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Engineering is at the cutting edge of human development in every sphere, from transport to communication, energy to avionics. Professionals need to keep up to date with the latest techniques and technologies in order to improve performance and capture new markets. We have the information resources that you need to grow professionally and don’t be left behind by your competitors.

Research and Markets’ Engineering category include a vast selection of the latest engineering journals, academic texts, scientific handbooks, market reports and other useful publications for professional engineers. From chemical engineering to the latest laser technology – we have it covered.

Civil engineers can find more publications of their interest in the Construction. IT and telecom engineering is covered in our Telecommunications and Computing category. For manuals and books about Industry Standards please visit the relevant category. Show Less
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Applied Electromagnetic Engineering

Series: Materials Science Forum, Volume 670 Selected, peer reviewed papers from the 6th Japanese-Mediterranean Workshop on Applied Electromagnetic Engineering for Magnetic Superconducting and Nano Materials,...

March 2011

Advances in Science and Engineering

Series: Applied Mechanics and Materials, Volumes 40 - 41 Selected, peer reviewed papers from the 2010 Wase Global Congress on Science Engineering, Yantai, China, November 27-28, 2010 This special collection...

March 2011
Advances in Critical Care Engineering Advances in Critical Care Engineering - Product Thumbnail Image

Advances in Critical Care Engineering

This book provides a representation of the new trends of fundamental and applied research on different aspects of engineering involved in critical care The main focus is on the state of the art, with...

March 2011

Lead-Free Solder Process Development

"Lead-free Solder Process Development," covers a list of key topics including: legislation, soldering fluxes, SMT, wave, rework, alloys, component finishes, reliability, EDXRF, and standards. It is...

March 2011

The Theory of Scintillation with Applications in Remote Sensing

In order to truly understand data signals transmitted by satellite, one must understand scintillation theory in addition to well established theories of EM wave propagation and scattering. Scintillation...

March 2011
North American Electrical Equipment Market for Oil and Gas North American Electrical Equipment Market for Oil and Gas - Product Thumbnail Image

North American Electrical Equipment Market for Oil and Gas

This study is a part of four part series that provides market analyzes on electrical equipment by energy equipment The objective of this study is to provide a detailed analysis of the North American...

February 2011

Beispiele zur Bemessung nach Eurocode 2

As an introduction to building design according to Eurocode 2, the German Association for Concrete and Construction Technology is offering a collection of twelve fully calculated examples.

February 2011

Mauerwerk-Kalender 2011. Mauerwerk-Kalender (VCH) *

Proven and new: practical compendium for masonry for 35 years and counting: basics, examples, code commentaries – current and firsthand. Focus for 2011: Sustainable building products and structures

February 2011

Planen und Bauen mit Trapezprofilen und Sandwichelementen. Band 2: Konstruktionsatlas

Building using thin–walled structural element is an independent industrial type of construction and industrial buildings are impossible to image without trapezoidal profiles and sandwich elements. A...

February 2011

Green Polymerization Methods. Renewable Starting Materials, Catalysis and Waste Reduction

Designing polymers and developing polymerization processes that are safe, prevent pollution, and are more efficient in the use of materials and engergy is an important topic in modern chemistry. Today,...

February 2011

Alles über Strom. So funktioniert Alltagselektronik. Erlebnis Wissenschaft

Keine Frage: Unser Alltag steht unter Strom. Ob wir am Strand mit einem Freund telefonieren, am Rechner die Projektplanung für das nächste Quartal erstellen oder die Live-Übertragung der Amtseinführung...

February 2011

Biosensor Nanomaterials

Biosensors are devices that detect the presence of microbials such as bacteria, viruses or a range biomolecules, including proteins, enzymes, DNA and RNA. For example, they are routinely applied for...

February 2011

Nanotechnology in the Agri-Food Sector

Providing an overview of nanotechnology in the context of agriculture and food science, this monograph covers topics such as nano-applications in teh agri-food sector, as well as the social and ethical...

February 2011

Advances in Speckle Metrology and Related Techniques

Speckle metrology includes various optical techniques that are based on the speckle fields generated by reflection from a rough surface or by transmission through a rough diffuser. These techniques...

February 2011

Wörterbuch Elektrotechnik, Energie- und Automatisierungstechnik / Dictionary of Electrical Engineering, Power Engineering and Automation

This dictionary is the standard work for translators, engineers, and technical writers requiring a comprehensive and reliable compilation of terms from the fields of power generation, transmission and...

February 2011
Global GIS Engineering Applications Market 2010-2014 Global GIS Engineering Applications Market 2010-2014 - Product Thumbnail Image

Global GIS Engineering Applications Market 2010-2014

Due to the increasing demand from the engineering industries across sectors, geographic information systems (GIS) are being extensively adopted in engineering applications Among the engineering applications...

February 2011

An Introduction to TTCN-3. 2nd Edition

This unique book provides a fully revised and up-to-date treatment of the TTCN-3 language TTCN-3 is an internationally standardised test language with a powerful textual syntax which has established...

February 2011

Algorithms in Computational Molecular Biology. Techniques, Approaches and Applications. Wiley Series in Bioinformatics

This book represents the most comprehensive and up-to-date collection of information on the topic of computational molecular biology. Bringing the most recent research into the forefront of discussion,...

February 2011

Introduction to Dislocations. Edition No. 5

Dislocations are defects in the crystal structure of important engineering materials, such as metals, ceramics and semi-conductors, that strongly influence the properties of these materials. Research...

February 2011

Evidence and Procedures for Boundary Location. 6th Edition

Professional surveyors and many civil engineers must understand the laws of boundaries and the evidence necessary for efficient and accurate boundary determination. This new edition of the preeminent...

February 2011
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