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Hypertension and Heart Failure - Evaluation and Management Clincial Guidelines (2013 Update) Product Image

Hypertension and Heart Failure - Evaluation and Management Clincial Guidelines (2013 Update)

  • Published: February 2013
  • Region: Global
  • 111 Pages
  • Apollo Managed Care, Inc.

Two guidelines covering complementary topics. Each has evaluation and non-pharmacologic as well as pharmacologic treatment strategies, authoritative references, and resources.


These guidelines are not to be used as fixed or rigid protocols or standards of care. Treatment must be based on meeting the documented needs of each patient. Guidelines are patient management strategies, not entirely inclusive or exclusive of all methods of reasonable care that can obtain the same results, or of those which consider the particular needs of the patient and available resources. While standards imply a rigid and mandatory adherence that make exceptions unusual and difficult to justify, guidelines are more flexible.

All guidelines, review criteria and similar materials in this manual constitute neither offers of coverage nor medical advice. Apollo Managed Care Consultants does not provide health care services and, therefore, cannot guarantee any results or outcomes. Treating providers are solely responsible for medical advice and treatment of any individual. These guidelines, review criteria and the like may be updated periodically and therefore are subject to change READ MORE >

Hypertension + Heart Failure - evaluation and management guidelines - Tables of Contents


Incidence and prevalence

Diagnostic criteria for hypertension

Measuring BP

‘White Coat Hypertension

Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABPM)

Prevention of hypertension

- Magnesium intake

Home blood pressure readings

Primary or essential hypertension

Secondary hypertension

Renovascular hypertension

Nocturnal blood pressure levels

Hypertension in diabetes

Hypertension and pregnancy

Hypertension and renal disease

Hypertension and cardiac disease

Hypertension and lead exposure


Follow-up visits for mild to moderate hypertension

Indications for additional lab or radiologic evaluation

Isolated systolic hypertension

Malignant hypertension

Hypertension definitions – Table I.


Secondary Hypertension – Table II.

History, etiologic factors

Obesity – Hypertension relationships

Physical and laboratory evaluation

Patient education

Surgery in the hypertensive patient

Therapy - nonpharmacologic

- Stress reduction
- Exercise (update 4-05, 7-05)
- Diet issues including sodium, calcium, potassium, soy, alcohol, folate, other
- Dash diet
- Mediterrean diet

Pharmacologic therapy

- Anti-hypertensive therapy in black patients
- Dual indications for common antihypertensive agents
- Step Therapy
- Common oral antihypertensive drugs by class (table)
- Recommendations from JNC 7

Quality measures – HEDIS, AHA/AMA

Hypertension References and Resources

Scientific references

Patient Resources

Hypertension-related web sites

Heart Failure


Symptoms and signs of HF

Staging or classification of HF

Diastolic HF (update 11-06)

Electrocardiogram as a predictor

Emotional stress can precipitate severe acute reversible left ventricular dysfunction

What about alcohol?

Treatment - nonpharmacologic

- Diet – sodium, Dash diet
- Biventricular Pacing/Resynchronization - Indications for pacing
- Exercise training in HF
- Case Management – comprehensive care to avoid readmissions

Treatment – Pharmacologic (overview)

Contra-indicated drug therapy

Nesiritide, B-Type Natriuretic Peptide, Natrecor ®


Sleep apnea associated with HF

Hospital management: Admission and Discharge Criteria Guidelines

- Post-discharge care
- Case management

Quality care for heart failure

- Clinical Performance Measures
- Outcome Measures

Heart Failure References and Resources

- References
- Web resources

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