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Engineering is at the cutting edge of human development in every sphere, from transport to communication, energy to avionics. Professionals need to keep up to date with the latest techniques and technologies in order to improve performance and capture new markets. We have the information resources that you need to grow professionally and don’t be left behind by your competitors.

Research and Markets’ Engineering category include a vast selection of the latest engineering journals, academic texts, scientific handbooks, market reports and other useful publications for professional engineers. From chemical engineering to the latest laser technology – we have it covered.

Civil engineers can find more publications of their interest in the Construction. IT and telecom engineering is covered in our Telecommunications and Computing category. For manuals and books about Industry Standards please visit the relevant category. Show Less
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Autonomic Network Management Principles

Autonomic networking aims to solve the mounting problems created by increasingly complex networks, by enabling devices and service-providers to decide, preferably without human intervention, what to...

December 2010

Rudolph Glossop and the Rise of Geotechnology

Rudolph Glossop made a unique contribution to the early development of both geotechnical engineering and engineering geology and this volume presents a fascinating and revealing perspective on his involvement...

December 2010
Principles of Naval Architecture Series: Intact Stability Principles of Naval Architecture Series: Intact Stability - Product Thumbnail Image

Principles of Naval Architecture Series: Intact Stability

During the twenty years that have elapsed since publication of the previous edition of this book, there have been remarkable advances in the art, science and practice of the design and construction...

December 2010

Advances in Engineering Design and Optimization

Series: Applied Mechanics and Materials, Volumes 37 - 38 Selected, peer-reviewed papers from the International Conference on Engineering Design and Optimization (ICEDO 2010), 28-30 October 2010, Ningbo,...

December 2010

Mechanical Engineering and Green Manufacturing

Series: Applied Mechanics and Materials, Volumes 34 - 35 Selected, peer reviewed papers from the International Conference on Mechanical Engineering and Green Manufacturing (MEGM) 2010, November 19-22,...

December 2010

Introduction to Structural Aluminium Design

This book deals with the use of aluminium for structural and non-structural applications and provides an introduction to designing structures made from aluminium or aluminium alloy elements It comprises...

December 2010

Elasticity in Engineering Mechanics. 3rd Edition

Elasticity in Engineering Mechanics has been prized by many aspiring and practicing engineers as an easy-to-navigate guide to an area of engineering science that is fundamental to aeronautical, civil,...

December 2010

Chemical Engineering in the Pharmaceutical Industry. R&D to Manufacturing

This book deals with various unique elements in the drug development process within chemical engineering science and pharmaceutical R&D. The book is intended to be used as a professional reference and...

November 2010
The Russian Market of Sanitary Engineering Products: Mixer Taps, Taps, and Disposables The Russian Market of Sanitary Engineering Products: Mixer Taps, Taps, and Disposables - Product Thumbnail Image

The Russian Market of Sanitary Engineering Products: Mixer Taps, Taps, and Disposables

The dynamics of production of all types of water sanitary engineering products for the last 10 years has been very unstable The growth was changed by decline and vice versa In 2009, the decrease of...

November 2010

Constructing Futures. Industry leaders and futures thinking in construction

There is growing interest in future scenario planning of the construction industry but a disconnect between thinking about the future at the policy-making level and implementing real change. Constructing...

November 2010

Introduction to Organic Semiconductor Heterojunctions

It is well known that most important electronic devices use Schottky junctions and heterojunctions. Unfortunately there is not an advanced book introducing heterojunctions systematically. Introduction...

November 2010

VoIP Emergency Calling. Foundations and Practice

This book provides a comprehensive view of the emerging standards for VoIP emergency calling from an International perspective In this book, the authors provide a treatment of the VoIP emergency...

November 2010

Chemical Biophysics. Quantitative Analysis of Cellular Systems. Cambridge Texts in Biomedical Engineering

Chemical Biophysics provides an engineering-based approach to biochemical system analysis for graduate-level courses on systems biology, computational bioengineering and molecular biophysics. It is...

November 2010

Modern Chemical Enhanced Oil Recovery

Crude oil development and production in U.S. oil reservoirs can include up to three distinct phases: primary, secondary, and tertiary (or enhanced) recovery. During primary recovery, the natural pressure...

November 2010

Beton-Kalender 2011. Beton-Kalender (VCH) *

Structures for power generation are being designed and built at local, regional and international scales ? the title provides the necessary knowledge for planning and design. Also: fibre–reinforced...

November 2010

Industrial Tribology. Tribosystems, Friction, Wear and Surface Engineering, Lubrication

Integrating very interesting results from the most important R & D project ever made in Germany, this book offers a basic understanding of tribological systems and the latest developments in reduction...

November 2010

Biomechanics of Hard Tissues

This monograph assembles expert knowledge on the latest biomechanical modeling and testing of hard tissues, coupled with a concise introduction to the structural and physical properties of bone and...

November 2010

Modern Methods of Crystal Structure Prediction

Gathering leading specialists in the field of structure prediction, this book provides a unique view of this complex and rapidly developing field, reflecting the numerous viewpoints of the different...

November 2010

Complex Metallic Alloys. Fundamentals and Applications

Covering fundamental research as well as real-world applications, this first book on CMAs at an introductory level treats everything from atomistic details to surface processing. Comprehensive, self-contained...

November 2010

Wireless Communications. 2nd Edition. Wiley - IEEE

"Professor Andreas F. Molisch, renowned researcher and educator, has put together the comprehensive book, Wireless Communications. The second edition, which includes a wealth of new material on important...

November 2010
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