Gaming ARPU: Games & the Service Provider 4Q 09

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  • December 2009
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This report assesses the market potential and challenges of integrating gaming applications with televisions and pay-TV services. It answers three key questions. Will game consoles become a pay-TV platform that competes with or complements services from established pay-TV providers? How much can service providers benefit by integrating games? Can integrated gaming features and services boost demand for connected TVs?

“TV gaming features are clearly coming,” said John Barrett, director of research. “The question is whether they will be an ARPU driver like premium channels, an expected freebie like music channels, or an industry-altering path for console makers to challenge pay-TV providers.”

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The Bottom Line

1.0 Report Summary
1.1 Purpose and Scope of Report
1.2 Data Sources

2.0 Market Examination
2.1 Industry Value Chain Overview

2.2 Market Context
2.2.1 Game Consoles
2.2.2 Pay-TV Services
2.2.3 Connected TVs

2.3 Key Players
2.3.1 Technology Providers/Game Aggregators
2.3.2 Connected TV Manufacturers

2.4 TV-Gaming Business Models

2.5 Important Products & Services
2.5.1 Pay-TV-Gaming Services/Solutions
2.5.2 Connected TVs & Services

2.6 Key Announcements & Implications
2.6.1 OnLive
2.6.2 Playcast/HOT TV Gaming Deployment
2.6.3 Microsoft Partnership with BSkyB

2.7 Market Trends & Consumer Interest in Gaming Services
2.7.1 Consumer Research
2.7.2 Real-World Deployments

3.0 Technology

3.1 Streaming vs. Downloading
3.1.1 Download Approach
3.1.2 Streaming Approach
3.1.3 Streaming Console-quality Games

4.0 Forecasts

5.0 Strategic Implications, Conclusions & Recommendations
5.1 Conclusions
5.2 Recommendations


- TV Gaming Value Chain
- Revenue Relationships
- Game Console Adoption
- Digital Media Adapter Unit Sales
- Technology Providers/Game Aggregators
- OnLive’s Hardware Device
- Connected TV Manufacturers
- VIZIO’s Connected TV Remote Control
- TV Gaming Revenue Models
- Examples of TV-Game Advertisements
- Examples of TV Overlay Games
- Pay-TV Gaming Services/Solutions
- Connected TVs & Services
- XBox 360/Sky Player Avatar Viewing Feature
- Most Desired Pay-TV Enhancements
- Appeal of Pay-TV Gaming Features
- HHs Interested in Pay-TV Gaming Features
- Willingness to Pay for Single Player, Gaming Feature
- Willingness to Pay for Multi-Player, TV Gaming Feature
- Pay-TV Enhancements Most Likely to Lure Subscribers
- Willingness to Switch to Obtain Feature
- Households Using Pay-TV Gaming Services
- Households Using Connected-TV Gaming Services

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown


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