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Nanomaterials by Severe Plastic Deformation IV - Product Image

Nanomaterials by Severe Plastic Deformation IV

  • ID: 679502
  • Book
  • October 2008
  • 1200 Pages
  • Trans Tech Publications Inc
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Selected, peer reviewed papers from The 4th International Conference on Nanomaterials by Severe Plastic Deformation, Goslar, Germany, August 18-22, 2008

This special collection comprises 175 peer-reviewed articles on “Nanomaterials by Severe Plastic Deformation”. This large number of papers is a convincing demonstration of the relevance of bulk ultrafine grained and nanostructured materials, produced by severe plastic deformation, to a wide range of researchers and engineers. In fact, this community is growing, and the total number of articles in this edition is larger than that in the 2006 edition. The fact that the authors hail from 27 countries also reflects the truly world-wide activity in this field.

Significant progress has been made in this field; including all aspects of NanoSPD, such as an increased understanding of the mechanisms underlying grain refinement by severe plastic deformation, characterisation of the properties of SPD-processed materials, improvements in processing techniques, and their application. All of these aspects are reflected by the contents of this book.

The editors are confident that the work offers a thoroughly representative snapshot of the state-of-the-art of this field of research and will also constitute a comprehensive reference resource. The book also offers an insight into the possible directions in which this field may move in the future, and into possible routes to its commercialisation.
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Preface v


I. Overview, Recent Advances and Commercialization Pathways

Factors Influencing the Development of Homogeneity in Disks Processed by
High-Pressure Torsion
C. Xu, A.P. Zhilyaev, Z. Horita and T.G. Langdon

R&D of NanoSPD Materials in Ufa via International Cooperation
N.A. Reshetnikova, M.R. Salakhova, Z.A. Safargalina and A.V. Scherbakov

Advantages and Limitations of HPT: A Review
R. Pippan, S. Scheriau, A. Hohenwarter and M. Hafok

On Grain Boundary Engineering of UFG Metals and Alloys for Enhancing their Properties
R.Z. Valiev

Analysis of the Fundamental Mechanisms and Efficiency of the Deformation
Methods of Nanostructuring
R.R. Mulyukov, A.A. Nazarov and R.M. Imayev

Features of Work Hardening of Polycrystals with Nanograins
E.V. Kozlov, N.A. Koneva, L.I. Trishkina, A.N. Zhdanov and M.V. Fedorischeva

Nanoglasses: A Way to Solid Materials with Tunable Atomic Structures and Properties
H. Gleiter

Nanostructured SPD Processed Titanium for Medical Implants
R.Z. Valiev, I.P. Semenova, E. Jakushina, V.V. Latysh, H.J. Rack, T.C. Lowe, J. Petruželka, L. Dluhoš, D. Hrušák and J. Sochová

Outstanding Mechanical Properties in the Materials with a Nano / Meso Hybrid Microstructure
H. Fujiwara, M. Nakatani, T. Yoshida, Z. Zhang and K. Ameyama

II. Processing

Evaluation of Reshaping Methods for Multi-Pass Equal Channel Angular Extrusion
D.C. Foley, R.E. Barber, J.T. Im, B. Onipede and K.T. Hartwig

UFG-Microstructures by Linear Flow Splitting
C. Müller, T. Bohn, E. Bruder and P. Groche

Angular Extrusion of Double-Metal Ingot
J. Bonarski, J. Pospiech, L. Tarkowski and J. Kusnierz

Long-Length Ultrafine-Grained Titanium Rods Produced by ECAP-Conform
G.I. Raab, R.Z. Valiev, D.V. Gunderov, T.C. Lowe, A. Misra and Y.T. Zhu

Influence of Reversible Hydrogen Alloying on Nanostructure Formation in Titanium Alloys Subjected to Severe Plastic Deformation
M.A. Murzinova and G. Salishchev

High Strength Ti of Substantial Interstitial Contents Produced by Back Pressure Equal Channel Angular Consolidation of Dehydrided Particles
W. Xu, X.L. Wu, D. Sadedin, G. Wellwood and K. Xia

High Strength Bulk Nanostructured 2219 Al Alloy Produced by High Energy Ball Milling and Hot Pressing
T. Shanmugasundaram, V. Subramanya Sarma, B.S. Murty and M. Heilmaier

Nanostructured Materials by Twist Extrusion and High Pressure Torsion
V. Varyukhin, Y. Beygelzimer and B. Efros

