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Protein Kinase Inhibitors in Oncology Drug Pipeline Update

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  • August 2016
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Protein kinase inhibitors such as Gleevec, Iressa and Tarceva have allowed the biotechnology industry to deliver on the promise of targeted cancer drugs. However, these three successful drugs are just the top of an emerging line of therapy. Given the fact that they all target tyrosine kinases and that kinase mutations can cause patients to become resistant to these drugs, there is plenty of room for more competition.

There are today 462 companies plus partners developing 831 PKI drugs in 2912 developmental projects in cancer. In addition, there are 5 suspended drugs and the accumulated number of ceased drugs over the last years amount to another 459 drugs. Protein Kinase Inhibitors In Oncology Drug Pipeline Update lists all drugs and gives you a progress analysis on each one of them. Identified drugs are linked to 296 different targets. All included targets have been cross-referenced for the presence of mutations associated with human cancer. To date 292 out of the 293 studied drug targets so far have been recorded with somatic mutations. The software application lets you narrow in on these mutations and links out to the mutational analysis for each of the drug targets for detailed information. All drugs targets are further categorized on in the software application by 52 classifications READ MORE >

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Delivery Format: Desktop App plus Online Access to Updates (One Year)

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