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Tight control of budgets and spending is even more important in challenging times. Save time and money with the reports and books listed under Research and Markets’ Accounting category. They provide detailed analysis of every aspect of this multi-faceted market, including accounting software, outsourced accounting, payroll, auditing, private accounting services and public accounting. Explore where the demand is, and the outlook for the accounting industry.

Key players in today’s market are featured in our publications, including the world’s giants PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), Deloitte, KPMG and Ernst & Young.

Accounting professionals will find in our publications hundreds of helpful products, ranging from webinars tackling specific issues, to professional development guides and exam preparation material. Show Less
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Accountants (France)

Plimsoll Publishing’s ACCOUNTANTS (France) Analysis provides a detailed overview of the ACCOUNTANTS (France) market and delivers a comprehensive individual analysis on the top 1500 companies, including...

January 2015

The Art of RF (Riba-Free) Islamic Banking and Finance. Tools and Techniques for Community-Based Banking. 2nd Edition. Wiley Finance

Updated and expanded insights into Islamic banking and finance From Yahia Abdul-Rahman-the father of Riba-Free (RF) banking-comes the expanded edition of the definitive resource that offers an understanding...

December 2014

Corporate and Project Finance Modeling. Theory and Practice. Wiley Finance

A clear and comprehensive guide to financial modeling and valuation with extensive case studies and practice exercises Corporate and Project Finance Modeling takes a clear, coherent approach to a...

December 2014

Bond Math. The Theory Behind the Formulas, + Website. 2nd Edition. Wiley Finance

A bond calculation quick reference, complete with context and application insights Bond Math is a quick and easy resource that puts the intricacies of bond calculations into a clear and logical order....

December 2014

Fight Back. 81 Ways to Help You Save Money and Protect Yourself from Corporate Trickery

Money-saving advice from Canada's leading consumer advocate In this book Ellen Roseman distills the financial advice she gives in her columns and blogs into 81 quick tips that all Canadians can use...

December 2014

How to Eat an Elephant. Achieving Financial Success One Bite at a Time

Take control of your personal finances—one bite at a time Getting your financial house in order is a big job. At first, you might even feel like you've bitten off more than you can chew. But don't...

December 2014

The Alpha Masters. Unlocking the Genius of the World's Top Hedge Funds

The ultimate behind-the-curtain look at the hedge fund industry, unlocking the most valuable stories, secrets, and lessons directly from those who have played the game best. Written by Maneet Ahuja,...

December 2014

Driving Sustainability to Business Success. The DS FactorManagement System Integration and Automation. Wiley Corporate F&A

Efficient, compliant management systems pave the road to sustainability through integration and automation The book addresses the many definitions of sustainability and why CEOs need the links between...

December 2014

Wiley GAAP 2015. Interpretation and Application of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles 2015. Wiley Regulatory Reporting

The quick, complete, cross-referenced GAAP guide, with illustrations, explanations, and examples Wiley GAAP 2015 contains the most comprehensive coverage of all GAAP pronouncements in a single volume,...

December 2014

Being Right or Making Money. 3rd Edition

STAY A STEP AHEAD OF THE MARKETS BY REJECTING GUESSES ABOUT THE FUTURE AND TRUSTING TECHNIQUES THAT WORK Today there are as many investment opinions as there are people. But as many a scorned investor...

December 2014

The Global Expatriate's Guide to Investing. From Millionaire Teacher to Millionaire Expat

Exploit your offshore status to build a robust investment portfolio Most of the world's 200 million expats float in stormy seas. Few can contribute to their home country social programs. They're...

December 2014

Chinese Securities Companies. An Analysis of Economic Growth, Financial Structure Transformation, and Future Development. Wiley Finance

Extraordinary opportunities for China's major financial services providers Over the past three decades, China has attained and solidified its position as the world's second-largest economy. There...

December 2014

Implementing Enterprise Risk Management. Case Studies and Best Practices. Robert W. Kolb Series

Overcome ERM implementation challenges by taking cues from leading global organizations Implementing Enterprise Risk Management is a practical guide to establishing an effective ERM system by applying...

December 2014

2015 Worldwide Offices of Certified Public Accountants Industry-Industry & Market Report

The 2015 Worldwide Offices of Certified Public Accountants Industry-Industry & Market Report contains timely and accurate industry statistics, forecasts and demographics. NEW for 2015! 14 more countries...

December 2014
2015 U.S. Offices of Certified Public Accountants Industry-Capital & Expenses Report 2015 U.S. Offices of Certified Public Accountants Industry-Capital & Expenses Report - Product Thumbnail Image

2015 U.S. Offices of Certified Public Accountants Industry-Capital & Expenses Report

The 2015 U.S. Offices of Certified Public Accountants Industry-Capital & Expenses Report contains timely and accurage industry statistics, forecasts and demographics. The report features 2015 current...

December 2014

The Accredited Counter Fraud Specialist Handbook

The most complete, step-by-step guide to the ACFS qualification The Accredited Counter Fraud Specialist Handbook is the only guide designed to support all mandatory elements of the ACFS qualification,...

December 2014

An End to the Bull. Cut Through the Noise to Develop a Sustainable Trading Career

Go beyond technical analysis tools with this comprehensive look at trading analysis Strategies for successful trading analysis for all markets are out there, but they're not often found in books...

December 2014
Finance Finance - Product Thumbnail Image


Many students want an introduction to finance. Those who are quantitatively-oriented learners can benefit in particular from an introduction that puts more emphasis on mathematics and graphical presentations...

December 2014

Top Stocks 2015. A Sharebuyer's Guide to Leading Australian Companies

The best-selling guide to Australia's top stocks, updated for 2015 Top Stocks 2015: A Sharebuyer's Guide to Leading Australian Companies is the definitive guide to the best stocks to buy on the Australian...

December 2014

Measurement Madness. Recognizing and Avoiding the Pitfalls of Performance Measurement

Measurement Madness "What a refreshing read instead of another manual on how to design and deploy measurement systems, this book looks at the real issues associated with measurement and how to...

December 2014
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