Incremental ECAP of Plates
L. Olejnik, A. Rosochowski and M. Richert

Bulk Mg Produced by Back Pressure Equal Channel Angular Consolidation (BP- ECAC)
X.L. Wu, W. Xu, M. Kubota and K. Xia

Bulk Ultrafine and Nanostructured Materials from Consolidation of Particles by Back Pressure Equal Channel Angular Pressing
K. Xia, W. Xu, X.L. Wu and S. Goussous

Effect of Electroplastic Deformation on Martensitic Transformation in Coarse Grained and Ultrafine Grained Ni-Ti Shape Memory Alloy
A.E. Sergeeva, D. Setman, M.J. Zehetbauer, S.D. Prokoshkin and V.V. Stolyarov

Reversal Straining to Manage Structure in Pure Aluminum under SPD
D. Orlov, P.P. Bhattacharjee, Y. Todaka, M. Umemoto and N. Tsuji

Double-Billet Incremental ECAP
A. Rosochowski, L. Olejnik and M. Richert

The Influence of ECAP Die Channel Geometry on Shear Strain and Deformation Uniformity
A.A. de A. Mendes Filho, V.L. Sordi, J.B. Rubert and M. Ferrante

III. Enhanced Plasticity

Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Nanostructured Intermetallic Alloy Based on Ti2AlNb
M.R. Shagiev and G.A. Salishchev

The Features of Deformation Behavior of Ultra-Fine Grained Titanium and Aluminum Alloys under Conditions of High Strain Rate Superplasticity
E.V. Naydenkin and I.V. Ratochka

High Strain Rate Superplasticity in a Zr and Sc Modified 7075 Aluminum Alloy
Produced by ECAP
K. Turba, P. Malek, E.F. Rauch and M. Cieslar

Influence of Number of Passes in ECAP on Superplastic Behavior in a Magnesium Alloy
R.B. Figueiredo and T.G. Langdon

The New Approach to Produce Al Sheets with UFG Structure Using SPD Processing
N.F. Yunusova, R.K. Islamgaliev, I.F. Safiullin and R.Z. Valiev

Grain Refinement and Deformation Behavior of Ultrafine Grained Pd and Pd-Ag Alloys Produced by HPT
L. Kurmanaeva, Y. Ivanisenko, J. Markmann, R.Z. Valiev and H.J. Fecht

IV. Testing Techniques

Use of Ring Sample for High-Pressure Torsion and Microstructural Evolution with Equivalent Strain
Y. Ito, Y. Harai, T. Fujioka, K. Edalati and Z. Horita

Comparative Possibilities of Different X-Ray Methods by Study of SPD Metal Materials
M. Isaenkova, Y. Perlovich, V. Fesenko and O. Krymskaya

Mechanical Behavior of Nanocrystalline Palladium at High Strains and High Strain Rates
Y. Ivanisenko and H.J. Fecht

Chemical Sensitive Positron-Annihilation Study of Amorphization and Nanocrystallization Processes by Repeated Roll Bonding
W. Lechner, W. Puff, G. Wilde and R. Würschum

Microstructure and Indentation Size-Effect in Pure Niobium Subjected to SPD
via ECAP and HPT
J. Alkorta, C.J. Luis Pérez, E.N. Popova, M. Hafok, R. Pippan and J. Gil Sevillano

Strain Rate Sensitivity Studies of Cryomilled Al Alloy Performed by Nanoindentation
B. Ahn, R. Mitra, A.M. Hodge, E.J. Lavernia and S.R. Nutt

Severe Plastic Deformation of Amorphous Alloys
A.M. Glezer, S.V. Dobatkin, M.R. Plotnikova and A.V. Shalimova

Temperature Field in Severe Plastic Deformation at Small Strain Rates
T.G. Murthy, C. Huang, M.R. Shankar, S. Chandrasekar, K.P. Trumble and J.P. Sullivan

Optical Strain Measurement on Small Specimens Based on Laser Speckles
E. Schenuit, R. Bolkart, T. Becker and O. Spinka

Bond Strength of Ultrafine Grained Zr Fabricated by Accumulative Roll Bonding
L. Jiang, M.T. Pérez-Prado, O.A. Ruano and M.E. Kassner

In Situ Tensile Testing of Ultra Fine Grained Pd and Pd-Ag Alloys
K.J. Yang, Y. Ivanisenko, J. Markmann and H.J. Fecht

