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Internet Services - Global Outlook

  • ID: 1089891
  • Report
  • January 2012
  • Region: Global
  • 151 Pages
  • Global Industry Analysts, Inc
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The global outlook series on Internet Services provides a collection of statistical anecdotes, market briefs, and concise summaries of research findings. The report offers a rudimentary overview of the industry with an on-the-fly focus on broadband services, and details trends such as, increased broadband penetration and growth in e-Commerce applications and online advertising. Additionally, issues such as, impact of the ongoing recession, commercialization, threat to user choice and increased user monitoring are also covered.

The report identifies and discusses key regional markets, such as, the US, China, Japan, India, Canada, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Spain, the UK, China, India, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, and Brazil among others. The reader stands to gain macro-level insights into recent industry developments such as service introductions, mergers & acquisitions and other noteworthy strategic corporate developments. Also included is an indexed, easy-to-refer, fact-finder directory listing the addresses, and contact details of 159 companies worldwide.

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The Importance of Internet Services 1
Recession Fails to Suppress ISP Market 1
Asia Strengthens its Lead in Global Internet Subscriptions 2
Table 1: World Internet Usage (2010): Percentage Share
Breakdown by Top 10 Countries -China, US, Japan, India,
Brazil, Germany, Russia, UK, France, Nigeria and Others 2

Table 2: Global Internet Penetration Rates (2010): Percentage
Breakdown by Leading Geographic Regions -North America,
Oceania, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, Asia and Africa 3
Online Advertising 3
Table 3: World Online Advertising Market (2011): Percentage
Share Breakdown of Online Ad Spends by Geographic Region 3

Table 4: Global Market for Online Advertising: (2011):
Percentage Breakdown of Revenues for Mode/Format- Search,
Display and Other Modes/Formats 4
Online Banking Offers Enormous Opportunities for Banks 4
Internet Banking - Snapshots 4
Data Intensive Internet Applications Create Need for Fiber Optics 5
Table 5: Global FTTH Deployments: Breakdown of Fiber
Connected Households for the Years 2010 through 2013 (In
Millions) 6
Broadband Continues its Good Run 6
Asia-Pacific to Dominate Mobile-Only Broadb and Fixed Mobile
Convergence Services Market 6
Online Retailing: A Comprehensive Approach 7
Online Retail Categories 7
Table 6: Online Retail Market (2010): Breakdown by No. of
Unique Visitors in Millions for Leading Websites - Amazon,
Alibaba, Apple, Yahoo!, and Wal-Mart 7
Online Gaming Market: A Review 7
Table 7: World Market for Video Games (2010): Percentage
Share Breakdown of Revenues by Segment - Online (MMOG and
Casual Online) and Offline 8
Table 8: Global Online Gaming Market: (2011): Percentage
Share Breakdown by Category 9
The Future 9
Key Statistics 9
Table 9: Global iPTV Market (2010): Percentage Share
Breakdown of Number of Subscribers by Leading iPTV Operators 9

Table 10: World IPTV Market (2012): Percentage Share
Breakdown by Region- Europe, Asia, North America, and Others 10

Table 11: World Market for E-Commerce (2011): Percentage
Breakdown of Market Shares by Leading Players - Visa, PayPal,
and Others 10

Table 12: Global Mobile Internet Devices Market (2012):
Percentage Share Breakdown of Unit Shipments for North
America, Europe, Japan, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and
Middle East & Africa 10

