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Energy and Natural Resources

After the 2008/2009 economic slump, energy consumption increased in 2010, with a growth rate of 1.9% from the previous year. With the economies of the emerging countries roaring, this number is expected to increase even more in 2011. But 2011 is also the year of the biggest nuclear disaster since Chernobyl: no surprise the focus is now on renewable energies.

Publications listed in the Energy and Natural Resource section cover both ‘conventional’ fuels, such as gas (LPG and LNG), coal and mining (Exploration and Production; Oilfield Equipment and Services category), hydro power, and nuclear power; and newer sources such as fuel cells, biofuels, solar power, and wind power.

They provide up-to-date, reliable information into market trends, leading companies, sales and marketing strategies, historic data and forecasts, with specifics on market share, segmentation, size, and growth, as well as technical issues.

A special section is dedicated to publications dealing with environmental technologies, sustainability, ecological engineering, and energy saving; while our Energy Maps will allow you to locate not only the major oil and gas fields, coalfields and basins, but also wind farms, hydropower installations, power stations and transmission lines, and more. Utilities and Pipelines are also featured.
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32,423 Products

Pour Point Depressants Market by Chemistry (polyalkylmethacrylates, styrene esters, ethylene co vinyl acetate, poly alpha olefin, and others), by End User (Lubricant Industry and Oil & Gas Industry) & by region - Global Trends & Forecasts to 2020

Pour point depressant market comes under the category of additives that are being used widely by various industries for maintaining the oil temperature and consistency of the base oil. In cold regions,...

Published:  July 2015
Price:  From

IGBT & Thyristor Market by Packaging Type (Discrete & Module), Power Rating, & Application (Power, Renewable, Rail, UPS, EV/HEV, Motor Drive, & Consumer Electronics), & Geography - Global Analysis & Forecast to 2020

The IGBT and thyristor were developed to take the advantage of the short switching time and low switching loss of the MOSFET, the high breakdown voltage, and low conduction losses of the BJT, in order...

Published:  June 2015
Price:  From

Energy Management System Market by Software, Device, Application, Solution, Vertical & Region - Global Forecast to 2020

'Energy Management System Market by Software (Utility EMS, Industrial EMS, ECEM, Residential EMS, & Others), Device (In-House Display, Smart Thermostat, LCS, Smart Plug), Application, Solution, Vertical...

Published:  June 2015
Price:  From

Power Bank Market by Capacity Range, Number of USB Port, Energy Source, Technology, Application, and by Region - Global Forecast to 2020

Power Bank Market by Capacity Range (500mAh to Above 1500mAh), Number of USB Port, Energy Source, Technology (Lithium-ION and Lithium-Polymer), Application (Smartphones, Tablets, and Portable Media...

Published:  August 2015
Price:  From

Small Wind Market by Type (Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine, Vertical Axis Wind Turbine), by Application (On-Grid, Off-Grid), by Geography (Asia-Pacific, North America, Europe) - Global Trends and Forecast to 2019

The increasing demand for renewable sources for energy generation and rapid industrialization has played a huge part in providing the necessary boost to the global small wind market. The market for...

Published:  August 2015
Price:  From

Frequency Converter Market by Type (Static and Rotary), by End-User (Aerospace & Defense, Power & Energy, Process Industry, Traction, Oil & Gas, and Marine/Offshore), and by Region - Global Forecast and Trends to 2020

Frequency converter market growth has been drive by the increasing demand for aerospace & defense infrastructure, and increasing industrial automation and upgradation of oil & gas, power, manufacturing...

Published:  August 2015
Price:  From

Downhole Tools Market by Tool Type, Application & by Region - Global Trends & Forecast to 2019

Downhole Tools Market by Tool Type (Flow & Pressure Control, Drilling, Impurity Control, Downhole Control, and Handling), Application (Drilling, Completion, Well Intervention, Formation & Evaluation,...

Published:  June 2015
Price:  From

Smart Transformers Market by Type, Application & by Region - Global Trends & Forecast to 2020

Asia-Pacific was the single-largest market for smart transformers in 2014, holding a 34% share, and is set to continue its dominance till 2020. Asia-Pacific is also projected to emerge as the fastest...