Applications of Differential Scanning Calorimetry on Materials Subjected by Severe Plastic Deformation
N. Gao

V. Characterization

Texture Evolution of Magnesium Single Crystals Deformed by High-Pressure Torsion
B.J. Bonarski, E. Schafler, B. Mikulowski and M.J. Zehetbauer

Structure of Triple Junctions of Grains, Nanoparticles in them and Bending - Torsion
in Metal Nanopolycrystals
N.A. Koneva, E.V. Kozlov, N.A. Popova, A.N. Zhdanov and M.V. Fedorischeva

Workability Limits of Commercial Purity Titanium Subjected to Equal
Channel Angular Pressing
P. Kumar and U. Chakkingal

Specific Features of Static, Impact, and Fatigue Fracture of the 0.09%C-0.08%Mo-0.03%Nb- 0.06%V Steel with Ultrafine-Grained Structure
L.R. Botvina, M.R. Tyutin, V.P. Levin, Y.A. Demina, I.A. Panteleev and S.V. Dobatkin

Compressive Behavior of Ultrafine-Grained Mg-Zn-Y-Zr Alloy Containing
Quasicrystalline Phase
M.Y. Zheng, S.W. Xu, W.M. Gan, K. Wu, S. Kamado, Y. Kojima and H.G. Brokmeier

Shear Induced Low- and High-Angle Boundary Characterization Using Kikuchi Bands in Transmission Electron Microscopy
M. Cabibbo

Microstructure Evolution during High Pressure Torsion of AZ80 Magnesium Alloy
D. Arpacay, S.B. Yi, M. Janecek, A. Bakkaloglu and L. Wagner

Microstructure of a Metal-Polymer Composite Processed by Severe Plastic Deformation
X. Sauvage, J.J. Malandain and A. Hohenwarter

Influence of SPD by ECAP on Cu Properties
T. Kvackaj, R. Kociško, M. Besterci, T. Donic, I. Pokorný, T. Kuskulic, K. Sülleiová,
M. Molnárová, A. Kovácová and M. Kvackaj

Enhanced Strength and Ductility in Hypo-Eutectoid Cu-Al Alloys through
ECAP and Annealing
S.H. Xia, L.V. Vychigzhanina, J.T. Wang and I.V. Alexandrov

Characterizing the Shear Deformation during Asymmetric Rolling
Y.L. Chen, A.D. Shan, J.H. Jiang and Y. Ding

Microstructural Characterizations of Cu Processed by ECAP from 4 to 24 Passes
C.X. Huang, H.J. Yang, S.D. Wu and Z.F. Zhang

Features of the Structure Development and the Deformation Process in Zr-Based Alloys under Radial Forging
Y. Perlovich, M. Isaenkova, M. Grekhov, O. Krymskaya, V. Fesenko, S. Zavodchikov
and V. Kotrekhov

Study of Texture Evolution of Pure Magnesium during ECAE Using EBSD
S. Biswas, S. Singh D., A. Bhowmik and S. Suwas

UFG Microstructure Processing by ECAP from Double Electron-Beam Melted Rare Metal
L. Kommel

Lattice Defects in Hydrogenated and HPT Processed Pd
D. Setman, M. Krystian and M.J. Zehetbauer

Metals Microstructure Improving under Hard Cyclic Viscoplastic Deformation
L. Kommel

Observations of Texture in Large Scale HPT-Processed Cu
N.A. Enikeev, E. Schafler, M.J. Zehetbauer, I.V. Alexandrov and R.Z. Valiev

Effect of Texture and Microstructure on Ductility of a Mg-Al-Ca Alloy Processed by Equal Channel Angular Pressing
V.N. Serebryany, M.V. Popov, A.S. Gordeev, V.N. Timofeev, L.L. Rokhlin, Y. Estrin
and S.V. Dobatkin

Grain Boundary Radiotracer Diffusion of Ni in Ultra-Fine Grained Cu and Cu - 1wt. Pb Alloy Produced by Equal Channel Angular Pressing
J. Ribbe, G. Schmitz, Y. Amouyal, Y. Estrin and S.V. Divinski

Influence of a Slip Plane Orientation with Respect to the Shear Plane of ECAP on
Microstructure of Copper Single Crystal Subject to One Pressing at Room Temperature
S. Katayama, H. Miyamoto, A. Vinogradov and S. Hashimoto

