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Life Coaching - Global Outlook

  • ID: 1084173
  • Report
  • January 2012
  • Region: Global
  • 48 Pages
  • Global Industry Analysts, Inc
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The global outlook series on the Life Coaching Industry provides a collection of statistical anecdotes, market briefs, and concise summaries of research findings. The report offers a rudimentary overview of the industry, highlights latest trends and demand drivers, in addition to providing statistical insights. Regional markets briefly abstracted and covered include US, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Thailand.

The report offers a compilation of recent product launches, mergers, acquisitions and strategic corporate developments. Also included is an indexed, easy-to-refer, fact-finder directory listing the addresses, and contact details of 78 companies worldwide.

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The Global Coaching Industry 1
Some Facts about Coaching 1
Different Regions, Different Coaching Styles 2
Resilience to Recession 2
An Industry Rife With Opportunities for All 2
Coach Training Scope Broadens 2
Smart Buyers Seek Clarity for Sensible Choices 3
Integrating Methods to Satisfy Demanding Customer 3
Executive Coaching Gains Traction 3
Table 1: Top Ranked Benefits of Executive/ Business Coaching
(2011): Percentage Share Breakdown of Respondent Response
Favoring the Type of Benefit 4
In-house Coaching Culture Catches On 5
Coaching Corporate Leaders Benefit Market Leaders 5
ROIs That Rock And Shock the Corporate World 5
Industry At Risk of Coaches Oversupply 6
No Barrier, No Regulation Creating Chaos 6

The Life Coaching Market Overview 8
The Life Coaching Market Rests in the West 8
Life Coaches Numbers and Competition to Keep Growing 8
Life Coaching Market Fragments As More Specialized Niches Form 9
Life Coaching Products Flood The Virtually Product-less Market 9
Life Coaches - The Emerging Short Cut to Short-term Help 9
Consciousness Coaching - The New Coaching Phenomenon 10
Coaching Programs - Unifying Coaching and Training 10
Coaching - A Method to Optimize Learning 10
Coaching - A Hot Home Business Opportunity 10
Christian Coaching to Make Headway 11
Savvy Coaches to Explore Latest Options in Web-enabled
Technologies 11
Independent Financial Advisers (IFAs) Add Life Coaching to
Their Service Mix 11

Introduction to Coaching 12
Types of Coaching 12
Life Coaching 12
The Process of Life Coaching 13
Executive/Corporate Coaching 14
The Edge to Employer, Employee 14
Small Business Coaching 15
Career and Transition Coaching 15
Others 15
Dating Coaching 15
Health Coaching 16
Conflict Coaching 16
Sports Coaching 16

The Emergence of Life Coaching 17
Life Coaching As A Career 17
The Role of Life Coach From Client's Perspective 17
Common Factors Driving Clients to Seek Coaching: Ranked by
Order of Importance 18
The Benefits of Life Coaching From Client's Perspective 18
A Field Driven by Motivation to Help People, and 18
A Field Without Regulatory Boundaries 19
Table 2: ICF Credential Program: Percentage Breakdown of
Coaches by Credentials in 2010 19
The Coaching Sessions Factor 20
The Cost Factor 20



The United States 29
Market Overview 29
Europe 29
European Coaching Market 29
Germany 30
France 30
The Emergence of French Coaching Market 31
United Kingdom 31
Italy 32
Spain 32
Ireland 32
Switzerland 32
Austria 32
Scandinavia 33
Eastern Europe 33
Globalization Sweeps European Coaching Market 34
Professionalization to Drive the Europe Coaching Market 34
Coaching Supervision, Coaching Psychology - The New Trends in
Coaching 35
Australia 35
Australian Life Coaching Industry 35
In-House Coaching Gains Momentum 36
New Zealand 36
Opportunities Abound Amid Market Maturity 36
Thailand 36
Emerging Life Coaching Market 36

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Life coaching, although not a well-known concept, is currently gaining acceptance with growing awareness, particularly among organizations. Life coaching services that generally find acceptance in the western countries are now being demanded in the developing countries, primarily by corporate clients. Life Coaching is a contemporary, rapidly developing concept, wherein a life coach helps people develop, improve, and attain personal success; learn new skills, achieve aims; and manage personal/professional challenges and life changes. The market for such services is still in its growth phase, where the rate of expansion of coaching as a profession and as a service, far exceeds the rate of growth of economies where it operates.

The industry witnessed strong growth over the last few years with incredible results achieved by individuals and organizations using life coaching services. As a proof of that, even during the period of recession, the industry remained resilient as demand for life coaches remained steady. Worldwide, there are almost 30,000 to 50,000 coaches, majority of who are women, practicing in about 75 countries. The style of coaching adopted by these coaches varies from country to country so as to be in accordance with the individualistic, cultural and societal make-up of a particular region. While coaching approach in the US is highly individualistic, in Asia it takes up a more collective attitude.

To meet demand of varied groups of customers who are becoming increasingly discriminating with regards to their selection of coaches, the Life Coaching industry, unlike in the past, is currently adopting a more professional approach. With rising expectations of coaches to have greater breadth of training and techniques, coaches are taking up various training programs to gain an understanding of a variety of methods and forms of coaching. Niche specialization, wherein a coach specializes in a single area such as relationship coaching or career coaching or weight loss coaching is also gaining momentum as some clients seek help only in specific areas of their lives. In the organizational setting, coaching under the name Executive Coaching is also becoming a popular phenomenon as coaches are being considered as someone with the capability to help corporate leaders achieve their goals in an ever challenging, unstable, dynamic, and competitive corporate environment. In this regard, the concept of in-house coaching is catching on as organizations rather than hiring external executive coaches are opting for developing coaching capabilities internally so as to gain savings in cost.

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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown