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Stem Cell Research - Global Business Strategic Report

  • ID: 1206769
  • Report
  • May 2012
  • Region: Global
  • 551 Pages
  • Global Industry Analysts, Inc
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This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Stem Cell Research in US$ Million. Annual estimates and forecasts are provided for the period 2008 through 2017. The report provides separate comprehensive analytics for the US, Europe, and Rest of World.

The report profiles 87 companies including many key and niche players such as Advanced Cell Technology, Inc., Athersys, Inc., BioE, Inc., Cellartis AB, Cryo-Cell International, Inc., Cytori Therapeutics, Inc., ES Cell International, Gamida Cell Ltd., Genzyme Corporation, International Stem Cell Corporation, Mesoblast Ltd., Neuralstem, Inc., NeuroGeneration, Inc., Osiris Therapeutics, Inc., StemCells, Inc., ThermoGenesis Corp., and ViaCord, LLC.

Market data and analytics are derived from primary and secondary research. Company profiles are primarily based upon search engine sources in the public domain.

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Study Reliability and Reporting Limitations I-1
Disclaimers I-2
Data Interpretation & Reporting Level I-3
Quantitative Techniques & Analytics I-3
Product Definitions and Scope of Study I-3
Types of Stem Cells I-3
Embryonic Stem Cells I-3
Adult Stem Cells I-3

II. Executive Summary

Overview II-1
Major Achievements Thus Far II-1
A Glimpse of Major Historical Events in the Area of Stem Cell
Research II-1
New Growth Areas II-2
Orthopedic Products - A potential growth sector II-2
Utilitarian Functions of Cord Blood Stem Cells II-2
Umbilical Cord Stem Cells in the Treatment of Hepatic Diseases II-3
Human Umbilical Cord Blood-Derived Stem Cells in Insulin
Synthesize II-3
Challenges II-3
Stem Cell Research And the Ethical Angle II-3

North America Dominates Global Stem Cells Market II-4
Stem Cells Breakthrough Reshaping the Area of Medicine II-4
Korea Debuts the World's First Somatic Stem Cell-Based Therapy II-4
New Technologies Draw Significant Attention II-5
Ethical Issues and Nascent Stage - Key Market Restraints for
Stem Cells II-5
Medical Tourism Picks Up in Stem Cell Therapy II-6
Government Regulations Fail to Prevent Medical Tourism in
Stem Cell Therapy II-6
US and Japan Surge Ahead of Europe in Stem Cell Patents II-7
Table 1: Global Stem Cells Patent Analysis by Market (2010):
Percentage Breakdown of Number of Patents Issued for US,
Japan and Europe (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-7

Table 2: Global Stem Cells Patent Analysis by Product (2010):
Percentage Breakdown of Number of Patents Issued for Adult
Stem Cells, Human Embryonic Stem Cells, Mesenchymal Stem
Cells, Hematopoietic Stem Cells, Neuronal Stem Cells and
Others (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-8

Table 3: Leading Stem Cell Companies by Patents (2010):
Percentage Breakdown of Number of Patents Secured for Geron
Corp., Osiris Therapeutics, Olympus Corporation, Wisconsin
Alumni Research Foundation, Kourion Therapeutics AG, Japan
Science & Tech Agency and Others (includes corresponding
Graph/Chart) II-8

Adult Stem Cells Hold Tremendous Potential II-9
Adult Stem Cells and Embryonic Stem Cells - A Comparison II-9
A Low Risk Investment II-10
Adult Stem Cells Garner More Investments for Research II-10
Low Versatility - A Major Limiting Factor for Adult Stem Cells II-10
Hematopoietic Stem Cells - Enjoying Enduring Success II-10
The Restraining Factors II-11
Mesenchymal Stem Cells - A Promising Therapeutic Option II-11
Difficulty in Isolation and Lower Understanding Hampers Growth II-11
Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells - An Alternative to ESCs II-12
A Peek Into the Discovery of iPS II-12
Drug Development - A Major Application for iPS II-12
Regenerative Medicine II-13
Establishing iPS Cell Banks II-13
Intractable and Congenital Disease Treatments II-13
Repairing Organs II-14
Embryonic Stem Cells to Transfigure the Field of Medicine II-14
Lack of Safety and Efficacy Data Remains A Concern II-14