Grain Refinement of Pure Copper by ECAP
N. Lugo, J.M. Cabrera, N. Llorca, C.J. Luis Pérez, R. Luri, J. León and I. Puertas

Activation Volume in Fine Grained Metals from Stress Relaxation and Nano-Indentation
Y. Champion and S. Nowak

Ultimate Strength of a Tungsten Heavy Alloy after Severe Plastic Deformation at Quasi-Static and Dynamic Loading
L.W. Meyer, M. Hockauf, A. Hohenwarter and S. Schneider

TEM Studies on the Effect of Nature of Precipitates in Al-Li Alloy on Microstructural Evolution during Severe Plastic Deformation
S. Giribaskar, Gouthama and R. Prasad

Strengthening of Nickel Deformed by High Pressure Torsion
H.W. Zhang, X. Huang, N. Hansen, R. Pippan and M.J. Zehetbauer

TEM Study of Local Disordering: A Structural Phase Change Induced by
High-Pressure Torsion
C. Rentenberger, C. Mangler, S. Scheriau, R. Pippan and H.P. Karnthaler

Bulk Al Materials from Back Pressure Equal Channel Angular Consolidation of
Mechanically Milled Particles
M. Kubota, X.L. Wu, W. Xu and K. Xia

3D Tomographic EBSD Measurements of Heavily Deformed Ultra Fine Grained Cu-0.17wtZr Obtained from ECAP
A. Khorashadizadeh, M. Winning and D. Raabe

Mechanical Properties and Microstructure Development of Ultrafine-Grained Cu Processed by ECAP
M. Janecek, J. Cížek, M. Dopita, R. Král and O. Srba

The Evolution of Homogeneity during Processing of Commercial Purity Aluminium by ECAP
S.N. Alhajeri, N. Gao and T.G. Langdon

Strength and Plasticity of Ultra-Fine Grained Zirconium at Low Temperatures
E.D. Tabachnikova, A.V. Podolskiy, V.Z. Bengus, S.N. Smirnov, V.D. Natsik, V.M. Azhazha, M.A. Tikhonovsky, A.N. Velikodny, N.F. Andrievskaya, G.E. Storozhilov
and T.M. Tikhonovskaya

Influence of Severe Thermomechanical Treatment on Formation of Nanocrystalline Structure in Ni 718 and Ni 718Plus Alloys and their Mechanical Properties
S. Mukhtarov, V. Valitov, M.F.X. Gigliotti, P.R. Subramanian, J.S. Marte and N. Dudova

In Situ TEM Observations of Deformation Processes in Nanocrystalline Pd
H. Rösner and G. Wilde

Mechanical Behavior and Stress-Induced Martensitic Transformation in
Nanocrystalline Ti49.4Ni50.6 Alloy
E. Prokofiev, D.V. Gunderov, A. Lukyanov, V. Pushin and R.Z. Valiev

Effect of Nanocrystalline Structure and Polygonized Dislocation Substructure on Ti-Ni Martensite Lattice Parameters and Transformation Lattice Strain
S.D. Prokoshkin, A.V. Korotitskiy, V. Brailovski and K.E. Inaekyan

Effect of Processing Temperature on Microstructure Development during
ECAP of Al-Mg-Sc Alloy
O. Sitdikov, E. Avtokratova, T. Sakai, K. Tsuzaki, R. Kaibyshev and Y. Watanabe

Effects of Equal-Channel Angular Pressing on the Anisotropy of Ultrafine
Copper and Titanium
A. Korshunov, I. Kaganova, L. Polyakov and T. Kravchenko

Strain Gradient Hardening and Pressure Induced Phase Transformation of Metals by HPT
M. Umemoto, Y. Todaka, J. Sasaki and I. Shuro

Effect of Pre-Aging on the Microstructure and Strength of Supersaturated AlZnMg
Alloys Processed by ECAP
N.Q. Chinh, J. Gubicza, T. Czeppe, J. Lendvai, Z. Hegedus, C. Xu and T.G. Langdon

Nanostructured Shape Memory TiNi Alloy Processed by Severe Electroplastic Deformation
V.V. Stolyarov

Texture Gradient in a Single Pass ECAPed Pure Mg by Neutron Radiation
W.M. Gan, H.G. Brokmeier, H. Chang, M.Y. Zheng and K. Wu

Life Time Predictions through X-Ray Defect Analysis of MEMS Devices
A. Neels, P. Niedermann and A. Dommann

