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Vulvo-Vaginal Infections, 1st Edition

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  • January 2007
  • 160 pages
  • Manson Publishing
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In gynaecological practice one third of patient complaints involve vulvo-vaginal infections. This book aims to help the practitioner towards accurate diagnosis, and provides suggestions for appropriate patient care that will avoid ineffective treatments and thus ongoing discomfort for the patient.

To avoid misdiagnoses the authors outline the correct testing and screening processes that should be used. Two sections of therapy follow: the first outlines the standard accepted modes of therapy, and the second is for patients who fail to respond to the medication prescribed, or who respond and then become symptomatic again after the treatment has ended.

This book will be useful to Gynaecologists in practice and in training, and for Physicians working in emergency departments, outpatient clinics and general practice.

Key features:

- Covers testing and screening procedures used to aid diagnosis
- Includes treatment guidelines for initial infection and for recurrent symptoms
- Illustrated in full colour

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Section 1: Scientific Basis for the Care of Women with Vulvo Vaginitis
1. Microbiology of the Vagina
2. Vaginal immunology
3. Diagnosis of Vulvovaginal disease

Section 2: Vulvo-Vaginal Infections
4. Candida Vulvovaginitis
5. Bacterial vaginosis
6. Trichomonas vaginalis vaginitis
7. Desquamative Inflammatory vaginitis
8. Genital herpes
9. Human papilloma virus
10. Other sexually transmitted diseases
11. Staphylococcus aureus and group A streptococcal infections of the vagina and vulva

Section 3: Non-Infectious Vulvo-Vaginitis
12. Allergic vulvovaginitis
13. Menopausal vulvovaginitis
14. Vulvodynia
15. Dermatologic conditions causing vulvo-vaginitis


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"Ledger and Witkin argue against the common practice of treating women on the basis of their symptoms alone and, with the aid of numerous colour photographs of both clinical and microscopic appearances, describe how accurate diagnoses may be made…….. The style of writing is informal and easy to read…… the immunology sections are relevant and clearly explained."
The British Journal of Hospital Medicine

"Provides extensive insight into the resolution of real-life clinical dilemmas……..… The chapter on Candida infection is possibly the best published review of this topic……..provides a leap forward in the understanding and management of vulvovaginal disease."
Clinical Infectious Diseases

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown


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