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Solar Fuels, Artificial Photosynthesis, Hydrogen, Fuel Cells And The Future Of Clean Energy: Technologies, Markets, Competitors And Opportunities - 2013-2023 Analysis And Forecasts Product Image

Solar Fuels, Artificial Photosynthesis, Hydrogen, Fuel Cells And The Future Of Clean Energy: Technologies, Markets, Competitors And Opportunities - 2013-2023 Analysis And Forecasts

  • ID: 1091182
  • November 2009
  • Region: Global
  • 123 Pages
  • Amadee & Company, Inc


  • A2BE Carbon Capture, LLC
  • Bio Centric Energy, Inc.
  • Exxon Mobil Corporation
  • Infinifuel Corporation
  • PetroAlgae, Inc.
  • Seambiotic Ltd.
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This research provides an overview on what could become one of the most significant technological and economic events of the early 21st century: turning algae into fuel, i.e. algal oil, on a commercial scale. If this feat is accomplished, and it's not certain it will be, it will have dramatic, disruptive consequences to oil producers, oil refiners, ethanol, biodiesel and other biofuels producers, biotechnology companies, agricultural producers, consumers, motor vehicle makers, regulators, R&D activities and investors, among others.

However, from this change will come enormous opportunities, including less dependence on petroleum oil, more geopolitical independence, reductions in CO2 and global warming, technological advancements, very large, new industries and markets, and huge profits.

The report provides a review of algae in terms of biology, classifications, photosynthesis and applications and discusses algae for fuel in terms of its history, applications, cultivation technologies and R&D. Analysis of the algal oil market in terms of its advantages, challenges, production costs, scale-up, market opportunity and sector investments is given. The biofuels market READ MORE >

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  • A2BE Carbon Capture, LLC
  • Bio Centric Energy, Inc.
  • Exxon Mobil Corporation
  • Infinifuel Corporation
  • PetroAlgae, Inc.
  • Seambiotic Ltd.
  • MORE

Methodology and Sources
Statistical Notes


- Biofuels in Context
- Technology Developments
- First Generation
- Second Generation
- Third Generation
- Petroleum Oil Market
- Biodiesel Market
- Ethanol Market
- Ethanol and Biodiesel Market
- Algal Oil Market
- Algae Politics
- Algal Oil Benchmarks
- Algae Politics
- Algal Oil First Mover Advantage
- Algal Oil Sector Investments
- Algal Oil Competitive Environment
- Risks To The Future of Algal Oil
- Other Biofuels Markets
- Market Drivers
- Future Supply-Demand Imbalances
- Polyculture
- Industry Consolidation
- Next Generation Technology Themes
- Food vs. Fuel
- Biodiesel From Waste Feedstocks
- Regional Biofuels
- Alternate Fuels Mandates
- Production Costs And Disruptive Technologies
- Investment Themes
- New, Cheaper Capacity
- Alternatives To Yeast and Corn for Ethanol Production
- Intellectual Property
- Integration vs. Platform Companies
- The Oil Majors
- Distribution
- Engines
- Feedstocks
- Land
- Water Issues
- Capacity and Capital Issues
- Winners and Losers
- Government Policies: US, Brazil, Europe, Asia Pacific
- Subsidies
- Politics
- Optimistic Scenario
- Companies/Organizations Discussed: ADM, BP, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, DOA, DOE, Dow, DuPont, EIA, Environmental Protection Agency, ExxonMobil, Fulcrum BioEnergy, Monsanto, Nova Biosource Fuels, NRDC, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Origin Agritech Ltd, Petrobras, PetroChina, Sandia National Laboratories, Synthetic Genomics, The Andersons, Tyson, Valero, Verasun, Verenium, Weiming, ZeaChem


- Algae Biology
- Photosynthesis
- Etymology and Study
- Classification
-- Green algae
-- Red algae
-- Brown algae
-- Golden algae
-- Yellow-green algae
- Relationship To Higher Plants
- Morphology
- Symbiotic Algae
- Life-Cycle
- Numbers of Species
- Distribution
- Locations
- Uses
-- Agar
-- Alginates
-- Fertilizer
-- Fuel
-- Nutrition
-- Pollution Control
-- Pigments
-- Stabilizing Substances