Effect of the Second Phase on the Microstructure of Magnesium Alloys during
Cyclic Extrusion Compression
Y.J. Chen, H.J. Roven, Q.D. Wang, M.P. Liu and J.B. Lin

Grain Boundary Structure and Deformation Defects in Nanostructured Al–Mg Alloys Processed by High Pressure Torsion
M.P. Liu, H.J. Roven, T. Ungár, L. Balogh, M. Murashkin and R.Z. Valiev

Microstructure and Properties of Aluminium Processed by Constrained Groove Pressing
J. Zrnik, T. Kovarik and M. Cieslar

Particle Redistribution and Grain Refinement during Processing by Hydrostatic Extrusion
K. Wawer, M. Lewandowska and K.J. Kurzydlowski

Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Al-0.5 at. X (=Si, Ag, Mg) Alloys Highly Deformed by ARB Process
D. Terada, T. Masui, N. Kamikawa and N. Tsuji

High Pressure Torsion of Intermetallic Zr3Al
D. Geist, C. Rentenberger and H.P. Karnthaler

Structure and Properties of Mg-Al-Ca Alloy after Severe Plastic Deformation
S.V. Dobatkin, Y. Estrin, L.L. Rokhlin, M.V. Popov, R. Lapovok, T.V. Dobatkina, V.N. Timofeev and N.I. Nikitina

Microstructure and Texture of Mg-Based AZ Alloys after Heavy Deformation under Cyclic Strain Path Change Conditions
J. Pospiech, A. Korbel, J. Bonarski, W. Bochniak and L. Tarkowski

Twinning, Dislocations and Grain Size in NanoSPD Materials Determined by X-Ray Diffraction
T. Ungár, L. Balogh and G. Ribárik

Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Commercial Purity HIPed
and Crushed Aluminum
Q.H. Bui, G.F. Dirras, A. Hocini, S. Ramtani, A. Abdul-Latif, J. Gubicza, T. Chauveau and Z. Fogarassy

Texture and Grain Boundary Character Distribution during Equal Channel Angular Extrusion of some Two-Phase Copper Alloys
S. Suwas, S. Biswas, S. Singh D. and K. Chattopadhyay

Microstructure Development and Precipitation Effects in Ultra Fine Grained Mg-3Tb-2Nd Alloy Prepared by High Pressure Torsion
J. Cížek, I. Procházka, B. Smola, I. Stulíková, M. Vlach, R.K. Islamgaliev and O.B. Kulyasova

Tensile Property of Submicrocrystalline Pure Fe Produced by HPT-Straining
Y. Todaka, Y. Miki, M. Umemoto, C.H. Wang and K. Tsuchiya


VI. Steels and Light Alloys

Effect of Grain Refinement on the Mechanical Behaviour of Ferritic Steels: Evolution of Isotropic Hardening and Kinematic Hardening
O. Bouaziz, A. Aouafi and S. Allain

Evolution of Texture in Ultra-Fine Grained Ferrite through Warm-Rolling
and Intercritical Annealing
S.G. Chowdhury, B. Mahato, H.R. da Silva, G.G. Lourenço and D.B. Santos

Study of the Plastic Deformation in Nanocrystalline and Ultrafine Iron and Carbon Steels
J.A. Benito, R. Tejedor, R. Rodríguez-Baracaldo, J.M. Cabrera and J.M. Prado

Ultrafine Grained Low Carbon Steels Processed by Severe Plastic Deformation
S.V. Dobatkin, P.D. Odessky and S.V. Shagalina

Microstructure Evolution during Continuous Frictional Angular Extrusion of
Interstitial-Free Steel
B. Yan, S. Dover, L. Jin, J. Shen, Y. Huang and S. Jiao

Fracture Toughness Enhanced by Severe Plastic Deformation in Low Carbon Steel
M. Tanaka, N. Fujimoto, T. Yokote and K. Higashida

Regularities of Deformation and Fracture of Steels Subjected to Equal Channel Angular Pressing and Thermal Processing
A.M. Ivanov, E.S. Lukin and N.D. Petrova

Microstructural Characterization of Low-Carbon Steel Processed by High Pressure
Torsion and Annealing
E.G. Astafurova, S.V. Dobatkin, E.V. Naydenkin, S.V. Shagalina and G.G. Zakharova

Severe Plastic Deformation of a Bainitic Rail Steel
A. Hohenwarter, R. Stock and R. Pippan