Growing Willingness to Pay for Content Online Spurs Growth of
Online Services 11
Value Added Services Facilitate Growth in Broadband Services 12
Growth in E-Commerce Applications 12
Increase in Online Advertising 12
Online Advertising Spreads its Wings into SMEs 12
Online Games- Luring Children & Adults Off the Play Ground 13
Emphasis on Digital Brand Protection with Introduction of New
GTLDs 13
Public Sector Gears Up for Advanced Internet Services 13
Mobile Internet Services and Mobile Compatible Websites
Witness Growth 14
Mobile Internet Market Shifts Focus to Mobile Computers 14
Trends Related to Mobile Internet 14
Increased Usage of Social Networking Sites 15
Targeted Advertising to Improve CTR 15
Increase in Banking Transactions on the Internet and Mobile 15
Growth in Location Based Services 15
Online Movie Ticketing Switches from Single-Screen to Multiplexes 16
Internet Usage: Challenges &Issues 16
“Commercialization” of Internet 17
ISPs Concerned About Demands for Increased User Monitoring 17
Continuous Increase In Internet Related Crimes 17
Pricing Trends 18

History and Evolution 19
Development of Computer Networks 19
Local Area Networks (LANs) 19
Wide Area Networks (WANs) 19
Key Events in History of the Internet 20
Technology and Research 21

Internet Access 23
Means of Access 23
Dial-Up Access 23
Access Via Multilinking Modems 24
Broadband Internet Access 24
Cable Access 24
Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) 25
Wireless Broadband (WiBB) 25
Underlying Technology 25
Licensing 25
Mobile Wireless Broadband 26
Broadband Over Power Lines (BPL) 26
Potential Market Marred by Technology and Business Challenges 26
Fiber Optic Communication 27 Dedicated Line 27
Dedicated Lines Serve Essential Business Requirements 27
T-1 27
Wired Ethernet 28
Integrated Service Digital Network (ISDN) 28
Satellite Internet 29
Cellular broadband 29
Triple play (Telecommunications) 29
Rural Broadband 30
Internet Portfolio Services 30
Comparison between IPTV and Internet TV 30
Electronic Commerce 31
From Luxury to a Standard - eCommerce Strengthens its Market
Presence 31
Online Advertisement Formats 32
Mobile Internet 32
e-Governance 33
Internet Security Services 33
Firewall & VPN 34
Online Movie Ticketing 34
Cyclicality & Seasonality: Key Characteristics 35
Other Internet Services 35
Internet Hosting Service 35
Cost of Bandwidth 35
Types of Internet hosting 35
Full-Featured Hosting Services 35
Limited/Application-Specific Hosting Services 36
Web Hosting 36
Scope of Web Hosting Services 36
Hosting Uptime and Reliability 37
Hosting Services Limited to Web 37
Obtaining Hosting 38
DNS hosting service 38
Free DNS 39
Dynamic DNS 39
History 39
Function 39
E-mail hosting service 40
Web Designing and Programming 40
Messaging and Email Services 40
Market Controllers 41
Network Operators 41
Internet Service Providers (ISPs) 41
Emergence of ISPs 41
Competitive Scenario - ISPs 43
Essential Concepts of ISPs 43
ISP Interconnection 43
Peering 43
Free ISP 44
Wireless ISP 44
iBlast 44
Advantages and Disadvantages of iBlast 44
Pricing Structure 44
Location Identification 45
End User Connection 45
Types of ISPs 45
Household/Consumer Oriented ISPs 45
Business Oriented ISPs 46
Virtual ISP 46
Regulatory Overview 47




Market Overview 80
Table 13: US Market for Internet Services by Segment-
Internet Access and Other Services Market Independently
Analyzed in US$ Billion for the Years 2010 through 2015 80

Table 14: US Internet Services Market (2011 & 2015):
Percentage Breakdown of Dollar Sales by Segment- Internet
Access and Other Services 81
Internet Service Provider Industry: Current Scenario 81
Retail Dedicated Internet Access and Wholesale High-Speed IP
Transit Markets: An Overview 81
Market Trends 82
Broadband Services Pick Up Speed 82
Rise in Broadband Access, Bandwidth and Social Networking
Sites Drive Online Gaming 82
Mobile Internet and Text Messaging Take Communications to a
New Level 83
Improved Online Shopping Experience Strengthens E-Business 83
Key Statistics: 83
Table 15: US Online Advertising Market (2011): Percentage
Breakdown of Revenues by Mode/ Format- Search, Display Ads,
Classifieds, Rich Media, Sponsorship, Referrals, Slotting
Fees and E-Mail 83

