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RFID in Tracking & Monitoring: An In-depth Product & Service Analysis with Case Studies - Product Image

RFID in Tracking & Monitoring: An In-depth Product & Service Analysis with Case Studies

  • Published: July 2009
  • 133 Pages
  • Mind Commerce LLC


  • AeroScout
  • ContainerTrac.
  • Ekahau.
  • Identec.
  • Intelleflex.
  • Pinc Solutions.
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Process controls for manufacturing and various other industries are getting more and more complicated due to the overwhelming stream of data flowing into their system. The primary goal today in most of the leading organizations is keeping track of this data, and organizing it in a suitable fashion so that it can be utilized and used later.

RFID in Tracking & Monitoring: An In-depth Product & Service Analysis with Case Studies explains the technology available to support tracking both normal and hazardous environments, including Radio frequency identification (RFID), Barcodes, GPS enabled tracking, WiFi enabled Tracking and others. Nearly all aspects of tracking addressed in this report via detailed evaluation, analysis, and price comparisons.

The report also provides detailed company analysis (products, services, and solutions). Case studies are to help the reader understand implementation issues and challenges. Cost factor analysis is also provided for the various spheres of implementation for different RFID based tracking system components.

This publication also evaluates the goals of some major RFID implementations with respect to tracking and monitoring READ MORE >

Section I - Introduction.
Section II - Technology Outlook.
Introduction to RFID.
Understanding How RFID Works.
Types of Tags.
Semi Passive RFID Tags.
Active RFID Tags.
Active Tags with Sensors/GPS.
Difference between Active and Passive RFID..
Application Field..
Discriminating the various types of RTLS.
Classification of Tracking Systems.
Passive RFID based systems.
GPS based tracking systems.
Active RFID based tracking systems.
Active RFID based tracking with Customizations.
Proprietary tracking solutions.
Advantages of the Tracking Solutions.
Improved Productivity and Cost Avoidance.
Decreased Cycle Time and Taking Costs Out
Reduced Rework.
Reduced Business Risk and Control of Assets.
Improved Security and Service.
Improved Utilization of Resources.
Increased Revenues.
Exception Management
Section III - Company and Product Analysis of RFID.
Key Players in the Domain.
Company and Product Analysis.
Company - AeroScout
Company - Identec.
Company - Savi
Company - Intelleflex.
Company - Ekahau.
Company - Tagsense.
Company - WhereNet
Company - Pinc Solutions.
Company - ContainerTrac.
Section IV - Case Study of Some Latest Implementations.
Application in Genetics.
River Basin Project in Columbia..
AirBus Project.
U.S. Naval Air Systems Command Project.
Race Track - Tracking Application.
United States Navy.
California Wine Company - Sea Smoke.
Section V - Cost Metrics and Evaluations.
The Cost Factor.
Costs related to aquisitions.
Cost of Readers.
Additional Antenna Cost
Cost of Applications and related middlewares.
Customization Costs.
Installation Related Cost
Fine Tuning.
Integration and Business Process Reengineering.
After Implementation and Recurring Cost
Evaluation of the Performance of the System..
Issues concerning the safety of the System..
The Security aspects of the Deployment.
The Ease factor.
Section VI - Evaluation of Some Notable Deployments.
Department of Agriculture - Michigan.
The User.
The Goal
Ultimate Target of the Project
Cost and Analysis of the Hardware and Software used.
Implementation Details.
Analysis of the Implementation.
Sun Microsystems.
The User.
The Goal
Explanation of RCP.
Ultimate Target of the Project
Evaluation of the Hardware and Software used.
Implementation Details.
Analysis of the Implementation.
Operation Enduring Freedom / Operation Iraqi Freedom (OEF/OIF)
The User.
Investment of the User.
Requirement of the User: Total Asset Visibility (TAV)
Implementation Details.
Woolworths, Plc.
Requirement of the User.
Key Technologies for the Requirement Analysis.
The Ultimate goal of the Project
Software Products used in the Implementation.
Hardware Products used in the Implementation.
Implementation Details.
Determining the Return on Investment (ROI)
The Key Benefits of the Implementation.
Evaluation of the other benefits.
Section VII - Analysis of RFID based Solution Implementations.
RFID Based Vehicle Immobilization.
Manufacturing Processes.
Product Development.
RFID in Cattle Monitoring..
RFID Based Tracking in HealthCare.
Advantages of RFID in Healthcare.
RFID based Wriststraps.
RFID based Tracking System for Hospitals.
Patient Management and Monitoring System..
RFID in Process Manufacturing.
Inbound Raw Materials.
Production Process.
Warehouse Management
Case Files Analysis at Manufacturing for a Successful Implementation.
RFID in Marine Operation..
Multi Terminal Tracking Operation.
Evaluation of Case Files of Successful Implementations.
RFID in Defence.
Logistics and Inventory Monitoring.
Homeland Security.
Field Combat
RFID in Military Training Applications.
Friendly Troop Identification.
RFID in Payment Transactions.
An Evaluation of a Successful Case Study.
Retails with RFID Applications.
Operational Characteristics in Retails.
Drawbacks to the Current Approach.
Shelf and Inventory Management
Security Issues.
Customer Satisfaction.
RFID in Transportation..
Automatic Vehicle Identi?cation.
Electronic Toll Collection.
Electronic Vehicle Registration.
Fleet Management
Section VIII- Global Analysis of RFID Applications.
Asia Pacific.
Implementation Status in Asia Pacific.
Implementation Status in Europe.
Implementation Status in USA..
Section IX - Future Applications of RFID around the World..
Section X - Conclusion..

- AeroScout
- Identec.
- Savi
- Intelleflex.
- Ekahau.
- Tagsense.
- WhereNet
- Pinc Solutions.
- ContainerTrac.

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