Stem Cells in Disease Management II-15
Stem Cell Therapy in Regenerative Medicine II-15
Stem Cell Therapy - A Promising Treatment for Neurological
Disorders II-16
Large-Scale Studies Imperative to Substantiate Early Positive
Results In Cardiovascular Diseases II-16
Stem Cell Therapy in Cancer II-16
Stem Cells Set Foot in Personal Care II-17
Aging Population to Drive Orthopedic Stem Cell Market II-17
Other Diseases II-18
Select Key Adult Stem Cell Therapies under Development II-18
Stem Cells in Drug Discovery II-20
Tools for Drug Development II-20

Laws Governing Stem Cells Research - The Divided World II-21
Laws and Regulations in Stem Cells Research in Select Countries II-21

Stem Cell Research II-22
Stem Cells - Description II-22
Types of Stem Cells II-22
Embryonic Stem Cells II-22
mES and hES II-22
R-NSCs II-23
Adult Stem Cells II-23
Hematopoietic Stem Cells II-24
Mesenchymal Stem Cells II-24
Umbilical Cord Stem Cells II-24
Neuronal Stem Cells II-24
Dental Stem Cells II-24
Pluripotent Adult Stem Cells II-25
Other Key Cell Types II-25
The Stem Cell Line - Cell Division II-25
Stem Cells - Properties II-26
Ability to Renew on its Own II-26
Potency II-26
Definitions of Various Potencies II-26
Identification of Stem Cells II-26
Stem Cells - Applications II-27
History of Stem Cells II-27
Stem Cells - Services and Products II-28
Significance of Stem Cell Products/Services II-28

Parthenogenetic Stem Cells Holds Potential in the Treatment of
Thalassemia II-29
hESCs - A Potential Source for Unlimited Supply of Functional
Platelets II-29
Sperm-Producing Stem Cells For Diabetes Treatment -
Researchers Explore Prospects II-30
Cellonis Achieves Outstanding Results of Its Stem Cell Therapy
for Diabetes II-30
Stem Cells From Fallopian Tubes - A Prospective New Source II-30
Stem Cells from Fat - Enhancing Stem Cells Accessibility II-31
Skin Cells to Stem Cells - A New Promising Method II-31
Stem Cells to Repair Brain Damage After A Stroke II-32
ACT Shows hESCs' Potential to Become An Unlimited Source for
Functional RBCs II-32

StemCells Launches New Antibody Reagents II-34
Arteriocyte Introduces Nanex Hematopoietic Stem Cell Expansion
Kit II-34
Vitrolife Unveils Growth Factors and Cytokines for Stem Cell
Cultivation II-35
BioTime to Introduce New Product Line of Stem Cell Products II-35
Chemaphor Introduces Stem Cell Regenerative Therapy II-35
Stempeutics Research Malaysia to Launch Ischemic CS Therapy II-35
Vitro Diagnostics Launches Novel Serum-free Stem Cell Growth
Medium II-35
ThermoGenesis to Launch Res-Q System II-36
Invitrogen to Introduce New Technology for Safe Stem Cell
Treatment II-36
Millipore Unveils MilliTrace™ Stem Cell Lines II-37
Millipore Unveils ESGRO Complete™ PLUS medium II-37
Bayer Launches Reformulated Liquid Leukine® II-37
Shenzhen Beike Biotechnology and CMC Launch NBPDs SCRM
Industrial Project II-37
Vitro Unveils New Products Supporting Stem Cell Research II-38
Endogenous Stem Cells Activators Introduces KRONOS IV II-38
ArunA Biomedical and Open Biosystems Launch iPS Kit II-39
Invitrogen Introduces Neon Transfection Device II-39
Invitrogen Introduces Xenogeneic-Free Media II-39
NanoInk Unveils NanoStem Cell Division II-39
Advanced Cell Technology Unveils New Process for Functional
Hepatocytes Generation II-40