2. CANADA 84
Market Overview 84
Table 16: Canadian Internet Services Market Revenues For
Years 2010 Through 2015 (In US$ Billion) 84
E-Commerce and Broadband Penetration in Canada 84
Broadband Accessibility to Expand Via New Technologies 85
Table 17: Canadian Broadband Internet Market (2010):
Percentage Breakdown of Subscriptions by Access Type - Cable
Modem, DSL, and FTTx 85
Mobile Internet Access 85
B2C e-commerce Gains Momentum 85
Table 18: Canadian Online Shopping (2010): Percentage Share
Breakdown of Online Shoppers By Type of Orders Placed Over
the Internet 86

Table 19: Online Shopping in Canada (2009-2011): Penetration
of Online Shoppers Presented As a Percentage of Total
Internet Users 87
Online Advertising Expenditure to Register Good Growth 87
Table 20: Canadian Online Advertising Market (2011):
Percentage Share Breakdown of Revenues by Mode/Formats-
Search, Display and Other Modes/Formats 87
Online Banking 87
Table 21: Mobile Banking in Canada (2011): Percentage Share
Breakdown of Mobile Banking Customers by Type of Mobile
Platform 88

3. JAPAN 89
Market Overview 89
Broadband Subscriber Trends In Japan 89
ISP Market Trends 89

4. EUROPE 90
Broadband Market 90
e-Commerce 90
Online Advertising 90
Table 22: European Online Advertising Market (2011):
Percentage Share Breakdown of Revenues by Mode/Format-Search,
Display and Other Modes/Formats 91
Key Statistics: 91
Table 23: Internet Penetration in Western Europe (2010):
Percentage Breakdown of Usage by Age Groups - 18-24 and 25-34
during Time of week - Weekdays and Weekends 91

Table 24: European FTTH Deployment (2013F): Breakdown by
Number of Connected Households for Select Country (In
Thousands) 92

Table 25: European FTTH Deployment (2013F): Breakdown of
Household Penetration by Select Country (In %) 93

4a. FRANCE 94
Key Statistics 94
Table 26: French Online Advertising Market (2011): Percentage
Share Breakdown of Revenues by Mode/Format- Search, Display
and Other Modes/Formats 94
Table 27: French Online Retail Market (2011): Percentage
Share Breakdown of Revenues by Segment 94

4b. GERMANY 95
Internet Services in Germany 95
Table 28: German Online Retail Market (2011): Percentage
Share Breakdown of Revenues by Segment 95
Table 29: German Online Advertising Market (2011): Percentage
Share Breakdown of Revenues by Mode/Format- Search, Display
and Other Modes/Formats 95

4c. GREECE 96
Internet Services Market 96
Table 30: Greek Broadband Internet Market (Q2 2010):
Percentage Breakdown of Player Market Shares by Number of
Subscribers 96

4d. ITALY 96

4e. LATVIA 97
Mobile Internet Witnesses Increase in Number of Users 97

4f. POLAND 97

4g. SPAIN 98

UK Witnesses Increase in Internet Users and Internet Usage
Avenues 99
UK Internet Penetration (2010): Ranked by Popular Online
Activities 99
Table 31: UK Internet Penetration (2010- 2015) - Number of
Internet Users (In Million) 99
Demographics 100
Diverse Online Activity 100
Broadband Market in the UK 101
Table 32: UK Broadband Internet Market (2010): Percentage
Share Breakdown by Leading Players - BT Retail, Talk Talk,
Virgin Media, Sky, Orange, and Others 101
Online Advertising 101
Broadband Potential Pulls Marketers Online 102
e-Commerce 102
Table 33: UK Online Retail Market (2011): Percentage Share
Breakdown of Revenues by Segment 102
Mobile Internet Transforms Internet Access 102
Rise in Illegal File Sharing: A Major Hurdle 103