Properties of UFG HSLA Steel Profiles Produced by Linear Flow Splitting
E. Bruder, T. Bohn and C. Müller

Severe Deformation of a Carbon Steel within the Ferritic Region
B. Eghbali

Strain Rate Sensitivity of 31Mn-3Al-3Si TWIP Steel with Partially Recrystallized
Fine Grained Structure
R. Ueji, K. Harada, A. Takemura and K. Kunishige

Shear Deformation and Texture Evolution in Al Alloys Processed for One Pass by ECAP
M.J. Starink, S.C. Wang, X.G. Qiao, N. Gao, H.J. Roven and T.G. Langdon

Combining Equal-Channel Angular Extrusion (ECAE) and Heat Treatment for Achieving High Strength and Moderate Ductility in an Al-Cu Alloy
M. Hockauf, L.W. Meyer and L. Krüger

The Effect of Strain on the Development of Ultra-Fine Grain Structure in 7055 Aluminium Alloy Processed by Equal Channel Angular Extrusion
I. Nikulin, Y. Motohashi and R. Kaibyshev

Investigations on Deformation Behavior and Microstructure of Ultrafine Grained Two Phase
Al-Mn Alloy Fabricated by Confined Channel Die Pressing
S.J. Mu, W.P. Hu and G. Gottstein

Deformation Behaviour of an Ultra-Fine Grained Al6082 Alloy
I. Sabirov, Y. Estrin, M.R. Barnett, I.B. Timokhina and P.D. Hodgson

Precipitation Studies of Undeformed and ECAP-Deformed Al-4%Cu Alloys: Effects on Microstructure and Tensile Properties
E.F. Prados, V.L. Sordi and M. Ferrante

Grain Boundary Structures of ARB Processed Aluminum
S. Ii, M. Hishida, N. Takata, K. Ikeda, H. Nakashima and N. Tsuji

Grain Refinement in a Commercial Al-Mg-Sc-Zr Alloy during Hot ECAP
O. Sukhopar, O. Sitdikov, G. Gottstein and R. Kaibyshev

Microstructure and Aging Behavior of Al-0.2wt%Zr Alloy Heavily Deformed by ARB Process
T. Sato, D. Terada and N. Tsuji

A Comparative Study on Mechanical Properties of Al 7075 Alloy Processed by Rolling at Cryogenic Temperature and Room Temperature
S.K. Panigrahi and R. Jayaganthan

Strain Rate Sensitivity of Ultrafine Grained Aluminium Alloy AA6061
A. Vevecka-Priftaj, A. Böhner, J. May, H.W. Höppel and M. Göken

Development of Extrusion and Rolling Textures during ECAP of Mg-Alloys
H.G. Brokmeier, W.M. Gan, M.Y. Zheng, Z. Zuberova and Y. Estrin

Study of a Fine-Grained AZ31 Magnesium Alloy Prepared by Equal Channel Angular Pressing
S.Y. Yang, J.M. Liu, L. Wang, H.N. Cai, F.C. Wang and Y.G. Yu

Production of Nanostructure in Titanium by Cold Rolling
S. Malysheva, G.A. Salishchev, S. Mironov and S. Zherebtsov

Crystallographic Texture Development in CP Ti Subjected to ECAP
I.V. Alexandrov and V.D. Sitdikov

Mechanical Behaviour and Microstructure Evolution of Severely Deformed Two-Phase Titanium Alloys
S. Zherebtsov, S. Mironov, M.A. Murzinova, S. Salishchev and S.L. Semiatin

Nanocrystalline Titanium Rods Processed by Hydrostatic Extrusion
K. Topolski, H. Garbacz and K.J. Kurzydlowski

Mechanical Properties of Ti–6Al–4V Titanium Alloy with Submicrocrystalline Structure Produced by Multiaxial Forging
G. Salishchev, S. Zherebtsov, S. Malysheva, A. Smyslov, E. Saphin and N. Izmaylova

VII. Creep, Fatigue and Damage Mechanisms

Structure and Mechanical Properties of Severely Deformed Cu-Cr-Zr Alloys Produced by Accumulative Roll-Bonding Process
K. Kitagawa, T.Akita, K. Kita, M. Gotoh, N. Takata and N. Tsuji

On the Effect of Deformation Mode on Fatigue: Simple Shear vs. Pure Shear
A. Vinogradov, S. Yasuoka and S. Hashimoto

