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Energy and Natural Resources

After the 2008/2009 economic slump, energy consumption increased in 2010, with a growth rate of 1.9% from the previous year. With the economies of the emerging countries roaring, this number is expected to increase even more in 2011. But 2011 is also the year of the biggest nuclear disaster since Chernobyl: no surprise the focus is now on renewable energies.

Publications listed in the Energy and Natural Resource section cover both ‘conventional’ fuels, such as gas (LPG and LNG), coal and mining (Exploration and Production; Oilfield Equipment and Services category), hydro power, and nuclear power; and newer sources such as fuel cells, biofuels, solar power, and wind power.

They provide up-to-date, reliable information into market trends, leading companies, sales and marketing strategies, historic data and forecasts, with specifics on market share, segmentation, size, and growth, as well as technical issues.

A special section is dedicated to publications dealing with environmental technologies, sustainability, ecological engineering, and energy saving; while our Energy Maps will allow you to locate not only the major oil and gas fields, coalfields and basins, but also wind farms, hydropower installations, power stations and transmission lines, and more. Utilities and Pipelines are also featured.
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Qatar Oil and Gas Report Q2 2014

BMI View: Fuelled by the world's third largest proven conventional gas reserves, Qatar has positioned itself as the leading global exporter of liquefied natural gas (LNG). Rising competition, led by...

April 2014

Spain Power Report Q2 2014

BMI View: Spain's electricity market is struggling in the face of an unclear regulatory environment and a sluggish economy. Keen to cut costs, the government wants to reduce renewable energy subsidies,...

April 2014

Dual Fuel Generator Sets Outlook

The global aim of reducing carbon emissions and protecting the environment is expected to boost the proportion of energy coming from green sources and support the shift from diesel to natural gas This...

April 2014

Memoranda of Understanding Aim to Increase Transparency of Energy Market Oversight

On January 2, 2014, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) officially entered into two Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) The MOUs will provide...

April 2014

Flue Gas Desulfurization Systems & Services Market by Type & by Application - Global Trends & Forecasts to 2019

'Flue Gas Desulfurization Systems & Services Market by Type (Wet FGD, Dry FGD, and others), by Application (Cement Manufacture, Chemical, Power Generation, Iron & Steel, and Others) - Global Trends...

April 2014

Low Iron Glass for Concentrating Solar Power (CSP): Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2014 to 2020

Worldwide markets for Low Iron Glass for Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) are poised to achieve significant growth based on an expectation of rapid adoption of CSP worldwide As soon as a market has 100...

April 2014
Global and Chinese Wind Power Flange Industry Report 2014 Global and Chinese Wind Power Flange Industry Report 2014 - Product Thumbnail Image

Global and Chinese Wind Power Flange Industry Report 2014

The Global and Chinese Wind Power Flange Industry Report 2014 is a professional and in-depth study on the current state of the global wind power flange industry with a focus on the Chinese situation...

April 2014

Brazil Mining Report Q2 2014

BMI View: With the boom years over and our expectation for Chinese metal demand growth to slow, we expect Brazil's mining sector to see slower average growth rates through 2018 compared with previous...

April 2014

Iran Oil and Gas Report Q2 2014

BMI View: The November 2013 interim nuclear deal reached in Geneva has rightly been hailed as a significant development in the negotiations between Iran and the West, and marks a further improvement...

April 2014

South Africa Renewables Report Q2 2014

BMI View: The outlook for the South African renewables industry is positive, particularly compared with the conventional power sector. A number of projects have gone online over the last three months,...

April 2014

Ukraine Water Report Q2 2014

BMI View: Russia's decision to assume de facto control of Crimea has substantially raised political risks in Ukraine. While our core view is Russia will consolidate control in Crimea and end its actions,...

April 2014

United States Petrochemicals Report Q2 2014

The US petrochemicals industry continues to expand on the back of growth in ethane availability as a result of shale gas exploitation. However, BMI's latest US Petrochemicals Report warns that the global...

April 2014

Indonesia Petrochemicals Report Q2 2014

The Indonesian petrochemicals market in 2013 was a little less bullish than BMI had expected in the previous quarter with our real GDP growth forecast for the year revised down from 5.8% to 5.7%. BMI's...

April 2014

Libya Oil and Gas Report Q2 2014

BMI View: Production in Libya will continue to be hit by domestic political and social instability in the short term and we note that unrest in the wider North African region will rock the oil and gas...

April 2014

Brazil Oil and Gas Report Q2 2014

BMI View: Brazil's massive pre-salt fields, such as Lula, Iracema and Franco, suggest substantial growth potential over the long term, underpinning our view that crude, natural gas and other liquids...

April 2014

Australia Renewables Report Q2 2014

BMI View: We are maintaining our 2014 forecasts for non-hydropower renewable generation and capacity in Australia this quarter as our assumptions remain relevant. We believe the Abbott administration...

April 2014

Portugal Renewables Report Q2 2014

BMI View: Growth in the Portuguese renewable energy market continues to be sluggish, with the country's embattled economy weighing on growth prospects in the power and renewables industries. The wind...

April 2014

Saudi Arabia Water Report Q2 2014

Saudi Arabia has solidified its position as a major player in the global water infrastructure market, as it has begun to alleviate the pressure on its limited water resources caused by economic and...

April 2014

Spain Water Report Q2 2014

BMI View: Spain's Water sector is highly developed. Water supply networks and sanitation are of a high quality due to the application of advanced technology and water tariffs are among the lowest across...

April 2014

Singapore Water Report Q2 2014

BMI View: Although we maintain our overall positive outlook on the Singaporean water industry, as investment continues to flow into the sector, with a range of projects recently introduced, both by...

April 2014
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