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Oxidation of Organic Compounds by Dioxiranes

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  • May 2009
  • 670 Pages
  • John Wiley and Sons Ltd
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A Comprehensive Monograph on Dioxirane Oxidations

The oxidation of organic compounds is one of the most important methods for the introduction and manipulation of functional groups. Among the most modern of these transformations is the use of the fascinating family of oxidants known as dioxiranes. A dioxirane can, by transferring one of its oxygen atoms to organic substrates, effect a remarkable array of oxidative processes such as epoxidation, C–H insertion, and heteroatom (N, S, P, I) oxidation. In addition to their versatility, dioxiranes can be generated catalytically under mild conditions and produce no toxic waste stream as part of the oxidation process. Moreover, some of the most exciting recent developments involve the enantioselective introduction of oxygen atoms via chiral dioxiranes. This book represents the first single volume dedicated to the comprehensive coverage of the myriad of oxidations of organic compounds performed by dioxiranes. The contents of this book are extracted from comprehensive reviews of the topics contained in the Organic Reactions series and cover the oxidation of alkenes and the oxidation of all other organic substrates. In addition, READ MORE >

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1. DIOXIRANE EPOXIDATION OF ALKENES (Waldemar Adam, Chantu R. Saha–Möller, and Cong–Gui Zhao).

2. DIOXIRANE OXIDATIONS OF COMPOUNDS OTHER THAN ALKENES (Waldemar Adam, Cong–Gui Zhao, and Kavitha Jakka).


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"I anticipate the book will be highly valued by organic chemists for years to come." (
Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2009)

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