Published:  June 2015
Price:  From

High Voltage Equipment Market by Voltage (UHV,EHV,HVDC,HV), Equipment (Power Transformers, Switchgear, Switches, Control, Reactive Power, Instrument, Transformer, Relay Panel, Earthing Equipment ,Battery Set) & by Region - Trends to 2020

This report estimates the high voltage equipment market size in terms of value in $billion. The market for High Voltage Equipment in the report has been segmented into by regions and further split into...

Published:  June 2015
Price:  From

Motor Control Centers Market by Type (Intelligent & Conventional), by Voltage (LV & MV), by End User, by Component (Circuit Breakers & Fuses, VFD’s, Overload Relays, Soft Starters, Bus Bars & Others) - Global Forecast and Trends to 2020

The motor control center market has been growing rapidly in the recent years. It is a cost-effective solution to prevent downtime and equipment damage. Increased industrial automation, high cost due...

Published:  July 2015
Price:  From

Converter Transformer Market by Configuration (Back-to-Back, Monopolar, Bipolar, and Multi-terminal), Voltage level, Application (Windfarms, Oil & Gas, and Grid interconnections), Power rating, and by Region - Global trends and forecast to 2020

Converter transformer market is mainly driven by the increasing demand from fast growing economies such as India, and China which are expected to invest heavily in their transmission and distribution...

Published:  August 2015
Price:  From

Prepacked Chromatography Columns Market by Type (1-100 mL, 100-1000 mL, >1L), End User (Academic, Hospitals, Cosmetics, Environmental Biotechnology, Food & Beverages, Nutraceuticals, Pharmaceuticals) & Geography - Global Forecast to 2019

The global prepacked chromatography columns market is segmented on the basis of type, end user, and geography. Based on geography, this market is segregated into North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific,...

Published:  July 2015
Price:  From

Syngas and Derivatives - Global Strategic Business Report

This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Syngas and Derivatives in MW Thermal by the following End-Use Applications: Liquid Fuels, Chemicals, and Others. The report provides separate comprehensive...

Published:  June 2015
Price:  From

Mining Chemicals - A Global Market Overview

The processes involved in mining depend to a large extent on mining chemicals for improving productivity and efficiency. The global mining industry is confronting the challenge of low productivity as...

Published:  July 2015
Price:  From

Smart Mining Market: Global Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment 2015 - 2020

This report examines the ‘Smart Mining market for the period 2015-2020. The primary objective of the report is to offer updates on the advancements in ICT and embedded systems that have given rise to...

Published:  June 2015
Price:  From

Supercapacitor Materials 2015-2025: Formulations, Forecasts, Roadmap, Companies

This report explains the materials and performance achievements and objectives of the 80 manufacturers of supercapacitors and supercabatteries. It reveals, in easily accessed form, the performance,...

Published:  July 2015
Price:  From

The Rise of Perovskite Solar Cells 2015-2025

As one of the top ten science breakthroughs of 2013, perovskite solar cells have shown potential both in the rapid efficiency improvement (from 2.2% in 2006 to the latest record 20.1% in 2014) and in...

Published:  June 2015
Price:  From

Global Market for Towers and Poles 2015 (3rd Edition)

This is the 3rd edition of the Towers and Poles Report. The report sizes demand for electricity transmission towers and utility poles in base year 2014 and forecasts demand from 2015 to 2020. Towers...

Published:  July 2015

Welding Consumables Market for Automobile & Transportation, Building & Construction, Marine, Power Sector, Oil & Gas, Wear Plate and Other Applications - India Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2014 - 2020

'Welding Consumables (Stick Electrode, Solid Wires, Flux-cored Wires, SAW Wires & Fluxes and Others) Market for Automobile & Transportation, Building & Construction, Marine, Power Sector, Oil & Gas,...

Published:  April 2015
Price:  From

Variable Frequency Drives Market by Type (AC, DC, Servo) By Voltage (Low Voltage and Medium Voltage) and For End-use Applications - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth Trends And Forecast 2014 - 2020

The variable frequency drives market report provides in-depth analysis of the global variable frequency drive industry. The report divides the market on the basis of voltage range, type, end-user and...

Published:  March 2015
Price:  From
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