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Wireless Telecommunications

Wireless refers to the transmission of information using radio, microwave, etc as opposed to cable or wires. Wireless technology has a huge number of applications in different sectors, the most known by consumers being mobile phones. In the flamboyant world of the wireless technology there are plenty of business opportunities not to be missed.

All conceivable aspects of this technology and its cutting-edge applications are covered in the publications listed under Research and Markets’ Wireless Telecommunications category, including handsets and mobile devices, broadband wireless, 3G & 4G, SMS and MMS, mobile content, m-commerce, and much more. Our reports, books, and industry guides cover both marketing and technical aspects and are essential tools for engineers to track the latest developments or for decision-makers to formulate effective sales and marketing strategies.

Hundreds of players that are shaping today’s market are featured in our publications: wireless network operators, handset and equipment manufacturers, service providers, and software developers such as Apple, Google, LG, Nokia, Panasonic, Qualcomm, Samsung, ViewSonic, ZTE, Motorola, Huawei, Vodafone and many more. Show Less
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People Monitoring and Safety Solutions - 4th Edition

The key applications for people tracking solutions in the consumer and enterprise market segments include mobile workforce management, lone worker protection, family locators, pet locators and telecare...

Published:  April 2016
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Global Mobile Augmented Reality Market 2015-2019

About Mobile Augmented Reality Augmented reality is an emerging technology that permits the overlay of computer graphics on the real-world environment. It includes scanning the real-world environment...

Published:  April 2015
Price:  From

PMR Market in North America 2016-2020

About PMR Market in North America Professional mobile radio or private mobile radio (PMR) is widely used by enterprises and government organizations as a convenient means of communication. PMR...

Published:  March 2016
Price:  From

Indoor LBS Market in SEA 2016-2020

Market outlook of indoor LBS market in SEA The market research analyst predicts the indoor LBS market in SEA to grow at a CAGR of around 90% during the forecast period. Proximity-based mobile marketing...

Published:  December 2015
Price:  From

Global Mobile Wallet Market 2015-2019

About Mobile Wallet Mobile wallets are electronic accounts that enable people to manage their bank accounts through their cell phones. Their working is based on the NFC technology. They are considered...

Published:  March 2015
Price:  From

Android device base by Vendor, Handset Model, Region and Country Database Service

This service includes quarterly delivery of a database listing the total quantity of active android devices by handset model, region and country, as well as analyst enquires related to the database...

Published:  May 2015
Price:  From

Global 3G/4G Enabled Mobile Devices Market 2015-2019

About 3G/4G-enabled mobile devices The global 3G/4G-enabled mobile devices market is driven by smartphones, tablets, and data cards markets. 3G/4G technology is more advanced compared to 2G. This technology...

Published:  October 2015
Price:  From

Global Haptic Technology Market for Mobile Devices 2015-2019

About haptic technology Haptics or haptic technology is a tactile feedback technology that uses the sense of touch by applying forces and vibrations motions to a user. Through this technology, end-users...

Published:  October 2015
Price:  From

Global M-Commerce Market 2015-2019

About m-Commerce Mobile commerce or m-commerce, as it is widely called, is the buying or selling of goods over a mobile-enabled platform. The West, in particular, has been very proactive in adopting...

Published:  January 2015
Price:  From

Global IT Spending Market by Mobile Payment Service Providers 2015-2019

About IT spending by mobile payment service provider Proliferation of mobile devices has created a market for mobile payments. Mobile payments are transactions that can be carried out using mobile devices...

Published:  November 2015
Price:  From

Apple iPhone 6s Plus - Teardown & Physical Analyses of Key Components

The Apple iPhone 6s Plus holds many IC components which are listed and reviewed in the report. All these ICs (more than 60 references) have been opened in order to measure the real silicon area consumption....

Published:  November 2015

TD-LTE Ecosystem: 2015 – 2020 – Infrastructure, Devices, Subscriptions & Operator Revenue

FDD still remains the prevalent standard for LTE deployment as a natural progression path for GSM, W-CDMA and CDMA network operators. However, unpaired TDD spectrum costs significantly less per MHz/population...

Published:  February 2015
Price:  From

Global Instant Messaging Market 2015-2019

About instant messaging Instant messaging (IM) is a set of software applications bundled together to have real-time conversations, play games, and share photos, videos, or any documents via the internet....

Published:  October 2015
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A2P SMS Market, Services (Transactional [CRM, Interactive], Promotional [Marketing, Inquiry, Pushed content]), Verticals, Regions - Global Market Drivers, Opportunities, Trends, and Forecasts, 2016-2022

"A2P SMS Market, Services (Transactional [CRM, Interactive], Promotional [Marketing, Inquiry, Pushed content]), Verticals (BFSI, Retail, Telecom, Transport, Entertainment, Utilities), Regions - Global...

Published:  December 2015
Price:  From

Mobile Augmented Reality Market for Marketing and Advertising in the US 2015-2019

About augmented reality Augmented reality technology blends digital content with the physical world. It is used to display computer-generated images in a user’s field of vision and provide relevant...

Published:  September 2015
Price:  From

Global IPIN Market 2016-2020

Market outlook of the global IPIN market The author's market research analyst estimates factors like the increased awareness and improved efficiency of indoor location services to spur market growth...

Published:  December 2015
Price:  From

Global mPOS Market 2016-2020

Market outlook of the mPOS market The market research analyst predicts the global mPOS market to grow tremendously at a CAGR of 50% during the forecast period. The growing demand for mobile payments...

Published:  November 2015
Price:  From

mHealth and Home Monitoring – 7th Edition

How should the mobile industry address the vast business opportunity in wireless healthcare monitoring? The number of home monitoring devices on the global market with integrated cellular connectivity...

Published:  December 2015
Price:  From

Global Gesture Recognition Technology Market for Smartphones 2015-2019

About Gesture Recognition Gesture recognition refers to the ability of a device to identify and respond to the different gestures of an individual. Gesture recognition technology reduces the usage of...

Published:  July 2015
Price:  From

5G full Steam Ahead: Worldwide Initiatives, Technologies and Roadmap

This report provides its readers with the state of the art regarding the 5G project: - An overview and summary of the main international 5G initiatives - The main criteria 5G should fulfill (eg. reduced...

Published:  November 2015
Price:  From
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