Global Trends 2009 - What is the World Coming to?

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  • June 2009
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An exclusive review of 2009’s Global Trends and Drivers, drawn from the sum of our work, in four key areas: the economy, consumer, corporate and technology. A new feature this year is how the picture looks from twelve of the world’s major markets, how they are changing their spending and behaviour in the new world order. The forecast section includes a plain guide to creating scenarios and using them yourself - adapt, survive, wait or hope?

This strategy briefings alert you to global trends predicted to influence consumer markets. They offer insight to changing market conditions and the opportunities and challenges you need to address to maintain a competitive advantage.

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Global Trends 2009 - What is the World Coming to?
Euromonitor International
June 2009
Executive Summary
The Economy
Consumer Trends
Corporate Trends
Technology Trends
Major Markets
Future Outlook
Planning Future Scenarios
Overview - How Did we Get There?
The Lead In
The Shocks of Late 2008
Complex Financial Instruments
Riding the Rollercoaster
Economic Trends and Drivers
Chart 1 Global Economic Trends and Drivers 2009
The First Global Recession?
Capitalism in Question?
Concepts and Confidence
Chart 2 Consumer and Government Spending per Household, Major Markets 2008 (US$000)
Two Shades of Middle Class
Savers and Spenders
Chart 3 Savings Ratio (% of Disposable Income Saved), Major Markets 2008
Lessons from History?
1980s Japanese Bubble
Risk of Anti-Globalisation
Recession, Depression, Slump? Inflation, Deflation, Stagflation?
Panicking Bankers?
Consumer Trends and Drivers
Chart 4 Global Consumer Trends and Drivers 2009
The Mood has Changed
Now the Going is Tough, Will the Tough Keep Shopping?
Confidence and Strategies for Survival
The Quest for Value...
...and the Death of Bling?
Designer Investment
The Lipstick Effect
Table 1 Trends in Cosmetics and Toiletries Spending, Major Markets 2004-2008
Frugalistas and Voucheristas
Mindful Spending
Playing at Thrift?
Or Taking Thrift Seriously?
Green Thrift
Even the Rich are Changing
Banking Levels Vary
Chart 5 Banked Population as % of Total Population, Major Markets 2008
The Impact of Unemployment
Table 2 Unemployed Population, Major Markets (2008 Actual, 2009-2013 Forecast)
Unemployment and the Young, the Old, Women and the Poor
Table 3 Unemployment Among the Young (Unemployed as % of Economically Active), Major Markets 2008
Homeworkers and the Rise of the Multi-Job Lifestyle
Chart 6 Employment by Type, Major Markets 2008
Chart 7 Net Migration, Major Markets 2008
Falling Remittances
Chart 8 Remittance Inflows, Major Markets 2008
Urbanisation in Developing Markets
Where is Home?
Loneliness Looms
Lifetime Learning for Me PLC
Home Arrangements Change?
Table 4 Household Size, Major Markets 2008
Beginning of the End of the Burb?
The Appeal of Age
Table 5 Index of Ageing (Number Aged 65+ Divided by Those 0-14 Years), Major Markets 2004-2008
Corporate Trends and Drivers
Chart 9 Corporate Trends and Drivers 2009
From Values to Value
From Visionary CEO to Masterful CFO
Rising Regulation
Risk Aversion
Customer Insight Needed
Marginal Revenue
Low Inventories and Delivery Pressure Points
Time for R&D
New Media, New Means of Communication
Conversation or Communications
Food as the Bright Spot (So Far)
Table 6 Trends in Food Consumption Sales Volumes, Major Markets 2004-2008
H&W - a Core Growth Strategy Shared by all the Big Guns
Recession is a Threat - But a Manageable One
Structural Changes
Tough Times for Retailers
Now See What Customer Loyalty Really Means
Technology Trends and Drivers
Chart 10 Global Technology Trends And Drivers 2009
Learning from the Dot Com Crash
Online Essentials
The World is aTwitter with Excitement
Rise of Content - Existentialism to Escapism
Blurring Screens - Rising Online Downtime
Chart 11 Percentage Leisure Time Spent Online, Major Markets 2008
Look at Me
Networks - Social, Financial and Technological - and New Jobs
Miss Manners Online
Nano and Micro - Cash, Generation, Technology, Health
Major Markets
Chart 12 National Snapshot, Australia
Chart 13 Spending and Lending, Australia
Summary 1 Opportunities and Threats, Australia
Chart 14 National Snapshot, Brazil
Chart 15 Spending and Lending, Brazil
Summary 2 Opportunities and Threats, Brazil
Chart 16 National Snapshot, China
Chart 17 Spending and Lending, China
Summary 3 Opportunities and Threats, China
Chart 18 National Snapshot, France
Chart 19 Spending and Lending, France
Summary 4 Opportunities and Threats, France
Chart 20 National Snapshot, Germany
Chart 21 Spending and Lending, Germany
Summary 5 Opportunities and Threats, Germany
Chart 22 National Snapshot, India
Chart 23 Spending and Lending, India
Summary 6 Opportunities and Threats, India
Chart 24 National Snapshot, Japan
Chart 25 Spending and Lending, Japan
Summary 7 Opportunities and Threats, Japan
Chart 26 National Snapshot, Mexico
Chart 27 Spending and Lending, Mexico
Summary 8 Opportunities and Threats, Mexico
Chart 28 National Snapshot, Russia
Chart 29 Spending and Lending, Russia
Summary 9 Opportunities and Threats, Russia
Chart 30 National Snapshot, Spain
Chart 31 Spending and Lending, Spain
Summary 10 Opportunities and Threats, Spain
Chart 32 National Snapshot, UK
Chart 33 Spending and Lending, UK
Summary 11 Opportunities and Threats, UK
Chart 34 National Snapshot, US
Chart 35 Spending and Lending, US
Summary 12 Opportunities and Threats, US
Future Outlook
How Kind Will Mother Nature be?
Oceans Struggle
New World Orders?
The Futures Bright, the Futures .....
Consumer Confidence
Table 7 Forecast % Year-on-Year Differences in Consumer Expenditure
Table 8 Unemployment Rate (%) 2008 Actual 2009-2013 Forecast
Table 9 GDP Growth Rate (%)
Planning Future Scenarios
Reducing Risk Through Planning - the General Idea
Chart 36 Simple Forecast Scenarios
Chart 37 Issues to Consider in Scenario Planning
Survival Strategies
Hoping and Coping
Waiting for Spring
Anxious Adaptation

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown


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