Sanofi-Aventis Takes Over Genzyme Corporation II-41
NeoStem Merges with Progenitor Cell Therapy II-41
EHS Enters into Joint Venture with Celulas Genetica II-41
RJ to Form New Subsidiary II-41
NuPotential and VistaGen Receive NIH Grant for Development of
iPS Cells (US) II-42
BioCells Argentina Launches Dental Pulp Stem Cells Storage
Program II-42
EHSI Forges Option Deal with OceanBASIS II-42
EHSI and Regenetech Ink License Agreement II-43
Transposagen Biopharmaceuticals and CDI Ink Non-exclusive
License Agreement II-43
Kiadis Signs Licensing Agreement with Hospira to Develop and
Market Hematology Product II-43
ACT Obtains FDA Approval for Human Clinical Trials of hESCs
for Dry AMD II-44
OncoMed Commences Phase I Clinical Trial of OMP-59R5 II-44
Advanced Cell Technology and Roslin Cells Ink MoU II-44
Mesoblast Takes Over Angioblast II-45
Power3 Medical Products and Rozetta-Cell Life Sciences to Merge II-45
University of California and BioTime Ink Material Transfer
Agreement II-45
ISCO And John Mauldin Commence Marketing Alliance for Skincare
Products II-46
Cord Blood America Inks Letter of Intent to Take Over Cryo-
Cell Mexico II-46
Mesoblast Enters into Stem Cell Marketing Deal with US Company II-46
Bayer HealthCare Enters into Alliance with OncoMed
Pharmaceuticals II-47
SiriCell Technologies Acquires Remaining Stake in
International Stem Cell JV II-47
StemCells Receives Swissmedic Approval for Neural Stem Cells
Trial In Chronic Spinal Cord Injury II-47
ACT Obtains FDA Clearance for Human Clinical Trials of hESCs
for SMD II-48
ReNeuron Treats First Patient in Stem Cell Therapy Clinical
Trial for Stroke II-48
Amedica/US Spine Inks a Licensing and Distribution Agreement
with BioDlogics II-48
Vet-Stem Inks Sub-Licence Agreement with Australian Veterinary
Stem Cells II-49
Athersys Obtains FDA Approval for Phase II Trial for IBD Using
MultiStem® II-49
Stemedica and AnC Form Stem Cells JV II-49
Fate Therapeutics Enters into Collaboration and Licensing
Agreement with BD II-49
BrainStorm Obtains Clearance for Stem Cell Therapy Clinical
Trial for ALS in Israel II-50
Shrink Nanotechnologies Enters Final Stage of StemDisc
Commercialization II-50
Cryo-Cell's License Partner S-Evans Biosciences Opens New
Laboratory II-50
Geron Receives FDA Approval to Initiate Clinical Trials of
hESCs for Treating Acute Spinal Cord Injuries II-51
Cytori Therapeutics Celution System Obtains European Approval II-51
TGA Grants Approval to Mesoblast to Supply MPC Products II-51
AssureImmune and Banco Merge II-51
Salk Institute to Use Cyntellect's Cell Processing Workstation
STEMCELL Inks Agreement with Stanford University for Virus
Free Technique II-52
NeoStem Inks Partnership Agreement with Catholic Church II-52
Stemgent Signs Deal with Miltenyi to Co-develop and Market
Stem Cell Research Products II-52
BioTime Acquires ES Cell International II-53
Cipla Enters into Partnership with Stempeutics to Enter Stem
Cell Segment II-53
Vitro Diagnostics Signs Contract with HemoGenix II-53
Fate Acquires Verio Therapeutics II-53
Vitrolife Inks Licensing Agreement with Finn-Medi Research II-54
AXM Pharma to Establish Stem Cell Plant II-54
Stem Cell Therapy Merges with Histostem II-54
Cord Blood America Enters into Contract with BioE for Cord
Blood Processing System II-54
Pfizer Acquires Rights to Athersys' Stem Cell Therapy II-55
Enterprise Investors Acquires Large Interest in PBKM II-55
Fate Therapeutics to Distribute Stem Cell Products through
Becton Dickinson II-55
NHMC Merges with BioStem Genetics II-55
Riverside Acquires Crioestaminal II-56
Cryo-Cell International Signs Distribution Agreement with S-
Evans Biosciences II-56
Jordanian Stem Cell Purchases Stemedica International's Stem
Cell Technology II-56
BrainStorm Enters into Agreement with Protein Production Services II-56
Novartis Acquires Opexa's Stem Cell Technology II-57
ThermoGenesis Expands Alliance with Celling Technologies II-57
Bioheart to Test MyoCell SDF-1 in REGEN Trial II-57
Osiris Initiates Enrolment for Prochymal Phase II Clinical
Trial for Type I Diabetes Treatment II-58
Stirling Divests Interest in Australian Stem Cell Healthcare II-58
iZumi Bio Merges with Pierian II-59
iZumi Collaborates with CiRA to Expand iPSC Technology II-59
Novartis Forges Research and Development Partnership Agreement
with Epistem II-60
Healthcare of Today Acquires Regenetech II-60
Neuralstem and China Medical University to Co-develop
Treatment for Stem Cell Stroke II-60
Cytori Inks Agreement with GE Healthcare for StemSource®
Technology Commercialization II-61
MedCell Bioscience Merges with NovaThera II-61
StemCells Acquires Stem Cell Sciences II-62
BioSante Pharmaceuticals Merges with Cell Genesys II-62
Cell Therapeutics Enters into Joint Venture with Spectrum
Pharmaceuticals II-63
Cryo-Cell International Enters into Collaboration with
Cryopraxis Cryobiology II-63
Embryome Sciences Signs Partnership Agreement with
Reproductive Genetics Institute II-63
ENKAM Inks Licensing Agreement with STEMCELL II-64
Sigma-Aldrich Inks Distribution Agreement with AlphaGenix II-64
ThermoGenesis and Celling Technologies Extend Collaboration II-65
Vivalis Enters into Collaboration with SAFC Biosciences II-65
ReNeuron Enters into Agreement with Angel Biotechnology Holdings II-66
Cellartis Signs Agreement with ReproCELL II-66
Cellartis and AstraZeneca Extend Collaboration II-66
Embryome Sciences and Millipore Sign Co-Marketing Agreement II-67
Cytori Enters into Partnership with GE Healthcare II-67
Stemgent Enters into Co-Exclusive Marketing Agreement with
CellDesign II-68
MultiCell Technologies and Maxim Biotech Sign R&D Agreement II-68
GE Healthcare Collaborates with Geron Corporation II-69
Moraga Biotechnology Licenses BLSCs to Pharmacells II-69
CordLife Develops Stem Cell Therapies in India II-70
NsGene Receives European Patent Rights II-70
Pfizer to Invest in Stem Cell Research II-70
SCTI Commences Histostem Products Distribution Process II-71
Geron Secures FDA Approval for Human Trial of Embryonic Stem
Cell-Based Therapy II-71
BioE Obtains FDA Marketing Approval for PrepaCyte-CB II-72

