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Hospitals - Global Outlook

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  • January 2012
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The global outlook series on Hospitals provides a collection of statistical anecdotes, market briefs, and concise summaries of research findings. Illustrated with 42 fact-rich market data tables, the report offers insight into the industry's performance in the wake of an expanding global population, rising incidence of chronic illnesses and increasing healthcare costs. Regional markets briefly abstracted include the US, Japan, Europe, Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain, Turkey, Asia-Pacific, Australia, China, India, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, the Middle East, and Africa.

Also included is an indexed, easy-to-refer, fact-finder directory listing the addresses, and contact details of 2147 companies worldwide.

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Outlook 1
Market Overview 1
Table 1: World Hospital Market by Geographic Region (2011):
Percentage Breakdown of Hospital Distribution for North
America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and Africa 2
Trends in a Nutshell 2
Market Challenges 2
Quality of Healthcare Continues to Remain a Challenge 3
Hospital Market in the Developing Countries 3
Table 2: Per Capita Health Expenditure by Select Countries:
2010 3

Table 3: Percentage Contribution of Healthcare Expenditure to
GDP for Select Countries: 2010 4
Consolidation in the Hospital Industry 4
Construction Activity 4
Issues Impacting the Hospital Market 5
Hospital Information Laboratory Systems Gain Popularity 5
Table 4: World Current and Future Analysis for Hospital
Information Laboratory Systems for the years 2010 through
2015 (In US$ Million) 6
Finance Still a Major Challenge for IT Adoption by Hospitals 6
Strategic Alliances to Overcome Challenges in Healthcare IT 6

Hospital - An Introduction 7
Origin 7
Departments 7
Hospital Funding 7
Architecture 8

Types of Hospitals 9
General Hospital 9
Specialized Hospital 9
Types of Specialty Hospitals 9
Teaching Hospital 10
Clinic - An Introduction 10
Types 10
Functions of Clinics 10




Outlook 88
Current Scenario 88
Fallout of Recession - A Review 88
Table 5: US Current and Future Analysis for Hospital
Revenues in US$ Billion for the Years 2010 through 2015 89
US Hospitals: A Historic Review 90
Types of Hospitals 91
Market Challenges 92
Underinsured Exceeding Uninsured: A Challenge to Reckon With 92
Rising Hospital Bills 92
Table 6: US Hospital Expenditure (2008-2012) (In US$
Billion) 92

Table 7: US Healthcare Market (2011): Percentage Breakdown
of Expenditure by Healthcare Segment 93
Competitive Scenario 93
Table 8: US Hospital Market (2010): Percentage Breakdown of
Revenue by For-Profit Hospital Operators 93

Table 9: Hospital Market in Central Illinois (2010):
Percentage Share Breakdown by Hospital 94

Table 10: Hospital Market in Denver, Colorado (2010):
Percentage Share Breakdown by Hospital 94

Table 11: Hospital Market in Chattanooga, Tennessee (2010):
Percentage Share Breakdown by Hospital 94

Table 12: Hospital Market in Detroit, Michigan (2010):
Percentage Share Breakdown by Hospital 95

Table 13: Hospital Market in Jackson County, Indiana (2010):
Percentage Share Breakdown by Hospital 95
Market Entry of New Hospital Facilities Increases Competition 95
Hospital-Physician Joint Ventures Provide Competitive Edge 96
Rural Hospitals - Challenges and Opportunities 96
Rural Hospitals vs Urban Hospitals 96
Market Trends 97
Hospital Construction - ‘Winding Down' 97
Table 14: Percentage of Hospital's Capital Budget Allocated
to Construction Projects in the US: (2007 & 2008) - A
Perspective Builder 97

Table 15: Percentage of Construction Projects in the US
Hospital Sector by Specialty Area (2011) 98

Table 16: Number of Hospital Beds in the US (2011):
Percentage Breakdown by Area 98
Rising Cost of Construction 98
Aging Baby Boomers Drive the Demand for Hospital Services 98
Qualified Physicians Attract Patients 99
Outpatient Surgery Centers Rise in Popularity 99
Table 17: Percentage of Medical Procedures Performed on an
Outpatient Basis in the US (2011) 100
Hospitals ‘Going Green' 100
Urban Hospitals - Losing Ground 101
Increasing Investment in Information Technology 101
Table 18: US Healthcare IT Spending at Hospitals (2006-2009)
(In US$ Billion) 101
Hospitals Outsource RCM Services to Cut Costs 101

2. JAPAN 102
Regulatory Scenario 102
Liberalized Health Care Regulations 102
Policy Initiatives in the Hospital Sector 102

3. EUROPE 103
Hospital Information Systems Market in Europe 103
Central Databases of Patient Information - A Major Trend 103

3a. GERMANY 104
Hospital Market - An Overview 104
Table 19: German Recent Past, Current and Future Analysis for
Hospital Revenues in US$ Billion for the Years 2010 through
2015 104

Table 20: German 5-Year Perspective for Hospitals Market by
Geographic Region: Percentage Breakdown of Revenues for Years
2011 & 2015 105
Challenges Faced by Hospital Market 105
Partnership With Post-Inpatient Care Providers 105
Ambulatory Healthcare Market - An Overview 106

