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Transport and Shipping

In the global Transport and Shipping industry a growing sector is represented by intelligent, smart grid connecting transport systems that reduce energy consumption by aircraft, by rail, mass transit and automobiles. In this industry emerging countries are growing fast, with global acceptance of China as the top future market, but mature markets such as Germany and the US remain healthy.

Assess future market values with our research publications. We can provide essential marketing information for decision-makers, including global overviews and trends, local market analyses with historic data and forecasts, and company profiles.

In order to help you find quickly the research that best suits your need, the extensive coverage of Transport and Shipping sub-category has been divided into five groups: Automotive, Aviation, Aerospace, Maritime, and Rail.

Automotive includes Cars, Motorcycles, Trucks, Buses, Vans, and Hybrid Vehicles. Not only final products are featured, but also automotive parts (brakes, tyres, batteries, filters, exhausts, auto interiors), and electronic components, manufacturing, repair, dealers, auto finance, leasing, rental, insurance, aftermarket, in-car entertainment, and car fleets. Show Less
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Dump Truck/Body & Dump Trailer Manufacturing in North America: Size, Shares, Segmentation, Competitors, Channels & Trends Underlying the Manufacture of Dump Truck/Bodies & Dump Trailers

The manufacture of on-highway dump trucks and trailers is a complicated process, involving chassis producers, body fabricators, intermediate manufacturers of hydraulic equipment and final assemblers,...

Published:  January 2016
Price:  From

Global Light Vehicle Fans & Blowers Market - Passenger Cars and Light Commercial Vehicles

Fans form the main component of engine cooling systems while blowers are heart of the vehicle HVAC systems. Global demand for fans and blowers in light vehicles is directly correlated to the production...

Published:  November 2015
Price:  From

Mooring Systems Market by Application, by Anchorage, by Mooring type, by Depth, & by Region - Global Trends & Forecast to 2020

"Mooring Systems Market by Application (FPSO, TLP, SPAR, Semi-submersible and FLNG), by Anchorage (DEA, VLA, and Suction), by Mooring type (Spread, SPM, DP, and Tendon), by Depth (Shallow & Deep/Ultra-deep),...

Published:  January 2016
Price:  From

Traffic Management Market by Solutions (ELV, Full Pedestrian, Led Signals & Retrofit Solutions, Intersection Controllers Parking Space and Toll Management), Detection (AGPVD, Loop Detection & CCTV and ANPR), & by Region - Global forecast to 2020

Environmental concerns, rapid urbanization and population explosion, and demand for real-time information are some of the factors driving the traffic management system market. The report aims at...

Published:  January 2016
Price:  From

Automotive NVH Materials Market by Type (Rubbers, Thermoplastic Polymers, and Engineering Resins), Application (Absorption and Insulation), Vehicle Type (Cars, LCV, HCV, and Bus) and Regional Analysis - Global Forecast to 2020

Increased demand of cars and government’s regulations to drive the demand for automotive NVH materials. The global automotive NVH materials market is projected to reach USD 11.6 billion by 2020,...

Published:  January 2016
Price:  From

Car Safety Market by System Type (Active Safety & Passive Safety), Safety Regulations by Region (APAC, Europe, North America & Rest of the World), Impact Analysis (Overall Market OEM, Tier I & Consumer) - Trends & Forecast to 2020

Passenger safety regulations are a set of guidelines/protocols for automotive component/vehicle design, manufacturing equipment, and safety systems. The primary objective of these regulations is to...

Published:  January 2016
Price:  From

Automotive Catalytic Converter Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2015 - 2021

This market research study analyzes the automotive catalytic converter market on global basis and provides estimates in terms of revenue (USD billion) from 2015 to 2021. It identifies the drivers and...

Published:  October 2015
Price:  From

Smart Airports - Global Strategic Business Report

This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Smart Airports in terms of Annual Spending (US$ Million) by the following Airport Applications: Terminal-Side, and Others. Also, the Global market is further...

Published:  November 2015
Price:  From

Electric Vehicle Traction Motors, Belt Driven & Integrated Starter Generators 2016-2026

Boost recuperation machines, motor generators, BSG, ISG for 48V MH, strong hybrid, pure electric, EIV: land, water, air. As vehicles electrify to meet new emissions laws and improve economy and function...

