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Jordan Commercial Banking Report Q2 2009

The Jordan Commercial Banking Report provides independent forecasts and competitive intelligence on Jordan's commercial banking sector.

In Q209 we are making a number of changes which we hope will substantially improve the impact and value of our reports on the commercial banking sectors of various countries. Since we introduced the commercial banking reports in mid-2004, we have sought to generate insights by combining information from a number of sources. We have collated data pertinent to entire commercial banking sectors from information published by central banks, regulators and/or trade associations. We have also gathered basic information concerning individual market participants. In addition, we have considered our current views on the economic outlook for the country in question. Many aspects have been – and continue to be – brought together in a systematic way through our proprietary Commercial Bank Business Environment Ratings (CBBER), which facilitate cross-country comparisons. The key changes in Q209 – and what they mean for readers – are as follows:

Comprehensively Upgraded Database

We have now incorporated as much data as we can for 2008. We have also considered the size of total bank assets; client loans; and capital and client deposits in relation to the overall economy, as well as absolute terms. We have calculated figures in local currency terms, US dollar terms and euro terms. We have extended our forecast horizon out to 2013. We have also improved the coverage of historical data in this report.

Concise Analysis of The Sector

The structural strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) of commercial banking do not usually change much from quarter-to-quarter. Nevertheless, they need to be explained in some clarity – even if only that they may provide a context for the remainder of the report. We have re-examined and (in most cases) substantially extended the SWOT analysis. Much more than previously, the SWOT analysis represents an ‘at a glance’ overview of what really matters for the overall commercial banking sector.

Broader And Deeper International Context

For a very long time before the global financial crisis reached a critical phase in mid-September 2008, commercial banking was inherently international in nature. In other words, it was a rare commercial banking sector indeed that was totally isolated from cross-border influences. However, as a result of the crisis, international influences have become even more important than before. In response to this, we have extended the range of countries whose commercial banking sectors we consider each quarter by 11 –Bahrain, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kuwait, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, the UK, the US and Vietnam are now analysed. Our reports also include new Global and Regional Outlooks.

Deeper Economic Analysis

We include more extensive coverage of our views of the economic outlook for each country. We also include a section that deals with monetary and exchange rate policy.

Clearer Identification Of Protagonists

We now look more closely at the mandates of central banks, regulators and trade associations.

Clearer Definition Of The Commercial Banking Universe

We now include a specific definition of the universe of commercial banks in each country. In most cases, we also include a comprehensive list of identifiable institutions. (The main exception to this is the US, where we confine the list to the 50 largest banks in terms of deposits.) By defining the commercial banking universe, and listing a much greater number of institutions that are active in each country, we hope that our reports are of much greater value to other researchers.

New Company Profiles

In Q209, we have sought to include 10 brief profiles of leading banks in each of the countries that we cover. We will add additional profiles in coming months. Wherever possible, we have tried to quantify the total assets, client loans, bond portfolio, client deposits and capital of each institution. Eventually, it should be possible for us to profile most – or indeed all – of the banks that are active in the countries we follow. Naturally, we will continue to improve the structure and content of the reports over time. The extended Commercial Banking SWOT Analysis below summarises what we see as the key issues in this report.
Executive Summary
Table: Latest Actual Data (JODbn)
Table: Latest Actual Data (US$bn)
Table: Latest Key Indicators At January 2009
Table: Annual Growth Rate Projections, 2009-2013 (%)
Table: Ranking Out Of 45 Countries Reviewed In 2009
Table: Projected Levels, 2008-2013 (JODbn)
Table: Projected Levels (US$bn)
Overview – Commercial Banking Sector Of Jordan
SWOT Analysis
Jordan Commercial Banking SWOT
Jordan Political SWOT
Jordan Economic SWOT
Jordan Business Environment Industry SWOT
Commercial Banking Business Environment Rating
Table: Jordan’s Commercial Banking Business Environment Ratings
Commercial Banking Business Environment Rating Analysis
Commercial Banking Business Environment Rating Methodology
Table: Middle East and Africa Commercial Banking Business Environment Ratings
Global Outlook
Regional Outlook
Table: Comparison of Loan/Deposit, Loan/Asset And Loan/GDP ratios, 2008
Table: Anticipated Developments In 2009
Table: Comparison Of Total Assets, Client Loans And Client Deposits, 2007 And 2008 (US$bn)
Table: Comparison Of Per Capita Deposits, Late 2008 (US$)
Table: Interbank Rates And Bond Yields
Commercial Bank Sector Outlook
Macroeconomic Activity
Table: Jordan – Economic Activity, 2006-2013
Exchange Rate/ Monetary Policy
Islamic Finance – Quo Vadis?
Some Hard Numbers
Under-Recognised Challenges
The Global Financial Crisis
What Really Matters: Indicators To Watch In 2009
Market Structure
Table: Protagonists In Jordan’s Commercial Banking Sector.
Definition Of The Commercial Banking Universe
List Of Banks
Table: Commercial Banks
Table: Islamic Banks
Table: Foreign Branches
Company Profiles
Bank of Jordan
Key Statistics For Bank of Jordan, 2004-2008 (JODmn)
Arab Banking Corporation
Key Statistics For Arab Banking Corporation, 2005-2006 (JODmn)
Arab Bank
Arab Jordan Investment Bank
Key Statistics For Arab Jordan Investment Bank, 2004-2008 (JODmn)
Cairo Amman Bank
Key Statistics for Cairo Amman Bank, 2004-2008 (JODmn)
Capital Bank of Jordan
Key Statistics For Capital Bank Of Jordan, 2004-2005 (JODmn)
Jordan Commercial Bank
Key Statistics For Jordan Commercial Bank, 2004-Q108 (JODmn)
Basis Of Projections
Commercial Bank Business Environment Rating
Table: Commercial Banking Business Environment Indicators And Rationale
Table: Weighting Of Indicators
Companies Mentioned
-Bank of Jordan
-Arab Banking Corporation
-Arab Bank
-Arab Jordan Investment Bank
-Cairo Amman Bank
-Capital Bank of Jordan
-Jordan Commercial Bank
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