Hospital Market 107
Table 21: UK Hospital Beds: Density Per 1000 population
(2003-2010) 107

3c. SPAIN 107
Hospital Market 107

3d. TURKEY 108
Hospital Market - An Overview 108
Table 22: Number of Hospitals and Percentage Breakdown of
Hospitals by Type in Turkey (2011) 108


Market Overview 109
Table 23: Australian Recent Past, Current and Future Analysis
for Hospital Revenues in US$ Billion for the Years 2010
through 2015 109

4b. CHINA 111
Market Overview 111
Table 24: Chinese Recent Past, Current and Future Analysis
for Hospital Revenues in US$ Billion for the Years 2010
through 2015 111

Table 25: Medical institutions in China (2011): Percentage
Breakdown of Number of Institutions by Type 112

Table 26: Number of Hospital Beds Per Thousand Persons in
China (2011) 112

4c. INDIA 113
Healthcare Industry Witnessing Robust Growth in India 113
Table 27: Healthcare Revenues in India (2007-2012) (In US$
Billion) 113
Hospital Market 114
Table 28: Indian Recent Past, Current and Future Analysis for
Hospital Revenues in US$ Billion for the Years 2010 through
2015 114

Table 29: Indian 5-Year Perspective for Hospitals Market by
Geographic Region: Percentage Breakdown of Revenues for Years
2011 & 2015 115
Market Challenges 115
Table 30: Number of Physicians, Hospital Beds, and Nurses Per
Thousand Persons in India (2011) 116
Hospitals Look to Capitalize on Medical Tourism 116
Table 31: Comparative Assessment of Healthcare Costs in
India, the US, and Thailand Based on Various Treatments (In
US$) 117

4d. KOREA 118
Hospital Market 118
Table 32: Healthcare Expenditure in Korea (2010-2015) (In US$
Billion) 118

Table 33: Number of Hospitals by Type in Korea (2007 - A
Perspective Builder) 119

Table 34: Number of Physicians, Hospital Beds, and Nurses Per
Thousand People in Korea (2011) 119

4e. MALAYSIA 120
Table 35: Number of Public and Private Hospitals, Beds, and
Registered Physicians in Malaysia (2007- A Historic
Perspective Builder) 120

Market Overview 121
Table 36: Healthcare Market in Singapore (2011): Percentage
Breakdown of Expenditure by Government and Private Sectors 121

Table 37: Number of Physicians, Hospital Beds, and Nurses by
Thousand People in Singapore (2011) 121

Table 38: Number of Private and Public Hospital Beds in
Singapore (2007 & 2008) - A Historic Perspective Builder 122

4g. THAILAND 122
Hospital Market Continues to Grow 122
Medical Tourism Propels Market Growth 122

An Outlook 123
Hospital Market - An Overview 123
Table 39: Number of Hospital Beds in GCC States (2008-2012)
(In Thousand) 124

Table 40: Healthcare Expenditure in the Middle East:
Percentage of Expenditure on Public Healthcare by Country
(2011) 124

Table 41: Percentage of Expenditure on Private Healthcare by
Country (2011) 125

Table 42: Number of Hospital Beds in GCC States (In Thousand) 125
Major Hospital Development Programs 126
Overview of Regional Markets 126
Healthcare Market in UAE 126
Iran 126
Kazakhstan 126

6. AFRICA 127
Egypt 127
Angola 127
Hospitals Rise in Number 127


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The world over, hospitals are focused largely on increasing efficiency and offering comprehensive services to retain existing customers and attract new ones. Growing healthcare costs have become a major concern for the government as well as hospitals and insurance companies. Escalating healthcare costs and reduced co-payments by employers for medical benefits led to the establishment of the managed care companies and HMOs, pressurizing hospitals to increase cost-effectiveness. Faced with the increasing costs and declining profits, majority of hospitals have implemented measures, such as providing alternative medicines to patients, and collaborations to form health systems to expand offerings and reduce overall healthcare costs.

Despite the economic slowdown and financial crunch, the number of new hospitals increased significantly since the year 2008. While a well-developed healthcare infrastructure exists in the developed nations, emerging economies also progressively began to make investments in the establishment of hospitals and clinics in order to increase public access to healthcare. The global economic downturn further accelerated the ongoing consolidation activity in the hospitals sector, forcing weaker organizations to merge with the financially sound hospitals.

Increasing demand for hospital beds has largely been driving the increase in the number of hospital construction projects. Additionally, higher spending on new hospital buildings, and technologically advanced equipment, is further driving the US hospital expenditure. The hospital sector continues to remain a low-profit market, characterized by the high operating costs and heightened competition among hospitals.

The hospital information laboratory systems market has been growing at a significant rate in the recent years, driven by growing need to automate electronic patient record systems for transferring patient information rapidly. The growth is also driven by the supply chain automation, which allows hospitals to simultaneously share laboratory results with many service providers. In a further embracement of technology, hospital organizations are establishing health related web portals for both internal and external uses, including connecting patients, lab results, pre-registration, and focusing on disease management and wellness.

With the increasing popularity of medical tourism, hospitals face the heat of increased competition. In an attempt to gain a competitive edge in the market, major hospital operators are focused on establishing offshore hospitals. Growth in the hospital market is expected in all major regions, with double digit growth rates projected in the Chinese and Indian markets.

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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown