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2011 witnessed the largest decline in global oil production since 1982. Economist Jeff Rubin predicted that the price of crude would hit $100 again by the fourth quarter of 2012. Is he right? How can companies be profitable in a scenario dominated by stripping supply, economic downturn, and environmental issues? Strategic planning is essential, and it can’t be done without in-depth knowledge and reliable data.

The publications listed under Research and Markets’ Oil category can provide you with unparalleled industry market research in breadth and depth, covering both oil exploration and production and oil field equipment manufacturing.

From global industry guides with historical data and forecasts to quarterly updated reports on a single country, from market overviews to analysis focused on specific topics such as state regulation or the progress in developing the oil reserve system in a particular country, our publications cover all the aspects that you need to consider to make informed business decisions.

You will find a wealth of information on the key players worldwide, such as ExxonMobil, PetroChina, Royal Dutch Shell, Chevron, Petrobras-Petróleo Brasil, British Petroleum, Gazprom, ENI, and Sinopec-China Petroleum. Learn from these giants’ performance and plan your own winning strategy. Show Less
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Papua New Guinea Oil and Gas Report Q2 2014

BMI View: The first LNG deliveries from Papua New Guinea's ExxonMobil-led PNG LNG facility, the country's first gas export project, are expected as scheduled in H2 2014. There continues to be new proposals...

February 2014

Pakistan Oil and Gas Report Q2 2014

BMI View: Gas shortages continue to loom in Pakistan as the country awaits the development of required import infrastructure. With struggling production, a limited potential for significant increases...

February 2014

Malaysia Oil and Gas Report Q2 2014

BMI View: Malaysia's upstream segment could see good days ahead in the short-to-medium term as the completion of both greenfield and brownfield developments brings new volumes of oil and gas online....

February 2014

Czech Republic Petrochemicals Report Q2 2014

The Czech petrochemicals industry is set for a recovery in 2014 in line with growth in key domestic plastic and chemicals converters, which primarily serve export markets. However, BMI's latest Czech...

February 2014

Thailand Oil and Gas Report Q2 2014

BMI View: Thailand remains driven by a strong demand growth for both oil and gas which far outweigh domestic production. With no scope for the country to become self sufficient, it will be critical...

February 2014

Azerbaijan Petrochemicals Report Q2 2014

Azerbaijan continues to progress with plans to build a refinery and petrochemicals complex to add value to the country's considerable energy reserves and rising gas output. While the complex is planned...

February 2014

Ecuador Oil and Gas Report Q2 2014

BMI View: Ecuador, long a laggard for petroleum investment due to its above-ground risk profile, can be expected to make modest near-term gains in production. However, the incremental uptick in production...

February 2014

India Oil and Gas Report Q2 2014

BMI View: Q2 2014 should see some significant changes in the Indian oil and gas sector. Firstly, the government set gas price will double to US$8.4/mnBTU on April 1 creating greater incentive to invest...

February 2014

Oil and Gas Energy Markets in China

China's demand for oil and gas energy has grown at a fast pace in the past decade In the next five years, both production and demand will continue to grow This new study examines China's economic trends,...

February 2014

Industrial Automation Market for the European Oil and Gas Industry—Key Insights

This research service is a key insight that analyses future trends in the European industrial automation market as well as the process control (IPC) market for the oil and gas industry This service...

February 2014

United Arab Emirates Petrochemicals Report Q2 2014

Growth in the UAE's petrochemicals capacity comes in the midst of a slowdown caused by increased Asian self-sufficiency. Unless external markets recover, BMI's latest UAE Petrochemicals Report warns...

February 2014

South Africa Petrochemicals Report Q2 2014

BMI View: The South African petrochemicals industry is struggling with poor domestic demand conditions, deteriorating risk and a volatile exchange rate. Margins are coming under pressure with the depreciation...

February 2014

Hong Kong Oil and Gas Report Q2 2014

BMI View: With no domestic energy resources, Hong Kong faces the challenge of meeting growing oil and gas demand through imports alone. Having mainland China at its doorstep helps, as the outlook for...

February 2014

Egypt Petrochemicals Report Q2 2014

BMI View: The Egyptian petrochemicals industry is beginning to make tentative steps towards expansion in spite of lingering uncertainty under the interim government. While the risks are high, the local...

February 2014

Iran Petrochemicals Report Q2 2014

The Iranian petrochemicals industry is set to receive a major boost in exports, putting up a major challenge to its Arabian Gulf rivals. However, BMI's latest Iran Petrochemicals report warns that the...

February 2014

Kuwait Petrochemicals Report Q2 2014

No major expansion is expected in the Kuwaiti petrochemical sector until 2017 when Olefins III will boost ethylene capacity to 3.1mn tonnes per annum (tpa), while polyethylene will nearly double to...

February 2014

Saudi Arabia Petrochemicals Report Q2 2014

Saudi Arabia's petrochemicals sector is the country's fastest growing and most significant industrial sector after crude oil production and is set to become ever more important as producers diversify...

February 2014

Qatar Petrochemicals Report Q2 2014

BMI View: The Qatari petrochemicals industry is witnessing strong growth as capacity expands, even in the face of a global economic slowdown and threats of escalating feedstock costs. Continued growth...

February 2014

Turkmenistan Oil and Gas Report Q2 2014

BMI View: Upstream interest in Turkmenistan's growing gas reserves remains strong, with foreign players, particularly China, eager to gain access to the country's lucrative gas fields. The energy relationship...

February 2014

Trinidad and Tobago Oil and Gas Report Q2 2014

BMI View: We have modestly revised up our average hydrocarbon production growth forecasts for Trinidad & Tobago (T&T), from 0.7% year-on-year (y-o-y) over the next decade to 1.2% y-o-y for oil, and...

February 2014
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