Introduction to JavaScript Training

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  • January 2012
  • Region: Global
  • 25 Hours
  • Webucator
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In this JavaScript training course, students learn to use JavaScript effectively to make their web pages more dynamic and functional and to reduce the number of roundtrips to the server.

This class is hands-on and interactive, with exercises, presentations and readings to ensure students stay engaged and learn the material presented.

Approximately 25 hours of training.

This course is valid for One Year after purchase.

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JavaScript Basics
- The Name "JavaScript"
- JavaScript Syntax
-- Basic Rules
-- Dot Notation
-- Square Bracket Notation
- Where Is JavaScript Code Written?
- JavaScript Objects, Methods and Properties
-- Methods
-- Properties
-- The Implicit window Object
-- The getElementById() Method
- Event Handlers

Variables, Arrays and Operators
- JavaScript Variables
-- A Loosely-typed Language
-- Storing User-Entered Data
- Arrays
-- Associative Arrays
-- Array Properties and Methods
- JavaScript Operators

JavaScript Functions
- Built-in Functions
-- Number(object)
-- String(object)
-- isNaN(object)
-- parseFloat() and parseInt()
- Built-in Functions vs. Methods
- User-defined Functions
-- Function Syntax
-- Passing Values to Functions
-- A Note on Variable Scope
-- Returning Values from Functions

Built-In JavaScript Objects
- String
- Math
- Date
- typeof Operator

Conditionals and Loops
- Conditionals
-- if - else if - else Conditions
-- Switch / Case
- Loops
-- while Loop Syntax
-- do...while Loop Syntax
-- for Loop Syntax
-- for...in Loop Syntax

JavaScript Form Validation
- Accessing Form Data
- Basics of Form Validation
-- The this Object
-- Cleaner Validation
- Validating Radio Buttons
- Validating Checkboxes
- Validating Select Menus
- Focus, Blur, and Change Events
-- Focus and Blur
-- Change
- Validating Textareas

Images, Windows and Timers
- Image Rollovers
- Preloading Images
- Creating a Slide Show
- Windows
- Timers
- Popup Timed Slide Show

Navigator, History, and Location Objects
- The navigator Object
- Feature Detection
- history Object
- location Object
- Creating a Simple Quiz

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown


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