StemCells Obtains FDA Approval for Phase I Clinical Trial of
HuCNS-SC® Cells in Treatment of PMD II-73
Athersys Obtains IND for Using Multistem in Treating Ischemic
Stroke II-73
Athersys Presents Initial Dosing Data of MultiStem® Phase I
Trial in AMI II-74
ACT Creates Five Lines of hESCs Without Embryo Destruction II-74
BioE Inks Agreement with StemSoft II-74
ACT's Technology Generates 140 Cell Types from hESC II-75
ACT Develops Process for Generating Functional Hepatocytes
from hESCs II-75
Applied Biosystems Merges with Invitrogen II-75
Bennett, Coleman and Co Acquires Stake in Stem One Biologicals II-76
BMXP Holdings Acquires Freedom Environmental Services II-76
Saints Capital Completes Neuronyx Acquisition II-76
Intercity Acquires Exordia II-76
iPS and Stem Cell Merge with CDI Merge II-77
Biohellenika Acquires Exclusive Rights of Cytoris StemSource
Cell Bank II-77
International Stem Cell Signs Agreement with Millipore
Corporation II-77
ReNeuron Enters into Agreement with Angel Biotechnology II-78
ThermoGenesis and Celling Technologies Ink a Distribution
Agreement II-78
BioTime and Embryome Ink a Deal with International Stem Cell II-79
Cryo-Cell Enters into Agreement with Saneron II-79
Genzyme Enters into Alliance with Osiris II-80
VivoMedica Enters into Collaboration with Cellartis II-80
Histostem Signs MOU with Stem Cell Therapy II-80
Vantus Inks Agreement with US Davis Center for Equine Health II-81
Stem Cell Sciences Enters into Agreement with Pfizer II-81
Sigma-Aldrich Inks Distribution Agreement with AlphaGenix II-81
Cellartis Signs Agreement with Pfizer II-82
Ortec Changes Corporate Name to Forticell Bioscience II-82
FDA Grants Approval to Genzymes Mozobil II-83
Pfizer Inaugurates Pfizer Regenerative Medicine Research Facility II-83
Stem Cell Therapeutics Receives Australian Patent II-83
STEMCELL Technologies Secures License Rights to Geron IP II-84
BioTime Starts Embryonic Stem Cell Solution Facility II-85
Geron Successfully Transplants Pancreatic Islet-Like Clusters II-85
StemCells Secures US Patent II-85
PerkinElmer Takes Over ViaCell II-85
Athersys' MultiStem® Receives US FDA Nod for Phase I Trial in
BMT Support and AMI II-86
BioE Teams Up with Phillips Plastics for Stem Cell Therapeutics II-87