- Background
- History
- Aquatic Species Program Recommendations
- DARPA Initiative
- Potential Algal Oil Fuels
-- Biodiesel
-- Bioalcohols
-- Biobutanol
-- Biogasoline
-- Jet Biofuels
-- Straight Vegetable Oil
-- Methane
-- Hydrogen
- Algae Cultivation Overview
- Siting
- Strain Selection
- Cultivation
-- Open Pond Systems
-- Raceway Ponds
- Photobioreactors
- Harvesting and Dewatering/Drying
- Extraction
- Conversion
- Policy and Regulatory
- System Integration
- Algae Types For Algal Oil
- Algae Growth Factors
- Yields
- Wastewater
- Universities Research
- Companies & Organizations Discussed: A2BE Carbon Capture, Air New Zealand, Algal Biomass Organization, Algaewheel, Algenol , Aquaflow, Aurora Biofuels , Bionomic, Boeing Commercial Airplanes, Continental Airlines, Diversified Energy Corporation, Earthrise Farm , Green Flight International, Harbor Branch (Florida Atlantic University), International Air Transport Association, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, MTU Aero Engines, NASA Glenn Research Center , National Algae Association, NREL, Sandia National Laboratories, Sapphire Energy, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Solazyme, Tecbio, UOP LLC , US Air Force Research Laboratory, Valcent Products, Virgin Atlantic, Wageningen UR, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution


- Algae Advantages vs. Other Feedstocks
- Yield Issues
- Existing Refinery Infrastructure Utilization
- Algae Challenges
- Cost Concerns
- Production Costs
- Scale-Up
- Process Challenges
- Price of Oil
- Market Opportunity
- Market Projections
- Sector Investments
- First Mover Advantage
- Competitive Environment
- Prize Capital
- Companies & Organizations Discussed: Dow, EESI, ExxonMobil, General Atomics, GreenFuel Technologies, Live Fuels, NREL, PetroAlgae, Seambiotic, Solix, University of New Hampshire, Synthetic Genomics


- Definition
- Production Technologies
- End Use
- First-Generation Biodiesel Costs
- Global Biodiesel Market
- US Market
- Feedstock Constraints
- US Biodiesel Tax
- Current Market Conditions
- Multiple Feedstocks and Arbitrage Opportunities
- Standards
- Quality Issues
- Environmental Controversies
- Cloudpoint
- Water Contamination
- Major Biodiesel Players: US, Canada, Brazil, Europe
- Second-Generation Biodiesel Feedstocks
- Jatropha Oil
- Biomenthanol
- Companies & Organizations Discussed:
ADM, Allegro Biodiesel Corporation, ASTM, BioPetrol Industries, Biox Corporation, BP, Bunge, Canadian BioEnergy Corporation, Cargill, Cargill Energy Paseo Biofuels, Caterpillar, ConocoPhillips, D1 Oils, Desmet Ballestra, EOP Biodiesel, Global Clean Energy Holdings, GreenHunter Biofuels, Homeland Energy Resources Development, INEOS, Innovation Fuels, John Deere, Mission Biofuels India Private Limited, Mission NewEnergy Limited, National Biodiesel Board, New Holland, Nova, Petrobras, Pure Biofuels Corp, REG, Rocky Mountain Biodiesel Consulting, Rothsay, SG Biofuels, Technology Alternatives Ltd, The Energy and Resources Institute, Tyson Foods


