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Wireless refers to the transmission of information using radio, microwave, etc as opposed to cable or wires. Wireless technology has a huge number of applications in different sectors, the most known by consumers being mobile phones. In the flamboyant world of the wireless technology there are plenty of business opportunities not to be missed.

All conceivable aspects of this technology and its cutting-edge applications are covered in the publications listed under Research and Markets’ Wireless category, including handsets and mobile devices, broadband wireless, 3G & 4G, SMS and MMS, mobile content, m-commerce, and much more. Our reports, books, and industry guides cover both marketing and technical aspects and are essential tools for engineers to track the latest developments or for decision-makers to formulate effective sales and marketing strategies.

Hundreds of players that are shaping today’s market are featured in our publications: wireless network operators, handset and equipment manufacturers, service providers, and software developers such as Apple, Google, LG, Nokia, Panasonic, Qualcomm, Samsung, ViewSonic, ZTE, Motorola, Huawei, Vodafone and many more. Show Less
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Android device base by Vendor, Handset Model, Region and Country Database Service

This service includes quarterly delivery of a database listing the total quantity of active android devices by handset model, region and country, as well as analyst enquires related to the database...

July 2014
LTE Insights Service LTE Insights Service - Product Thumbnail Image

LTE Insights Service

With primary research sourced from over 550+ global operators, infrastructure/device manufacturers and regulatory authorities, the LTE Insights service offers access to a complete array of market intelligence...

July 2014
DSP Semiconductor Market Tracker DSP Semiconductor Market Tracker - Product Thumbnail Image

DSP Semiconductor Market Tracker

Digital signal processors were once primarily reliant upon the mobile phone market for market growth, however smartphones have begun replacing dedicated DSP devices with microprocessors Overall, functions...

July 2014
Wireless Market Tracker Wireless Market Tracker - Product Thumbnail Image

Wireless Market Tracker

The wireless application market includes all semiconductors used in mobile phones, infrastructure, short range and "other" wireless equipment Thanks to the rapid and sustained growth of the smartphone...

July 2014

WiMAX Monthly Newsletter

The WiMAX newsletter covers the latest developments the the Unlicensed, MMDS, LMDS, Free-space Optics, Wireless Local Loop, and Wi-Fi markets worldwide The WiMAX newsletter tracks technological breakthroughs,...

July 2014

Global Voice and Data 3G Smartphone Tariff Tracker

Database Synopsis Pricing is used as one of the key differentiators by mobile operators across the industry To keep up-to-date with the increased complexity of packages offered is a challenge Tariff...

July 2014
Mobile Wireless Research Subscription Mobile Wireless Research Subscription - Product Thumbnail Image

Mobile Wireless Research Subscription

The Mobile Insights market research subscription service provides critical analysis for the mobile and wireless needs of today's highly mobile enterprise and includes the following: Mobile Letter (weekly):...

July 2014

The Mobile Internet

The entire spectrum of wireless telecommunications has taken on a whole new complexion Starting with cellular mobile radio, wireless communications has ballooned to include wireless LANs, data links,...

July 2014

VoIP Monthly Newsletter

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) represents a major opportunity for carriers, manufacturers, suppliers and end users After several false starts, it now appears that the VoIP market is taking off...

July 2014

Wireless Satellite and Broadcasting Newsletter

The entire spectrum of wireless telecommunications has taken on a whole new complexion Satellite once considered only for long distance point-to-point transmission, is now being considered for international...

July 2014
Cable FAX Daily Cable FAX Daily - Product Thumbnail Image

Cable FAX Daily

In these rapidly changing times, every day brings new challenges, concerns and opportunities to cable and broadband executives In just minutes, CableFAX Daily provides timely and concise reporting of...

July 2014

Mobile Phone Shops (UK)

Plimsoll Publishing’s MOBILE PHONE SHOPS (UK) Analysis provides a detailed overview of the MOBILE PHONE SHOPS (UK) market and delivers a comprehensive individual analysis on the top 40 companies, including...

July 2014
Worldwide Cellular Networks and Handsets Research Service Worldwide Cellular Networks and Handsets Research Service - Product Thumbnail Image

Worldwide Cellular Networks and Handsets Research Service

Worldwide Cellular Networks and Handsets Research Service Developed by leading telecommunication industry analysts the worldwide cellular networks and handsets research service provide unique insights...

July 2014

Monthly Mobile & Wearable Biometrics Market Intelligence

A monthly market intelligence report of 20-40 pages covering the mobile & wearable biometrics industry that includes: - Industry and Market Activity - Company News including: - Sales activity - M&A...

July 2014

Cloud Security 2014: Companies and Solutions

Cloud security is the set of security protocols and technologies that protect the cloud resources and the integrity of data stored in a cloud computing environment Cloud security differs from traditional...

July 2014
Wearable Computing: Fitness and Health in Style (3Q 2014) Wearable Computing: Fitness and Health in Style (3Q 2014) - Product Thumbnail Image

Wearable Computing: Fitness and Health in Style (3Q 2014)

This report examines technologies, software, and platforms that drive the adoption of wearable medical and health tracking devices by consumers It focuses on how these devices interact with Web or mobile...

July 2014
Australia - Mobile Communications - Revenue Overview and Statistics Australia - Mobile Communications - Revenue Overview and Statistics - Product Thumbnail Image

Australia - Mobile Communications - Revenue Overview and Statistics

Overall mobile services revenue among MNOs continues to come under pressure from competition. Telstra and Optus into 2015 will be better placed to capitalise on their 700MHz concessions, and so further...

July 2014
Australia - Mobile Communications - Subscriber Statistics Australia - Mobile Communications - Subscriber Statistics - Product Thumbnail Image

Australia - Mobile Communications - Subscriber Statistics

The number of mobile subscribers continues to grow steadily, with mobile penetration reaching above 135% by mid-2014 as a significant proportion of subscribers make use of multiple phones or SIM cards,...

July 2014

M2M/IoT, Cloud, Big Data and Analytics: Market Dynamics and Opportunities

Technology and market advances in four separate, yet related, areas are poised to cause disintermediation as well as many market opportunities for companies across a broad spectrum within telecom and...

July 2014

Australia - Mobile Broadband Market - Insights and Analysis

This report provides data and analyses on Australia's developing mobile broadband market It covers a wide range of subjects including the 3G and 4G sectors, smartphones and devices, mCommerce, mobile...

July 2014
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