Market Overview 104
Key Statistics: 104
Table 34: Asia-Pacific Internet User Base: Percentage
Breakdown of Users by Country 104

Table 35: Internet Market in the Asia-Pacific: Percentage
Breakdown of Penetration by Country 105

Table 36: Asia-Pacific Broadband Internet Market (2010):
Percentage Breakdown of Residential Penetration by Country 105

Table 37: Asia-Pacific Internet Application Services Market
(2010): Percentage Reach by Type of Website Visited 106
e-Commerce 106
Online Advertising 107
Table 38: Asia-Pacific Market for Online Advertising (2011):
Percentage Share Breakdown of Revenues by Geographic Region-
South Korea, China, Australia and Rest of Asia-Pacific 107
Online Music 107

Iptv And Pre-Paid Services Drive Broadband Internet Market 108

5b. CHINA 109
Market Overview 109
Adoption of Internet in Rural China 109
Licensing and its Role in Standardizing Competition 109
Growth of Internet and Mobile Internet Services 110
Broadband Internet Services 110
Online Advertising 110
E-Commerce in China 110
Table 39: Chinese E-Commerce Industry (2010): Percentage
Breakdown of Shares by Leading Players - Taobao, PaiPal,
360buy, and Others 111
Online Gaming 111
Table 40: Chinese Online Gaming Market (2011): Percentage
Market Share Breakdown of Leading Players 112
Online Banking 112
Table 41: Internet Banking Market in China (2010P):
Percentage Share Breakdown of Trade Value by Corporate and
Personal Sectors 112
Key Statistics: 113
Table 42: Chinese Market for iPTV (2010): Percentage Share
Breakdown of iPTV Users in Select Major Provinces - Beijing,
Guangdong, Hebei, Heilongjiang, Henan, Jiangsu, Shanghai,
Xinjiang, and Yunnan 113

Table 43: Chinese Market for iPTV (2010): Percentage Share
Breakdown of iPTV Subscribers in Shanghai by Consumer-
Existing Broadband users loading iPTV, New Broadband users
loading iPTV , New iPTV Customers 113

5c. INDIA 114
Market Overview 114
Internet Service Provider Industry In India 114
Table 44: Indian Wireline ISP Market (2010): Percentage
Breakdown of Wireline Internet Subscribers by Company 115
Broadband Market 115
Key Players 115
Table 45: Indian Broadband ISP Market (2010): Breakdown of
No. of Subscribers for Top 10 Players 116
Table 46: Indian Broadband ISP Market (2010): Percentage
Breakdown of Broadband Subscribers by Leading Players 116

Table 47: Percentage Share Breakdown of Broadband Market by
Type of Connectivity as of June 2010 117
Challenges to Market Expansion 117
Wired Broadband to Penetrate into Rural India 117
Online Advertising Market 117
Indian e-Commerce Market Awaits Growth 118

Market Overview 119
Online Gaming 119

Market Overview 120
Singapore All Geared Up for Triple Play and NGN Services 120

5f. TAIWAN 120
DSL Dominates Cable Access: Regulatory Amends Christen Growth
Of Cable Modem 120
Progress In Broadband, Multimedia Broadens Internet Content 120


6a. JORDAN 121
Internet Services in Jordan: Emergence and Evolution 121

6b. ISRAEL 121

6c. QATAR 121




7b. BRAZIL 123

7c. CHILE 123

8. AFRICA 124
Market Overview 124
Competitive Landscape 124
Major Challenges 124
Market Drivers 124

8a. ETHIOPIA 125
Market Overview 125

8b. GHANA 126
Market Overview 126

8c. KENYA 126
Market Overview 126

8d. NIGERIA 126
Market Overview 126

8e. TANZANIA 127
Market Overview 127

8f. UGANDA 127
Market Overview 127

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown