Competitive Analysis of U.S. Pharmaceutical Industry, 2011

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This report is a detailed analysis of leading pharmaceutical companies in the U.S. pharmaceutical industry. Key players analysed in the report are – Pfizer, Merck, AstraZeneca, Novartis and Eli Lilly.

Comparative analysis of companies is done on the basis of their sales and profits and other financial information. Detailed ratio analysis compares these companies on the basis of their revenue growth, profitability, efficiency, financial strength and investment returns.

This report also presents a brief profile and SWOT analysis of these companies along with their financial analysis and ratio analysis vis-à-vis industry. Lastly, this report analyses the M&A activity in the U.S. Pharmaceutical Industry in recent years.

Key Report Takeaways
- U.S. healthcare spending in 2010 was US$2.3 trillion or 16% of GDP, more than any other country in the world. United States is the largest pharmaceutical market globally, with 2010 sales of US$307 billion or 40% of global sales.
- In 2010, U.S. pharmaceutical sales grew at 2. 3%; and since 2001 market has grown at a CAGR of 6. 6%. Pharmaceutical sales in the United States are expected to reach US$328 billion READ MORE >

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1. Introduction
1.1. Key Takeaways
1.2. Research Methodology
1.3. Industry Definition

2. U.S. Healthcare Sector

3. Industry Overview
3.1. Global Pharmaceutical Industry
3.2. U.S. Pharmaceutical Industry
3.3. Industry Segmentation
3.3.1. Oncologies
3.3.2. Respiratory
3.3.3. Lipid Regulators
3.3.4. Anti-Diabetes
3.3.5. Anti-Psychotic
3.4. Industry Forecast

4. Generic Drugs Market Assessment
4.1. Legislative Origin of Generic Drugs
4.2. Generic Drug Pricing
4.3. Generic Industry Trends
4.4. API Manufacturing Industry

5. Distribution and Supply Chain Analysis
5.1. Pharmaceutical Manufacturers
5.2. Wholesale Distributors
5.3. Pharmacies
5.4. Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs)

6. Trend Analysis
6.1. Generics Market Continues to Evolve
6.2. Soaring Prices of Branded Prescription Drugs
6.3. Growth in R&D Spending
6.4. Growing Pharmaceutical Outsourcing Market
6.5. Focus on Pharmerging or Emerging Markets
6.6. Growing Trends towards IT Outsourcing

7. Growth Drivers and Constraints
7.1. Patents and Intellectual Property Rights
7.2. Competition from International Players
7.3. Industry Consolidation
7.4. Aging Populations
7.5. Technological Developments
7.6. Changing Consumer Profile and Decreasing Influence
7.7. Liability Issues
7.8. Corporate Social Responsibility

8. Government Policies and Regulations
8.1. Healthcare Reforms of 2010
8.2. Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010
8.3. Expanded & Improved Medicare for All Act (H.R. 676)
8.4. FDA Approvals Process
8.5. Drug Price Competition and Patent Term Restoration Act
8.6. Regulation for Drug Distribution
8.7. Import and Re-Import of Prescription Drugs

9. Competitive Landscape
9.1. Competition Overview
9.2. Analysis of Key Players
9.2.1. Pfizer Inc.
9.2.2. Merck & Co., Inc.
9.2.3. AstraZeneca Plc
9.2.4. Novartis AG
9.2. 5. Eli Lilly & Co.

10. Mergers & Acquisitions Assessment

List of Figures

Figure 1: Global Pharmaceutical Industry Size in USD Billion, 2000-2010
Figure 2: Market Share of Leading Pharmaceutical Markets, 2009
Figure 3: U.S. Pharmaceutical Industry Size in USD Billion, 2001-2010
Figure 4: U.S. Sales Volume of Oral Standard Units and Injectable Standard Units, 2006-2010
Figure 5: U.S. Prescriptions Pharmaceutical Volume Sales in Billion, 2001-2010
Figure 6: U.S. Pharmaceutical Industry by Leading Therapy Classes, 2010
Figure 7: U.S. Sales of Oncolocgy Drugs in USD Billion, 2006-2010
Figure 8: U.S. Sales of Respiratory Drugs in USD Billion, 2006-2010
Figure 9: U.S. Sales of Lipid Regulating Drugs in USD Billion, 2006-2010
Figure 10: U.S. Sales of Anti-Diabetes Drugs in USD Billion, 2006-2010
Figure 11: U.S. Sales of Anti-Psychotic Drugs in USD Billion, 2006-2010
Figure 12: Forecast for U.S. Pharmaceutical Industry in USD Billion, 2006-2015
Figure 13: Change in Average Relative Price of Drug with Increase in Generic Competition
Figure 14: U.S. Generic Drugs Market in USD Billion, 2005-2010
Figure 15: Shipment of Drugs Through the Supply Chain (% of Dollar Value)
Figure 16: Top Pharmaceutical Wholesale Distributors, by Revenue in USD Billion, 2010
Figure 17: Market Share of U.S. Pharmaceutical Sales by Retail Channel, 2010
Figure 18: Market Share of U.S. Prescription Drugs Sales Volume by Retail Channel, 2006-2010

List of Tables
Table 1: Top 15 Therapeutic Classes by Prescriptions Dispensed Volume in Million, 2006-2010
Table 2: Top 20 Drugs by U.S. Sales in USD Billion, 2006-2010
Table 3: U.S. Pharmaceutical Companies by Sales in USD Billion, 2006-2010
Table 4: Pfizer’s Revenues by Business Segments and Geographic Areas, 2008-2010
Table 5: Pfizer’s Revenue for Biopharmaceutical Segment, 2008-2010
Table 6: Pfizer’s Revenues of Major Drugs, 2008-2010
Table 7: Merck’s Pharmaceutical Revenues by Therapeutic Areas and Products, 2008-2010
Table 8: AstraZeneca’s Revenue by Therapeutic Area and Products, 2008-2010
Table 9: Novartis’ Revenues by Therapeutic Areas and Products, 2009-2010
Table 10: Eli Lilly’s Revenue by Products, 2009-2010
Table 11: Eli Lilly’s Revenue by Therapeutic Areas, 2008-2010
Table 12: Summary of M&A Activity in Global Pharmaceutical Industry, 2010
Table 13: Major M&A Deals in U.S. Pharmaceutical Industry, 2009-2010
Table 14: Forecast of Top 5 Oncology Products Worldwide, 2016

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown


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