Structure and Fatigue Properties of the Mg Alloy AM60 Processed by ECAP
R.K. Islamgaliev, O.B. Kulyasova, B. Mingler, M.J. Zehetbauer and A. Minkow

Effect of Trace Impurities on High-Cycle Fatigue Damage of Ultrafine Grained Copper Processed by Equal Channel Angular Pressing
M. Goto, N. Teshima, S.Z. Han, T. Yakushiji and S.S. Kim

Microstructure and Mechanical Properties Affecting Crack Growth Behaviour in AA6060
Produced by Equal-Channel Angular Extrusion
L.W. Meyer, K. Sommer, T. Halle and M. Hockauf

Fatigue-Crack-Growth Behavior of Ultrafine-Grained Al-Mg-Sc Alloy Produced by ECAP
E. Avtokratova, O. Sitdikov, R. Kaibyshev and Y. Watanabe

Cycling of Ultrafine-Grained Ti-6Al-4V ELI Alloy: Microstructural Changes and Enhanced Fatigue Limit
L.R. Saitova, H.W. Höppel, M. Göken, A.R. Kilmametov, I.P. Semenova and R.Z. Valiev

Deformation Behaviour of Accumulative Roll Bonded and Friction Stir Welded Aluminium Alloys
I. Topic, H.W. Höppel and M. Göken

Cyclic Deformation Behaviour and Fatigue Lives of Ultrafine-Grained
Aluminium-Magnesium Alloys
H.W. Höppel, J. May and M. Göken

Microstructural Evolution and Creep of an Al-0.2wt.%Sc Alloy after
Equal-Channel Angular Pressing
P. Král, J. Dvorák and V. Sklenicka

Martensitic Transformations and Functional Stability in Ultra-Fine Grained
NiTi Shape Memory Alloys
J. Burow, E. Prokofiev, C. Somsen, J. Frenzel, R.Z. Valiev and G.F. Eggeler

Influence of Post-ECAP TMT on Mechanical Properties of the Wrought
Magnesium Alloy AZ80
J. Müller, M. Janecek and L. Wagner

The Effect of Texture on the Fatigue Properties of Ultrafine-Grained Interstitial-Free Steel
T. Niendorf, T. Marten, H.J. Maier and I. Karaman

Study of Deformation and Fracture of Submicrocrystalline Aluminum Alloys by Acoustic Emission Method
S.A. Nikulin, V.G. Khanzhin, S.V. Dobatkin, V.V. Zakharov, V.I. Kopylov, T.D. Rostova and S.A. Rogachev

Microstructural Stability and Creep in Nanocrystals
A.H. Chokshi

VIII. Thermal Stability and Other Physical Properties

Susceptibility to Stress Corrosion Cracking in Ammonia of Nanostructured Cu 10wtZn Alloy Produced by Severe Plastic Deformation
H. Miyamoto, A. Vinogradov and S. Hashimoto

Thermal Stability of Severe Plastically Deformed VT-6 (Ti-6Al-4V)
H.J. Rack, J. Qazi, L. Allard and R.Z. Valiev

Annealing Response of Al-0.22Sc-0.13Zr Alloy Processed by Accumulative Roll Bonding
P. Homola, M. Slámová, V. Ocenášek, J. Uhlír and M. Cieslar

Thermal Stability of Ultrafine Grains in Al-Fe-Mn-Si Foils Prepared by ARB
and Subsequent Rolling
P. Homola, M. Slámová, P. Sláma and M. Cieslar

Effect of Cryorolling Strain on Precipitation Kinetics of Al 7075 Alloy
R. Jayaganthan and S.K. Panigrahi

Characteristic Features and Thermal Stability of Molybdenum Processed by Different Ways of Severe Plastic Deformation
K.V. Ivanov

Tailoring the Magnetic Properties of Ferritic Alloys by HPT
S. Scheriau, K. Rumpf, S. Kleber and R. Pippan

Continuous Recrystallization Phenomenon in High Purity Copper during Equal Channel Angular Pressing up to High Strain at Room Temperature
J.T. Wang, Y. Zhang and J.Q. Liu

Athermal and Thermal Limits of the Grain Refinement by SPD
M. Hafok and R. Pippan

Annealing Behavior of ECAP Deformed Aluminum Alloy 3103
X. Molodova and G. Gottstein

