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Energy and Natural Resources

After the 2008/2009 economic slump, energy consumption increased in 2010, with a growth rate of 1.9% from the previous year. With the economies of the emerging countries roaring, this number is expected to increase even more in 2011. But 2011 is also the year of the biggest nuclear disaster since Chernobyl: no surprise the focus is now on renewable energies.

Publications listed in the Energy and Natural Resource section cover both ‘conventional’ fuels, such as gas (LPG and LNG), coal and mining (Exploration and Production; Oilfield Equipment and Services category), hydro power, and nuclear power; and newer sources such as fuel cells, biofuels, solar power, and wind power.

They provide up-to-date, reliable information into market trends, leading companies, sales and marketing strategies, historic data and forecasts, with specifics on market share, segmentation, size, and growth, as well as technical issues.

A special section is dedicated to publications dealing with environmental technologies, sustainability, ecological engineering, and energy saving; while our Energy Maps will allow you to locate not only the major oil and gas fields, coalfields and basins, but also wind farms, hydropower installations, power stations and transmission lines, and more. Utilities and Pipelines are also featured.
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Rainwater and Stormwater Harvesting Opportunities in Singapore

This study focuses on the highlights in the rainwater and stormwater harvesting market in Singapore Singapore has a well-developed water industry, but insufficient natural water resources Water sustainability...

April 2014

Chile Oil and Gas Report Q2 2014

BMI View: The International Energy Agency reports that in 1990 the country was able to provide 14% of its oil needs, but heightening demand and no sizable discoveries within its borders mean Chile barely...

April 2014

Bahrain Oil and Gas Report Q2 2014

BMI View: Bahrain is trying to double its oil production by the end of the decade. This increase would largely depend on the success of plans under way to raise production from the Bahrain field. However,...

April 2014

Colombia Oil and Gas Report Q2 2014

BMI View: Colombia's energy sector seems to be headed for an inflection point over the medium term. In the past decade we have seen strong liquids production growth, buoyed by improvements to the...

April 2014

Ghana Oil and Gas Report Q2 2014

BMI View: Ghana is hoping to capitalise on its Tullow-led foray into offshore production and repeat the short turnaround of three years from discovery to production that characterised Jubilee with the...

April 2014

Slovenia Oil and Gas Report Q2 2014

BMI View: There are glimmers of hope in the upstream oil and gas segment, with the Ascent-operated Petišovci tight gas scheme capable of improving near-term energy self-sufficiency and slowing the rate...

April 2014

Poland Mining Report Q2 2014

Growth in the Polish mining sector will be modest and predominantly driven by increased coal output. Copper output will struggle as falling copper ore grades and weak prices are set to weigh on growth. Nevertheless,...

April 2014

Zambia Mining Report Q2 2014

Zambia's mining sector is set to continue on a positive trajectory over our forecast period to 2018. Copper is the mainstay of the mining sector, and we expect solid growth in output as the country's...

April 2014

South Africa Oil and Gas Report Q2 2014

BMI View: South Africa's oil and gas sector is set for growth, as an upsurge in exploration and the increasing prospectivity of the country's offshore acreage point towards considerable upside potential...

April 2014

Thailand Petrochemicals Report Q2 2014

The Thai petrochemicals industry is now looking to add value to basic chemicals production following a surge in olefins and polymers capacities over recent years. We examine ongoing projects and assess...

April 2014

United Arab Emirates Oil and Gas Report Q2 2014

BMI View: The UAE's stable investment climate and its robust attempts to maximise the potential of its significant oil and natural gas reserves will continue to make it a major focus of upstream investment....

April 2014

Chile Power Report Q2 2014

BMI View: Chile is one of the most attractive markets in Latin America, with political stability, abundant natural resources and a healthy economic growth outlook all adding to its appeal. But in terms...

April 2014

Nigeria Power Report Q2 2014

BMI View: We have largely maintained our optimistic forecasts for Nigeria's power sector this quarter and forecast annual average growth in electricity generation of 9% through to 2023. With the unbundling...

April 2014

Ukraine Power Report Q2 2014

BMI View: The political upheaval in Ukraine will have a significant impact on the country's power sector both in the short and the long term. In the coming quarters we expect Russia to significantly...

April 2014

United States Power Report Q2 2014

BMI View: The fact that the US spent most of January 2014 in the grip of a polar vortex, which sent temperatures plummeting to record lows, served to underscore some of our long-held views on US coal-gas...

April 2014

Canada Renewables Report Q2 2014

BMI View: We have maintained our forecasts for Canada's non-hydro renewables industry this quarter as our fundamental assumptions of the market remain in place. The wealth of natural potential Canada...

April 2014

Russia Renewables Report Q2 2014

BMI View: There is certainly potential in Russia for renewable energy development, and the government has begun to mobilise investment into the sector, by implementing a subsidy programme and renewable...

April 2014

Annual Global Planned Pipelines Outlook - Enhancing Export Opportunities, Addressing Energy Security Concerns and Providing Alternative Supply Sources

Annual Global Planned Pipelines Outlook - Enhancing Export Opportunities, Addressing Energy Security Concerns and Providing Alternative Supply Sources Summary “Annual Global Planned Pipelines Outlook...

April 2014

Renewable Policy Support to Drive Ghana's Solar Market

Renewable Policy Support to Drive Ghana’s Solar Market Summary Ghana Solar Market to receive a boost with the support of the Government of Ghana. In order to drive the growth of renewables in the...

April 2014

Benchmarking Successful Water Companies in Asia-Pacific

This company benchmark analysis reviews the competitive landscape of the water and wastewater treatment market in Asia-Pacific, measured through three main perspecives; growth, business, and innovation...

April 2014
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