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Energy and Natural Resources

After the 2008/2009 economic slump, energy consumption increased in 2010, with a growth rate of 1.9% from the previous year. With the economies of the emerging countries roaring, this number is expected to increase even more in 2011. But 2011 is also the year of the biggest nuclear disaster since Chernobyl: no surprise the focus is now on renewable energies.

Publications listed in the Energy and Natural Resource section cover both ‘conventional’ fuels, such as gas (LPG and LNG), coal and mining (Exploration and Production; Oilfield Equipment and Services category), hydro power, and nuclear power; and newer sources such as fuel cells, biofuels, solar power, and wind power.

They provide up-to-date, reliable information into market trends, leading companies, sales and marketing strategies, historic data and forecasts, with specifics on market share, segmentation, size, and growth, as well as technical issues.

A special section is dedicated to publications dealing with environmental technologies, sustainability, ecological engineering, and energy saving; while our Energy Maps will allow you to locate not only the major oil and gas fields, coalfields and basins, but also wind farms, hydropower installations, power stations and transmission lines, and more. Utilities and Pipelines are also featured.
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Base Metals Mining in Mexico to 2020 Base Metals Mining in Mexico to 2020 - Product Thumbnail Image

Base Metals Mining in Mexico to 2020

The Base Metals Mining in Mexico to 2020 report comprehensively covers the country’s historic and forecast data on base metals (copper, zinc and lead) mine production, consumption and trade to 2020,...

February 2015

Casing & Cementation Hardware Market by Equipment, by Hardware Type, by Application - Global Trends & Forecasts to 2019

Casing & Cementation Hardware Market by Equipment (Liners, Centralizers, Wiper Plugs, Float Equipment), by Hardware Type (Casing Equipment & Cementation Equipment), by Application (Onshore and Offshore)...

February 2015

Plunkett's Energy Industry Almanac 2015: Energy Industry Market Research, Statistics, Trends & Leading Companies

This research lists top 500 companies in the Energy industry and names the top trends changing for the mid term. Key Features: - Industry trends analysis, market data and competitive intelligence -...

February 2015

Packaged Substation Market by voltage Split, by Application and by Region - Global Trends and Forecasts to 2019

Packaged Substation Market by voltage Split (below 36kV and above 36kV to 150kV), by Application (Industrial, Infrastructure, and Power Utilities & Generation) and by Region - Global Trends and Forecasts...

February 2015

Japan Oil and Gas Report Q2 2015

BMI View: New legislation intended to streamline the refining sector saw around 400,000 barrels per day (b/d) of Japan's refining capacity taken offline. Favourable terms for joint ventures will see...

February 2015

Israel Petrochemicals Report Q2 2015

BMI View: Lower naphtha prices will help support Israeli petrochemicals margins over the medium term, while in the short-term producers will benefit from a recovery in the domestic market, according...

February 2015

Egypt Petrochemicals Report Q2 2015

BMI View: Putting its troubles behind it, Egypt is advancing its petrochemicals development which should ensure self-sufficiency, but the country remains plagued by its energy crisis, according to BMI's...

February 2015

Azerbaijan Oil and Gas Report Q2 2015

BMI View: Strong forecast gas production growth drives our broadly bullish outlook on the Azeri upstream; a vast gas resource base offers further upside towards the end of our forecast period, although...

February 2015

Japan Petrochemicals Report 2015

Japanese cracker capacity is being drastically cut as the country's ageing petrochemicals industry struggles to compete in an increasingly competitive Asian market, according to BMI's latest Japan Petrochemicals...

February 2015

Iran Petrochemicals Report Q2 2015

The easing of sanctions will have a positive effect on the Iranian petrochemicals industry with hope for improved growth in output, according to BMI's latest Iran Petrochemicals Report. However, weak...

February 2015

Ecuador Oil and Gas Report Q2 2015

BMI View: Ecuador's upstream sector will experience very modest growth in the remainder of the decade, but its downstream sector could see a transformation from being a net importer of refined products...

February 2015

Algeria Petrochemicals Report Q2 2015

Fertiliser production is increasing in Algeria with a third major complex coming onstream in 2015, but olefins and polymers production will remain small following the cancellation of the planned Arzew...

February 2015

Zambia Power Report Q1 2015

BMI View: The outlook for Zambia's power sector is generally positive. After decades of underinvestment by the Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation (ZESCO) the government has responded to the demands...

February 2015

Peru Power Report Q2 2015

BMI View: We maintain our bright outlook for Peru's power sector and we expect total power generation to grow by an average annual rate of 4.96% between 2015 and 2024. The energy-intensive mining sector, a...

February 2015

Mozambique Power Report Q1 2015

BMI View: Mozambique is one of the most attractive markets in Sub-Saharan Africa. The economy is growing rapidly, and the government has liberalised the country's investment laws, providing an enabling...

February 2015

Mexico Power Report Q2 2015

BMI View: We maintain our bright outlook for Mexico's power sector, premised on the liberalisation of the Mexican power and hydrocarbon markets and the country's positive macroeconomic trajectory. We...

February 2015

Russia Oil and Gas Report Q2 2015

BMI View: Russia reached record post-Soviet production of oil and gas condensate in 2014, but is expected to see output fall over the coming five years due to the impact of sanctions. The country is...

February 2015

Qatar Petrochemicals Report Q2 2015

BMI View: Following the cancellations of the Al Sejeel and Al Karaana petrochemicals projects, Qatar's drive towards petrochemicals development over the medium term has been severely slowed, undermining...

February 2015

Poland Oil and Gas Report Q2 2015

BMI View: We have revised down our long-term gas production forecast due to recent disappointing shale drilling results. More time, additional exploration and below-ground data will be required to obtain...

February 2015

United States Mining Report Q2 2015

BMI View: The US mining industry will be among the largest in the world as measured in total output in the years ahead, but will see just modest growth to 2019. Total industry value will reach USD136bn...

February 2015
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