Magnetic Parameters of R2Fe14B Compounds with Nanograin Structure
I.S. Tereshina, G.S. Burkhanov, S.V. Dobatkin, O.D. Chistyakov, E.A. Tereshina and H. Drulis

Martensitic Transformation in Fe-Ni Alloys Nanostructured by Ball Milling
V.V. Tcherdyntsev, S.M. Abdulhalikov, S.D. Kaloshkin, L.Y. Pustov, E.I. Estrin
and A.V. Zagainov

Thermal Stability of Mechanical Properties of Copper after Equal-Channel Angular Pressing
T. Kravchenko, A. Korshunov, N. Zhdanova, L. Polyakov and I. Kaganova

Recrystallization in Nanostructured Austenitic Stainless Steel
A.T. Krawczynska, M. Lewandowska and K.J. Kurzydlowski

Effects of Processing Routes on Wear Property of Al-Al3Ti Alloys Severely Deformed by ECAP
H. Sato, S. Elhadad, O. Sitdikov and Y. Watanabe

How Fe60Co40 and Fe72Al28 Nano-Alloys Produced by Mechanical Alloying Behave when Exposed to Microwaves
F. Otmane, S. Bergheul, Z. Hamlati and M. Azzaz

Structure and Functional Properties of Ti-Ni-Based Shape Memory Alloy
after Electroplastic Deformation
I.B. Gurtovaya, S.D. Prokoshkin, K.E. Inaekyan, A.V. Korotitskiy, V.V. Stolyarov, A.M. Glezer, S. Makushev, I. Khmelevskaya, U. Ugurchiev and S. Manaenkov

Corrosion Characteristics of an Ultrafine-Grained Al-Mg-Si Alloy (AA6082)
B. Wielage, D. Nickel, T. Lampke, G. Alisch, H. Podlesak, S. Darwich and M. Hockauf

Microstructure and Corrosion Properties of Fine-Grained Mg-Based Alloys
B. Hadzima, M. Janecek, P. Suchý, J. Müller and L. Wagner

Influence of HPT Deformation Temperature on Microstructures and Thermal Stability of Ultrafine-Grained Tungsten
Y. Zhang, A.V. Ganeev, X. Gao, A.V. Sharafutdinov, J.T. Wang and I.V. Alexandrov

Control of Crystallographic Orientation and Grain Refinement in Bi2Te3-Based Thermoelectric Semiconductors by Applying High Pressure Torsion
M. Ashida, T. Hamachiyo, K. Hasezaki, H. Matsunoshita, M. Kai and Z. Horita

Diffusion in Ultrafine Grained Materials
S.V. Divinski and G. Wilde

IX. Modelling

Finite Element Investigation of the Effect of Hardening Behavior of Alloys on Equal Channel Angular Pressing Performance
P. Karpuz, C. Simsir, C.H. Gür and H.S. Kim

A Triple-Scale Crystal Plasticity Simulation on Yield Behavior of Annealed FCC
Fine-Grained Metals
E. Kurosawa, Y. Aoyagi, Y. Tadano and K. Shizawa

Formation of Multiply-Twinned Particles during Two-Nanoparticles Agglomeration: The Results of MD Simulation
I. Karkin, L. Karkina and Y. Gornostyrev

Long-Term Microhardness Evolution in Ti-Ni Shape Memory Alloys Processed by
Severe Cold Rolling
A.V. Korotitskiy, K.E. Inaekyan, V. Brailovski and S.D. Prokoshkin

A Phase-Field Simulation of Nucleation from Subgrain and Grain Growth
in Static Recrystallization
M. Muramatsu, Y. Tadano and K. Shizawa

Application of Strain Gradient Plasticity Modelling to High Pressure Torsion
A. Molotnikov

Multiscale Crystal Plasticity Simulation with Pseudo-Three-Dimensional Model on Ultrafine- Graining Based on Evolution of Dislocation Structures
Y. Aoyagi, N. Horibe and K. Shizawa

Numerical Modeling of Dislocation-Grain Boundary Interaction and Continuum Mechanics Analyses for Mechanical Properties of Fine Grained Metals
T. Ohashi, R. Tsugawa and T. Ogasawara

Multiscale Modeling of SPD Processes for Grain Refinement
I.V. Alexandrov

Computer Simulation of Kinematics of Plastic Flow and the Deformed Condition of Metal at Processes Equal-Channel Angular Pressing
A.V. Belevich and D.M. Babin

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