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Government and public sector spans a huge range of human activity: education, taxation, legislation, economics, politics, defence, transport, communications, housing, energy and much, much more. Public spending in all countries has been rising steadily for over a hundred years, but due to large fiscal deficits and rising public debt in many countries we are witnessing financial management reforms aimed at a return to a sustainable level of public spending. Austerity seems to be an imperative, as even Canada, one of the world’s most resource-rich country, has recently been subjected to radical budget cuts.

What will be the next fiscal policies and how will they affect the economy? Get behind the sound bites and headlines for detailed analysis of the actions and inaction of states and public bodies around the world. We provide thousands of reports, books, journals and assorted publication formats covering the latest and biggest issues in this crucial sector. Your organisation’s dealings with the public sector will benefit tremendously from having a keen grasp of the latest trends, facts and statistics. Show Less
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