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Eastern European Software Industry: Present And Future

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  • March 2005
  • Region: Europe
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The software industry is a crucial sector of the East European Industry. Though the eastern European countries were latecomers into the software boom market, the industry has emerged in a big way and is thriving. Even the 2000 recession could not shake the software sector and it has been growing consistently. It is one of the fastest growing IT services industrial sectors in the region and is a major contributor towards productivity. Of late, Eastern Europe has been in a state of turmoil, with all sorts of political and economic upheavals happening. But still, the region is potentially a great place for large and small companies to come and expand.

For quite some time now, piracy has been the undoing of the software industry in almost all the Eastern European countries. It has considerably slowed down the growth of the sector. But the governments in these countries came have together to take some corrective measures that have put a check on the software pirates. This has boosted the growth of the sector and brought about some economic stability in the region. It is projected by the industry experts that the Eastern European software industry would shoot up to US $90 billion by READ MORE >

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1. Executive Summary

2. Software Industry in Balkan States: A leading driver for Economic Growth
2.1 Market Characteristics
2.2 Economic and Political Environment
2.3 IT Environment in Balkan States
2.3.1 Bulgaria - Software Market
2.3.2 Croatia - Software Market
2.3.3 Hungary - Software Market
2.3.4 Romania - Software Market
2.3.5 Poland - Software Market
2.3.6 Austria - Software Market
2.3.7 Estonia - Software Market
2.3.8 Ukraine - Software Market

3. Market for Software Services and Solutions: An Overview of Extended Functionality
3.1 CRM Applications
3.2 SCA Applications
3.3 E-Commerce Softwares
3.4 Knowledge Management Tools
3.5 Enterprise Software Applications
3.5.1 Types of Enterprise Application Integration Solutions
3.5.2 Vendor Market Share of EAS Revenue
3.6 Packaged Software Industry
3.7 Revenues and Expenditure
3.7.1 Overall IT Expenditure
3.7.2 Spending on Business Solutions and IT Infrastructure Services

4. Balkan Software Industry and Employment Ratio

5. Software Piracy: Concerning Issue for Balkan Economy

6. Trade and Investment Opportunities in Eastern Europe

List of Tables
Table 2-1: Croatia - Packaged Software Market (1997-2004)
Table 3-1: Worldwide E-Commerce Sales, 2004
Table 3-2: IT Market in Central and Eastern Europe (2000-2003)
Table 3-3: IT Market in Central and Eastern Europe by Technology, 2004
Table 3-4: Shipments of Packaged Software in Central and Eastern Europe by Country, 2004
Table 3-5: Romania - Spending on Business Solutions and IT Infrastructure Services (2000 & 2004)
Table 3-6: Poland - Statistical Data (in Million US $), 2001-2003
Table 4-1: Eastern Europe - Number of Direct Software Industry Workers (1999-2004)

List of Figures
Figure 2-1: Eastern Europe - Value of Software Industry (%)
Figure 3-1: Worldwide Market Share of Packaged Software Industry (%)
Figure 3-2: Bulgaria - Statistical Data (in Million US $), 2000-2002
Figure 4-1: Western & Eastern Europe - Software Sector Employee as a Percentage of Workforce (1999 & 2004)
Figure 5-1: Eastern Europe - Piracy Rates (%), 2000
Figure 5-2: Eastern Europe - Taxation Revenue (in Million US $), 1999-2004

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown