by on-board computers. Payloads are one of the primary components of UAVs. These payloads are mounted...

Published:  October 2015
Price:  From

Global Border Security Market 2015-2019

About border security Border security forces safeguard nations’ security, economic prosperity, and national sovereignty. They restrict trans-border crimes, smuggling, infiltration, and aid in collecting...

Published:  November 2015
Price:  From

Global Bio-detection Market 2014-2018

About Bio-detection Bio-detection has emerged as a solution to the public and governments. With an increase in bio-terrorism, the occurrence of illness and deaths is very frequent. This event is...

Published:  January 2015
Price:  From

CAD Market in the Aerospace and Defense Industry in APAC 2015-2019

About CAD Computer-aided design (CAD) is a software tool for modeling and designing products and components with ease and accuracy. The software package helps engineers, architects, and other design...

Published:  September 2015
Price:  From

Global Man Portable Military Electronics Market 2015-2019

About man portable military electronics Man portable military electronic systems include mobile communication products and MAVs that are used for the transmission and reception of video, voice, and...

Published:  November 2015
Price:  From

Global Aerostat Systems Market 2015-2019

About aerostat system An aerostat system is a balloon-borne radar, used for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance by military, civil bodies, and law enforcement agencies. Aerostat includes...

Published:  September 2015
Price:  From

Global Airborne ISR Market 2015-2019

About airborne ISR Airborne intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) is a crucial factor in military and security operations. The ISR market is segmented into AEWC, maritime patrol, sensor,...

Published:  September 2015
Price:  From

Global cPDM Market in the AeroSpace and Defence Industry 2015-2019

About cPDM Collaborative product definition management (cPDM) software solutions is a strategic business approach applying a consistent set of business solutions that collaboratively provide effective...

Published:  September 2015
Price:  From

Global Military Vetronics Market 2015-2019

About Military Vetronics Vetronics (vehicle electronics) are used in military land vehicles for navigation, observation, and communication. They help in inter-vehicular or intra-vehicular communications....

Published:  June 2015
Price:  From

Global Riot Control Equipment Market - Analysis of Impact, Growth, Opportunities and Challenges (2015-2020)

The global market for riot control equipment is poised to touch $5.46 billion by 2020 from $4.17 billion in 2015, at a comparative CAGR of 5.4% over the forecasted period. Riots, protests and demonstrations...

Published:  February 2016
Price:  From

Global Military Land Vehicles Market 2015-2019

About Military Land Vehicles Military land vehicles include all combat and transportation vehicles used by ground forces. Military land vehicles are an integral part of the army and are used in large...

Published:  July 2015
Price:  From

Global C4ISR Market 2015-2019

About C4ISR C4ISR (command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance) is critical to defense departments of several countries. It provides valuable information,...

Published:  July 2015
Price:  From
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