- Definition
- Technology Development
- First-Generation
- Second-Generation
- Cellulolysis (Biochemical Approach)
- Gasification (Thermochemical Approach)
- Cellulosic Ethanol and the Environment
- Third-Generation
- Food vs. Fuel
- Renewable Fuel Standard
- Global Mandates
- Global Ethanol Production
- US Production and Mandates
- Risks And Opportunities
- Margin Outlook
- Transportation Issues
- Yields, Process, Location and Cost Position
- First-Generation Major Ethanol Players: US, Brazil, Europe
- Cellulosic Ethanol Feedstocks and Government Incentives
- Second-Generation Bioethanol Players
- Cellulosic Costs
- Clean Technology
- E85 Ethanol Blend Fuel
- Biobutonol Alcohol
- Biomenthanol
- Companies & Organizations Discussed:
Abengoa Bioenergy, ALICO, Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, American Energy Enterprises, Archer Daniels Midland Co., Aventine Renewable Energy, BioMCN, BlueFire Ethanol, BP, Bunge Alimentos, Cellulosic Ethanol LLC, Chrysler, Copersucar S.A., Cosan Group S/A, Coskata, Cristal Union, Danisco, DOE, DSM, DuPont, DuPont Danisco, Ensus Group, EPA, Ford, Genencor, General Motors, Gevo, Goldman Sachs, Greenfield Ethanol, Green Spirit Fuels Ltd., HR BioPetroleum, Husky Energy, ICM, INEOS Bio, Inifinity Bio-Energy, Iogen Corporation, Jiangsu Lianhai Biological Technology Co., Ltd, Kajima, KL Process Design Group, Lake County Solid Waste Management District, Lignol Innovations, Marubeni, Mascoma, Mercedes, Michigan State University, Michigan Technological University, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Monsanto, Nippon Oil, Nissan, Novozymes, NRDC, NREL, Pacific Ethanol, POET, Powers Energy One, QTEROS, Range Fuels, Sapporo Breweries, Shell, Stora Enso North America, Suncor Energy, SunOpta, Syntec Biofuel, Tereos Group, Toray, Toyota, Tsukishima Kikai, University of Tennessee, VeraSun, VIASPACE, Verenium, ZeaChem


Global Petroleum Production By Year (Volume/Value/Price): 2007-2020
Global Biodiesel Production By Year (Volume/Value/Price): 2007-2020
Global Ethanol Production By Year (Volume/Value/Price): 2007-2020
Global Algal Oil Production By Year (Volume/Value/Price): 2009-2014
US Renewable Fuel Standard By Fuel Type: 2008-2022
Commercialization Targets By Algae For Fuel Companies
Algal Oil Production Costs By Cost Component
Global Algae Fuel Price And Capacity Projections: 2009-2014
Capital Investments In Algae For Fuel Companies By Company
Global Ethanol Blending Mandates By Country
Global Biodiesel Production Volume By Region And Country: 2005-2017
US Biodiesel Production, Imports, Exports And Consumption Volume: 2001-2008
Global Oilseed Oil Production Volume And Biodiesel Equivalent Volume By Feedstock (Soybean/Rapeseed Oil/Palm Oil): 2007-2017
Impact of Various Biofuels Sources on Climate Change
Global Ethanol Production Volume By Region And Country: 2005-2017


Green Algae
Red Algae
Brown Algae
Golden Algae
Properties of Common Fuels
Algae Efficiency
Comparison of Fuel Yield and Water Consumption by Fuel Type and Conversion Process
Algae Production Process

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown

- A2BE Carbon Capture, LLC
- Algae Floating Systems, Inc.
- AlgaeLink N.V.
- Algaewheel?
- Algenol
- AlgoDyne Ethanol Energy Corporation
- Aquaflow Bionomic Corporation Limited
- Aquatic Energy, LLC
- Aurora Biofuels
- Bio Centric Energy, Inc.
- Biofuel Advance Research & Development, LLC
- Bionavitas, Inc.
- Blue Marble Energy
- Bodega Algae, LLC
- BP plc
- Centre d'Etude et de Valorisation des Algues (study centre for the valorization of algae)-CEVA
- Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency(DARPA)
- Desert Sweet Biofuel
- Diversified Energy Corporation
- The Dow Chemical Company
- Exxon Mobil Corporation
- Fuel Bio Holdings, LLC
- General Atomics
- GS CleanTech Corporation
- GreenFuel Technologies Corporation
- Green Plains Renewable Energy, Inc.
- Green Star Products Inc.
- HR Biopetroleum (Cellana)
- Infinifuel Corporation
- Ingrepro B.V.
- Inventure Chemicals
- Kai BioEnergy
- Kent Bioenergy Corporation
- Live Fuels Inc.
- Missing Link Technology, LLC
- New American Energy (Mighty Algae Biofuels)
- Noritech Seaweed Biotechnologies Ltd.
- National Renewable Energy Laboratory?
- OriginOil, Inc.
- PetroAlgae, Inc.
- PetroSun Inc.
- Renewable Energy Group, Inc.
- Rentech, Inc.
- RWE Corporation (Renewed World Energies)
- Sapphire Energy, Inc.
- SBAE Industries nv/sa
- Seambiotic Ltd.
- Solazyme, Inc.
- Solena Group
- Solix Biofuels, Inc.
- Synthetic Genomics Inc.
- Trident Resources Corp.
- Valcent Products Inc.
- XL Renewables

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown


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