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Will Cloud Computing Enable or Undermine Public Sector IT Climate Change? Product Image

Will Cloud Computing Enable or Undermine Public Sector IT Climate Change?

  • ID: 1053457
  • May 2009
  • 32 pages
  • Ovum

A climate change is under way in public sector IT, with a renewed focus on cutting the costs of the back-office activities like IT. Consolidation and standardisation of commodity IT infrastructure and the creation of shared services are ‘in’. Conveniently, these are the themes of cloud computing. The cloud provides new options for sourcing and managing IT and for stimulating the IT industry. Alternatively, however, it can accelerate fragmented, ad hoc sourcing of IT services by individual agencies and suck a country’s IT industry offshore. Public sector IT executives need to keep a weather eye on the clouds.

Executive summary
In a nutshell
Ovum view
Cloud computing
Keep a weather eye on the clouds
Key implementation points
Public sector IT climate change
More centralised IT is back in fashion
The rise of the cloud
On-demand, pay-as-you-go IT on the Internet
Cloud computing exemplars
Blurring boundaries
IT giants getting with the cloud
What are cloud services used for?
Typical uses
The cloud is, as yet, a niche
How much cloud, when and where?
Private cloud - the DIY market
Hybrid on-premise plus cloud
Developers will build for the cloud as second nature
See beyond cloud services to cloud logic
Cloud logic - IT made simple
Cloud logic characteristics
Front-end cloud logic
Back-end cloud logic
Relevance of cloud computing to the public sector
Pockets of adoption only - so far
Cloud reservations
Keep a weather eye on the clouds
Cloud logic as the basis of shared services
Appropriate uses for the cloud
Key implementation points
Security and privacy FUD
Cloud lock-in - always have a ‘plan B’
Design for failure
Lock-in is a choice
Minimising lock-in
Mitigating lock-in risks
Out of sight is not out of mind?
Don’t smother the ‘golden cloud goose’

List of Tables
Table 1: Public sector IT climate change
Table 2: Cloud computing exemplars
Table 3: Cloud logic versus shared IT services reality
Table 4: Cloud compatibility of applications

List of Figures
Figure 1: Cloud opportunities for shared services
Figure 2: Cloud compatibility factors

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