Advanced Cell Technology, Inc. (US) II-88
Athersys, Inc. (US) II-88
BioE, Inc. (US) II-89
Cellartis AB (Sweden) II-89
Cryo-Cell International, Inc. (US) II-89
Cytori Therapeutics, Inc. (US) II-90
ES Cell International (Singapore) II-90
Gamida Cell Ltd. (Israel) II-91
Genzyme Corporation (US) II-91
Geron Corporation (US) II-91
International Stem Cell Corporation (US) II-92
Mesoblast Ltd. (Australia) II-92
Neuralstem, Inc. (US) II-93
NeuroGeneration, Inc. (US) II-93
Osiris Therapeutics, Inc. (US) II-94
StemCells, Inc. (US) II-94
ThermoGenesis Corp. (US) II-95
ViaCord, LLC (US) II-95

Table 4: Global Recent Past, Current & Future Analysis of
Adult Stem Cell Research By Geographic Region - US, Europe and
Rest of World Markets Independently Analyzed with Annual
Investment Figures in US$ Million for Years 2008 through 2017
(includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-96

Table 5: World 10-Year Perspective for Adult Stem Cell
Research by Geographic Region - Percentage Breakdown of Annual
Investments for US, Europe and Rest of World Markets for Years
2008, 2011 & 2017 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-97


A.Market Analysis III-1
North America - Spearheading Global Stem Cells Market III-1
US - The Market Leader for Stem Cell Research Worldwide III-1
Interest in Adult Stem Cell Research Continues III-2
Cosmetic Enhancements Ahead of Therapies for Diseases III-2
Embryonic Stem Cell Research in the US Held Back by Lack of
Federal Funding III-3
Vacillating US Policy on Federal Funding for hESC Research III-3
US Revokes Ban On Federal Funding for hESC Research III-3
Federal Funding Remains the Key for Further Progress in the
Sector III-4
US Court's Decree to Block Federal Funding for hESC Research
to Affect Biotech Industry III-4
Competitive Scenario III-5
Table 6: Leading Players in the US Stem Cell Therapeutics
Market (2007): Percentage Breakdown of Value Sales for
ViaCell Inc., Cryo-Cell, Osiris Therapeutics Inc.,
International Stem Cell Corporation, Geron Corp., Cytori
Therapeutics Inc., Athersys Inc., and Others (includes
corresponding Graph/Chart) III-5
B.Market Analytics III-6
Table 7: US Recent Past, Current & Future Analysis of Adult
Stem Cell Research Market Analyzed with Annual Investment
Figures in US$ Million for Years 2008 through 2017 (includes
corresponding Graph/Chart) III-6

A.Market Analysis III-7
The UK Policy on hESC Remains In Favor of Developing the
Science III-7
UK Adopts Practical Approach In Addressing Moral Issues III-7
UK- The First Country to Allow Therapeutic Cloning III-7
B.Market Analytics III-8
Table 8: European Recent Past, Current & Future Analysis of
Adult Stem Cell Research Market Analyzed with Annual
Investment Figures in US$ Million for Years 2008 through
2017 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) III-8

A.Market Analysis III-9
The Rise of Asia in Stem Cells Research III-9
US Ban on Federal Funds for hESC Research Boosts Asian Presence III-9
South Korea Pacing towards Regaining Lost Glory in Stem Cell
Research III-9
Emergence of China in the Global Stem Cell Research Space III-10
The Indian Stem Cell Research Market - An Overview III-10
B.Market Analytics III-11
Table 9: Rest of World Recent Past, Current & Future
Analysis of Adult Stem Cell Research Market Analyzed with
Annual Investment Figures in US$ Million for Years 2008
through 2017 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) III-11


Total Companies Profiled: 87 (including Divisions/Subsidiaries - 92)

Region/Country Players
The United States 62
Canada 3
Japan 1
Europe 14
France 1
The United Kingdom 7
Spain 1
Rest of Europe 5
Asia-Pacific (Excluding Japan) 9
Latin America 1
Middle East 2
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown