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Innovations and NPD in Dairy: Emerging Opportunities, Flavour Trends and New Healthy, Ethical and Premium Products Product Image

Innovations and NPD in Dairy: Emerging Opportunities, Flavour Trends and New Healthy, Ethical and Premium Products

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  • January 2010
  • 115 Pages
  • Scripp Business Insights

There are three significant trends in dairy product innovation: emotional wellbeing, functional health and indulgence products. The importance of these drivers is set to increase as consumers demand more from dairy products.

Products which deliver mood management are coming onto the market. Manufacturers are using textural enhancements, functional botanicals and emotive language to position their product as beneficial to emotional wellbeing. The naturally occurring appetite suppressants in milk are being supplemented with other natural functional ingredients to enhance its weight management potential. Dairy products are also being positioned as an aid to sport because of the naturally occurring nutrients which offer energy and muscle repair. Indulgence has also been to the fore as many consumers look to treat themselves to small affordable luxuries during the tough economic climate. A number of dairy manufacturers are incorporating a sense of indulgence into their products through indulgent ingredients, packaging and provenance.

Key features of this report

- Analysis of sales values for dairy in North America, South & Central America, Western Europe, eastern READ MORE >

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Innovations and NPD in Dairy
Executive summary
Market drivers, inhibitors and issues
Market dynamics and growth opportunities
NPD and innovation in dairy products

Chapter 1 Introduction
What is this report about?
Report structure

Chapter 2 Market drivers, inhibitors and issues
Market drivers
Demand for natural products
Adult obesity and diets
Resurgent interest in home cooking
Ageing population
Market resistors
Doubts over product safety
Environmental consumerism
The amount of methane gas produced by cows
Carbon footprint
Production methods
Rising costs and prices
Price fixing
Increased demand in China
Other raw material costs
Recession in the US
Market issues
Dairy allergies and intolerance
Fat content
Probiotic debate
Articles 13, 13.5 and 14
Problems with the implementation of the regulation
Issues with health claims

Chapter 3 Market dynamics and growth opportunities
Introduction and market trends
The US dominates the dairy market
Dairy in the BRIC countries
Dairy market value analysis
Country analysis
Germany and France are the most valuable European markets
Segment analysis

Chapter 4 Innovation and NPD
Growth of dairy products in terms of new product launches
Category analysis
Chilled desserts
Fromage frais
Spreadable fats
Regional analysis
North America
Innovative dairy products
Innovation in formulation
Innovation in packaging
Green packaging
On-the-go and convenience for kids
Innovation by category
Examples of key trends
Product tags on dairy products
Flavor trends

Chapter 5 Conclusions
Drivers and resistors in the dairy products market
Natural and ethical
Functional health and wellbeing
Further opportunities

List of Figures:

Figure 2.1: China milk product scare
Figure 2.2: Ways to reduce the fat content and fat intake in dairy
Figure 3.3: Value growth of dairy market, by country (%), per capita ($), 2008-2013
Figure 3.4: Value growth of emerging dairy markets, by country (%), per capita ($), 2008-2013
Figure 4.5: Growth of dairy products launched, by category (%), 2006-09
Figure 4.6: Share of dairy products launched, by category (%), 2006-09
Figure 4.7: Sainsbury’s cheese sticks, Landfrisch Sommergemuese, Raclette Cheese and Finlandia Black Label Goats Cheese
Figure 4.8: Campina dessert, Fru Fruity Puds and Nantsuttei Baked Black Caramel Pudding
Figure 4.9: Ruoka kerma cream, Junnama Cream, Kunin’s Smetana and Bailey’s whipped cream
Figure 4.10: Plum baby fromage frais, Muller Little Stars and Yoplait Safari Tubs
Figure 4.11: Nippon Milk Community milk, Dairy Delicious Milk, Latella Tirol Milch and Huerkang milk
Figure 4.12: Epicurean Butter, Ayurvedic Ghee butter, Delamere Goat’s butter and Minus L butter
Figure 4.13: Muller Corner Healthy Balance and Yoplait Light Thick and Creamy yogurts
Figure 4.14: Share of dairy products launched, by region (%), 2006-09
Figure 4.15: Share of products launched by category, Europe (%), 2009
Figure 4.16: Edeka Mozzarella and Garcia Baquero Queso
Figure 4.17: Share of products launched by category, North America (%), 2009
Figure 4.18: Tillamook Shingle sliced cheese, Cabot Harpoon IPA Beer Cheddar Cheese and Meyenberg Aged Goats Milk Cheese
Figure 4.19: Share of products launched by category, Asia Pacific (%), 2009
Figure 4.20: Maeil fresh shoots and grain seed yogurt drink, Gloria Frutos del Peru and Yakult Honsha yogurt drink
Figure 4.21: Next Generation Organic Probiotic Cheese, Acai Roots Smoothie, Benecol Fruit and Dairy Smoothie and Celta Antiox
Figure 4.22: Borden Dairy 100 calorie Snack Cheese Sticks, Rightsize smoothie and Magermilch- Joghurt
Figure 4.23: Kagome bacteria yogurt, Hempmilk and Nippon Luna Platinum Yogurt
Figure 4.24: Yogi Yalla Yogurt Drink, Ice Break Milk and Boost Guarana
Figure 4.25: Tou del Tillers Queso, Colby Kalamata Olive and Sundried Tomatoes and Noem Mix Naturrein
Figure 4.26: Chobani Greek Yogurt
Figure 4.27: Waitrose Select Farm and Sam’s Member’s Mark Milk
Figure 4.28: Yoplait 360 Degrees Yogurt drink, Dannon Danimals Crush Yogurt and San Antonio Margarine
Figure 4.29: Innovation in dairy product categories, 2006-2009
Figure 4.30: Jalna Vitalize Yogurt, Dobroye Utro Bio Yogurt, Yoplait Mixed Seeds, Patak’s Original Raita Yogurt, Wallaby Organic Down Under
Figure 4.31: Flora Buttery, Strawberry yogurt drink, Natural Start Vulgaris yogurt drink and Waitrose Strawberry and Rhubarb cheesecake
Figure 4.32: Dairy products with innovative flavors
Figure 5.33: Drivers and resistors in the dairy industry
Figure 5.34: Growth opportunities in milk
Figure 5.35: Growth opportunities in cheese
Figure 5.36: Growth opportunities in yogurt

List of Tables:

Table 2.1: Value of the US & European natural (excluding organic) food and drink market, by category ($bn), 2000-2010
Table 2.2: Overweight and obese adult consumers, by country (% of adult population), 2004- 2009
Table 2.3: 60+ Mid Year Population, by continent (m), 2008-2012
Table 2.4: Market value of the allergen and intolerance food market, by country ($m), 2001-2011
Table 2.5: Market value for the allergen and intolerance drinks market, by country ($m), 2001- 2011
Table 2.6: Low-density lipoprotein (LDL), or "bad," cholesterol levels
Table 3.7: Dairy market value, by country ($m), 2008-2013
Table 3.8: Dairy market value, by segment ($bn), 2008 and 2013
Table 4.9: % of types of innovation within innovative dairy products,
Table 4.10: Top 15 claims on dairy products launched, 2006 to 2009
Table 4.11: Top 15 flavors in dairy products launched, 2006-2009

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown


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