Published:  April 2016
Price:  From

Growth Opportunities for Superalloys in the Global Aerospace Industry 2015-2020: Trends, Forecast, and Opportunity Analysis

According to this new market report, the future of superalloys in the aerospace market looks positive with opportunities in commercial, regional jet, general aviation, helicopter, and military aircraft...

Published:  January 2016
Price:  From

The Global Car Rental Industry 2016-2021: Trends, Forecast and Opportunity Analysis 2016

According to a new market report, the future of the global car rental industry looks good with opportunities in the on-airport and off-airport market segment. The global car rental industry is forecast...

Published:  February 2016
Price:  From

Future Powertrains 2016-2036 - Land Vehicle Powertrain Design, Component Trends, Markets, 48V MH, Strong Hybrid, Pure Electric, EIV

The unique report is almost entirely based on the very latest information gathered and interpreted in 2016. Only a global up-to-date view makes sense in this fast-moving subject. Therefore the multilingual...

Published:  March 2016
Price:  From

Mild Hybrid 48V Vehicles 2016-2031 - Market Forecasts and Technology Roadmaps for Cars, Trucks and Other Vehicles

This unique report is presented in very detailed wide format slides. Only a global up-to-date view makes sense in this fast-moving subject. Therefore the multilingual PhD level analysts have travelled...

Published:  April 2016
Price:  From

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) Market Analysis - By Modules (ACC, TPMS, BSD, LDWS, FCMS, AEB); By Sensors (Image, RADAR, Laser); By Vehicle (Passenger, LCV, HCV) - With Forecast (2015 - 2020)

Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) have been one of the remarkable breakthroughs in designing applications for advanced safety in automobiles. ADAS is an array of systems and subsystems that incorporates...

Published:  February 2016
Price:  From

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Market - By Product Type (Fixed Wing, Rotary Wing); By End User (Commercial, Consumer); By End User Applications (Agriculture, Law enforcement, Survey, Others)- Forecast 2020

Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) also known as Drones are air vehicles which do not carry a human operator, instead they are operated remotely or fly autonomously. Unmanned aerial vehicles has been around...

Published:  February 2016
Price:  From

Automotive Balance Shaft Market by Engine Type, Manufacturing Process, & by Region - Industry Trends & Forecast to 2020

Automotive Balance Shaft Market by Engine Type (Inline-3 Cylinder, Inline-4 Cylinder, Inline-5 Cylinder, and V-6 Cylinder), Manufacturing Process (Forged and Cast Balance Shaft), & by Region - Industry...

Published:  June 2015
Price:  From

Aircraft Seat Actuation Systems Market by Seat Type, by Actuator Type, by Mechanism Type, by Geography - Forecast & Analysis to 2015-2020

"Aircraft Seat Actuation Systems Market by Seat Type (First Class, Business Class, Premium Economy Class, Economy Class), by Actuator Type (Electro-mechanical, Others), by Mechanism Type (Linear, Rotary),...

Published:  July 2015
Price:  From

Electronic Toll Collection System Market by Type, Product, Technology, Application, and Geography - Analysis & Forecast (2014-2020)

Electronic Toll Collection System Market by Type (ETC and AET), Product (AVI and AVC), Technology (RFID, DSRC, Video Analytics, and GNSS/GPS), Application (Highway and Urban) and Geography - Analysis...

Published:  June 2015
Price:  From

Australia Intelligent Transport System (ITS) Market by Application, System (ATMS, ATIS, ITS- Enabled Transportation Pricing System, APTS and CVO), and Territory (New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia, Rest of Australia) - Forecast

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) is a combination of information and communication technologies used in transportation and traffic management systems, to improve the safety, efficiency, and...

Published:  July 2015
Price:  From

Electrocoating (E-Coat) Market by Type, by Application & By Region - Global Forecasts to 2020

"Electrocoating (E-Coat) Market by Type (Cathodic Epoxy, Cathodic Acrylic, Anodic), by Application (Passenger Cars, Commercial Vehicles, Automotive Parts & Accessories, Heavy Duty Equipment, Appliances,...

Published:  August 2015
Price:  From
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