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Energy and Natural Resources

After the 2008/2009 economic slump, energy consumption increased in 2010, with a growth rate of 1.9% from the previous year. With the economies of the emerging countries roaring, this number is expected to increase even more in 2011. But 2011 is also the year of the biggest nuclear disaster since Chernobyl: no surprise the focus is now on renewable energies.

Publications listed in the Energy and Natural Resource section cover both ‘conventional’ fuels, such as gas (LPG and LNG), coal and mining (Exploration and Production; Oilfield Equipment and Services category), hydro power, and nuclear power; and newer sources such as fuel cells, biofuels, solar power, and wind power.

They provide up-to-date, reliable information into market trends, leading companies, sales and marketing strategies, historic data and forecasts, with specifics on market share, segmentation, size, and growth, as well as technical issues.

A special section is dedicated to publications dealing with environmental technologies, sustainability, ecological engineering, and energy saving; while our Energy Maps will allow you to locate not only the major oil and gas fields, coalfields and basins, but also wind farms, hydropower installations, power stations and transmission lines, and more. Utilities and Pipelines are also featured.
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Rod Lift Trends Rod Lift Trends - Product Thumbnail Image

Rod Lift Trends

The report analyzes and presents an overview of Rod Lifts market worldwide Rod lift systems offer various advantages such as optimum system efficiency; strong drawdown; cost effective repair and maintenance;...

January 2014
Dye Sensitized Cell Trends Dye Sensitized Cell Trends - Product Thumbnail Image

Dye Sensitized Cell Trends

A Dye Sensitized Solar Cell is a kind of thin film solar cell that involves an easy and low-cost cell manufacturing process Dye Sensitized Solar Cells are generally used for converting sunlight into...

January 2014

Geothermal warms up slowly in Latin America

Geothermal heat no longer conjures up merely an image of a beautiful geyser or hot springs for tourists. Instead many countries are taking it seriously as a renewable, safe, long-term energy source,...

January 2014

Latin America's copper miners: Raring to grow

Latin America is home to three of the world's most influential copper producers: Antofagasta Minerals, Codelco and Grupo México, which together accounted for nearly 20% of world output in 2012. Each...

January 2014

PDVSA: Cambios al ritmo de la necesidad

Incluso si se toman las propias estadísticas de PDVSA, la petrolera estatal venezolana está produciendo un volumen inferior al de 1999, año en que el expresidente Hugo Chávez inició su primer mandato....

January 2014
Coal Sector in India Coal Sector in India - Product Thumbnail Image

Coal Sector in India

India plans to increase infrastructure spending to a trillion dollars in the Twelfth Five Year Plan, and a large chunk of this investment is expected to go to the power sector However, coal availability...

January 2014
Traveling-Wave Reactor Trends Traveling-Wave Reactor Trends - Product Thumbnail Image

Traveling-Wave Reactor Trends

A traveling-wave reactor (TWR) is a uniquely designed nuclear reactor that primarily uses depleted uranium (U-238), a waste product of Light Water Reactor, as fuel and is able to generate its own fuel...

January 2014

The Long Hedge

Mitigating and adapting to risks and changing circumstances is a natural part of doing business But methods of mitigating and adapting can be quite different in terms of time, cost and observed impacts...

January 2014

Egypt Water Report Q1 2014

BMI View: We believe that Egypt's continued state of unease is likely to affect the development of the water sector. In particular, we believe that despite the public's vocal desire for better services...

January 2014

Turkey Renewables Report Q1 2014

BMI View: Despite sizeable economic headwinds that have the potential to sap some of Turkey's impressive economic momentum, the renewables sector continues to attract interest from a host of international...

January 2014

South Africa Renewables Report Q1 2014

The expansion of South Africa's renewable energy sector continues unabated - a month after the third bidding round was concluded under the country's REIPPP. A total of 17 new facilities have been granted...

January 2014

Research and Forecast of China Oil Refining Catalyst Market, 2014-2018

For recent two years, under the affection of the promotion of new fuel standard, the oil refiner use large of the heavy and inferior raw materials, the expansion of oil refining capacity and other factors,...

January 2014

Conventional Energy Construction in Poland 2014 - Development Forecasts & Planned Investments

Locate conventional energy construction opportunity in Poland with this report that examines planned projects, investment outlook and forecasts for development Searching for market data and analysis...

January 2014

Greening Print Marketing: A Practical Guide

These days, it's all about going green For some people, it's a personal and philosophical commitment For others, it's an important brand image Whatever your reason, this report looks at some of the...

January 2014

Indian Gas Sector A Paradigm Shift in Pricing Dynamics

The cabinet committee for economic affairs (CCEA) has approved the Rangarajan Committee’s proposal to raise the price of natural gas from April 1, 2014 The price of gas is expected to be raised to around...

January 2014

Hydro Power In North East India

Power is a key component of economic development The availability of cheap, abundant and regular power supply is essential for smooth functioning of all economic activities India has a huge identified...

January 2014
Drill Bits Trends Drill Bits Trends - Product Thumbnail Image

Drill Bits Trends

The report analyzes and presents an overview of Drill Bits market worldwide Drill bits are sometimes also known as metal bits, since the tools are offered in different varieties of metals Drill bits...

January 2014
Artificial Lift Trends Artificial Lift Trends - Product Thumbnail Image

Artificial Lift Trends

"Several factors play a concrete role in the artificial lifting method selection Some of the factors include rate of production; pressure of bottom-hole flow; gravity and viscosity of crude oil; and...

January 2014

Clean Energy Markets in China

China's demand for clean energy has grown at a fast pace in the past decade In the next five years, both production and demand will continue to grow This new study examines China's economic trends,...

January 2014

Midstream Directory 2014

Midstream Directory provide a comprehensive list of the service providers and equipment suppliers serving the North American midstream sector The midstream of the energy industry, the gathering, processing...

January 2014
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