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If you have a thirst for knowledge, browse Research and Market’s Humanities category: our assorted publications, ranging from the latest research of internationally acclaimed experts to must-read classics, cater for the needs of a wide variety of academics, researchers, and students.

Our listings include books, essays and articles in many disciplines, including Languages, Linguistics and Sociolinguistics, Literary criticism, Film studies, Sociology, History, Political Science, Economic Science, Anthropology, Gender Studies, Learning Theories, Human Rights and Visual Arts.
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Siegfried Kracauer. Key Contemporary Thinkers

This major new book offers a much-needed introduction to the work of Siegfried Kracauer, one of the main intellectual figures in the orbit of the Frankfurt School of Critical Theory. It is part of a...

February 2015

SST & Education Report: Ranked Set Sampling

Sample survey is an art to estimate population parameters by observing some units of the population. Scientists refer to it as “Miniature Population”. This, in turn, saves scarce resources that include...

February 2015

Sex in China. China Today

Sex in China introduces readers to some of the dramatic shifts that have taken place in Chinese sexual behaviours and attitudes, and public discussions of sex, since the 1980s. The book explores what...

February 2015

Contracting-out Welfare Services. Comparing National Policy Designs for Unemployment Assistance. Broadening Perspectives in Social Policy

Contracting-out Welfare Services focuses on the design and overhaul of welfare-to-work systems around the world in the light of the radical re-design of the welfare system; internationally based authors...

February 2015

Children and Media. A Global Perspective

Children and Media is the definitive overview of the intersection of children and media, which provides a sweeping picture of the field from the accumulated interdisciplinary and global literature of...

February 2015

Ethnicity in China: A Critical Introduction. China Today

On the global stage, China is often seen to be a homogenous nation when, in fact, it is a diverse multi-ethnic society, with 55 minority nationality groups recognized by the government. Scattered across...

February 2015

Media and Politics in a Globalizing World

Globalization and technological advances have had a dramatic impact on the relationship between media and politics. How can we understand the connection between the two in the present day? Alexa Robertson...

February 2015

Social Studies & Education Report: Cloud Computing through Mobile in Education

Internet has brought revolution in the field of information and communication technology. Wireless Communication has introduced hand-held cordless devices like mobile. Mobile has added many feathers...

February 2015

Violence and Society. Toward a New Sociology. Sociological Review Monographs

What is violence and how can we understand it sociologically? And is society becoming increasingly inured to acts of violent behaviour? Pushing beyond widely accepted sociological theories of the complexity...

January 2015

Globalised Minds, Roots in the City. Urban Upper-middle Classes in Europe. Studies in Urban and Social Change

Globalised Minds, Roots in the City utilises empirical evidence from four European cities to explore the role of urban upper middle classes in the transformations experienced by contemporary European...

January 2015

Globalization. A Basic Text. 2nd Edition

Updated to reflect recent global developments, the second edition of Globalization: A Basic Text presents an up-to-date introduction to major trends and topics relating to globalization studies. ...

January 2015

A Companion to Contemporary French Cinema. CNCZ - Wiley Blackwell Companions to National Cinemas

A Companion to Contemporary French Cinema presents a comprehensive collection of original essays addressing all aspects of French cinema from 1990 to the present day. -  Features original contributions...

January 2015

Creativity in Engineering. Explorations in Creativity Research

Creativity is like an iceberg - the resulting new idea, or novel solution is only 10% of the effort.  The other 90% is the complex interplay of thinking skills and strategies, personal and motivational...

January 2015

Evidence Found

Evidence Found: An Approach to Crime Scene Investigation is not another analysis of forensic errors using an "After the Fact" or "Lessons Learned" approach but a "Before the Fact" guide that examines...

January 2015

Psychology of Learning and Motivation, Vol 62

Psychology of Learning and Motivation publishes empirical and theoretical contributions in cognitive and experimental psychology, ranging from classical and instrumental conditioning to complex learning...

January 2015

Immigration and Population

Immigration is the primary cause of population change in developed countries and a major component of population change in many developing countries. This clear and perceptive text discusses how immigration...

January 2015

Sociology for Midwives

The study of sociology is now an essential part of all midwifery training, but it can often seem removed from the reality of midwifery practice. Midwives often ask: what is sociology? Why do I need...

January 2015

Anabolic Steroid Abuse in Public Safety Personnel

Anabolic Steroid Abuse in Public Safety Personnel: A Forensic Manual provides readers with information on both the history and overwhelming evidence relating to steroid abuse in the law enforcement...

January 2015

A Companion to Fritz Lang. Wiley Blackwell Companions to Film Directors

Fritz Lang's influence on cinema cannot be overstated, with a career that stretched from the silent era in Germany to the decline of the Hollywood studio system in the late 1950s, from the Weimar Republic...

January 2015

Child Abuse Investigation Field Guide

Children are suffering from a hidden epidemic of child abuse and neglect. Every year more than 3 million reports of child abuse are made in the United States involving more than 6 million children....

January 2015
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